Muslim savage, who hacked to death British soldier Lee Rigby, tries to gouge out his doctor’s eye with a pen

UK: Woolwich killer, Michael Adebowale, had another attack of ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome’ in the hospital when he used a pen to attempt to gouge out his doctor’s eye.


UK Daily Star (h/t SusanK) The 22-year-old, who butchered Lee Rigby, lunged at a consultant at the Royal London Hospital after being asked to sign a patient consent form. The doctor handed him his own silver pen despite being warned Adebowale, below, could use it as a weapon. The killer had been taken to be treated for an infection to his leg.

The male doctor’s eyesight was only saved by the prompt action of prison officers. Two guards, who were handcuffed to the killer by short chains, yanked Adebowale’s arm away with just inches to spare.


Armed police, who were outside the room, rushed in and one pulled a Taser gun and threatened to shoot. The prison officers, fearing they would be hit by the 50,000-volt weapon, persuaded them to hold fire. Adebowale was finally restrained by his prison guards and a dozen police officers.

A source revealed: “The doctor came within a whisker of losing an eye. He had been told not to give Adebowale a pen because it was feared he would use it as a weapon. “However, he ignored the advice and insisted he needed patient consent before any medical intervention.

“Adebowale only had about four inches of movement due to being restrained by the chains. But as soon as he got the pen he launched himself at the doctor like a madman.  The incident happened at the hospital in Whitechapel, east London, after Adebowale developed an infection and high temperature due to his injuries.



61 comments on “Muslim savage, who hacked to death British soldier Lee Rigby, tries to gouge out his doctor’s eye with a pen

  1. We need to get the Pierrepoints back. There is only one judgement for this coward the death penalty. If people had the power to stop foreign policy as he claims they would have had the power to never let him in the country in the first place. The people have neither.

  2. The British have always had a love affair with Muslims/Arabs. They also have a hate affair with Jews. I have no idea why. One group contributes nothing to the world except hate, intolerance and violence while the other brings life, culture and advancements. That’s of course is if you’re not a Ron Paul supporter. According to many in that cult, Jews are behind everything from 9-11 to every other conspiracy known to man.

    • and what “Affair” have we had with Muslims ? also what “Hate affair” have we had with jews ? We have had jews here for hundreds of years in England and if you’re from the US thats before your country was even born ! We in england have normal houses older than your history so dont judge us,

  3. A prime example of why you never give a mad dog a chance to bite you! That doc is very lucky indeed that Adebowale was chained to prison officers.

  4. Just for the record the pictures show Michael Adebolajo, the other killer.

    The attack attempter Adebowale has had psychotic “episodes”, and is expected to be transferred to the secure Mental Hospital, Broadmoor.

  5. His treatment in prison away from the pathetic politicians and human rights lawyers will be far from the mollicoddling they’d love to offer.

    Prison officers are human and what he did was so beyond the pale none of their members will offer the slightest sympathy.

    He will be hated by the rest for obvious reasons, beheading a serving soldier on the street is not an offense the other lags will be too enamoured by and he will need to watch his back for the rest of his life.

    He thought he was an Islamic hero and now the sordid truth is sinking in. Maybe he thought that other British jihadis would rise up in support, they haven’t.

    Maybe he thought also that Muslim leaders with government connection would outrageously demand his release or at least special treatment. Again, they haven’t.

    So betrayed by the society he obviously hates and betrayed by the ummah he expected to support him, this poor homicidal soul is learning the hard way.

    He is now alone and desperate, so desperate that he’s launching an appeal which whilst insane and costing yet more taxpayer money will go nowhere.

    He was egged on by Islam and Islam has now betrayed him. It’s over and its not what he expected.

    This latest attempt at lethal assault exemplifies the whole dinginess of Islam and its EU collaborators which is rotten to the core.

    The whole of Europe is awakening and the decrepit, festering edifice of the EU which adopted the multicultural madness is tottering.

    Cameron is hated here. Hollande is despised in France. Both Norway and Denmark are at last pushing back. The Netherlands has the incredibly popular Wilders and France has Marine Le Pen who is surging in the polls.

    The PIGS, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain are economic basket cases with about 30% plus unemployment amongst the young and it’s all brewing to a climax.

    These circumstances reflect those of Thirties Europe with unrest, political turmoil and a huge gap between the ruled and the rulers.

    It’s a recipe for disaster and that’s what’s coming.

    Our police here have quietly ordered water cannon vehicles, secure armoured multi wheelers and from those signs we can expect major rioting.

    We saw it a few years back after police shot gangster Mark Duggan and the orgy of looting, arson and confrontation which followed indicates a level of anarchy which stunned the police. They were for the first few days quite useless and huge damage was caused.

    My view is that that is just a taste of whats in store. Most of my friends of all classes agree and their anger indicates a level of discontent I’ve never seen before.

    We never asked for this and more importantly were in turn never asked ourselves.

    It was EU diktat, top down, draconian and with the hand of an unelected dictatorship. We’ve seen it all before and now its happening again.

    Expect trouble.

  6. I am sick and tired of this country bending over backwards for these bastards.There is no doubt that they are responsible for Lee Rigby’s murder,so why are they alive…”an eye for an eye” to quote the sand rat.They are kept at the expense of the British taxpayer,no doubt pandered to whilst they are in “prison” and all their so called “religious needs” taken care of.Why?We have been told that there are to be cutbacks after cutbacks to services,old people afraid to turn on the heating etc due to high costs of gas and electric and yet,these two pieces of shit languish in luxury at my expense.Bring back the death penalty and swing the bastards.If the powers that be won’t grow a pair then they will find that people will say enough is enough and England will descend into civil war like so many other countries,a very frightening thought.

    • Genesis 9:6 Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

      END OF STORY ! ! !

  7. A law needs to be passed that any Muslim making the claims as this man, needs to be executed within one year. That might be the first step in curtalling Islamic immigration.

  8. I wonder if the doctor learned a lesson? Too bad he had to get consent, but if he hadn’t tried, the murderer might have sued. If there’s a next time, toss the pen on the table then STAND BACK!

  9. Yes the doctor was warned about the “pen,” but in his defense he was just trying to do everything legal; by the book. He didn’t want to give the muslim scumb bag any wiggle room, to say his rights had been violated.

    Let’s face it the “Brits” have painted themselves into a corner with this political correctness .. mulitcultural thing. Their society has become a nightmare, as this insanity has inflitrated every part of their society. Young British girls are being druged and raped, but the police and social workers do nothing because the criminals are muslims and they don’t want to be called racist. The educational system is teaching Islam to British children; and feeding them “halal” food, whether their parents like it or not. The muslim medical professional have been allowed not to wash. Thereby compromising patient safety because, muslims washing in public would violate their religious tenets. Then there’s David Cameron, the resident “muslim” Prime Minister, who protects muslims over the British people themselves. He’s almost worse than Obama. This doctor just wanted to be politically correct and it almost cost him his eye. Thing is Islam is costing the British people alot more than “just” an eye.

    But, hey not to worry, “Adebowale” will be treated well. He’ll be able to pray 5 times a day, observe “Ramadan” and have 3 “halal” hots and cot. When he gets out he can do it all over again. Because, in the end if the Brits don’t stand up for themselves its their own fault.

  10. “Adebowale developed an infection and high temperature due to his injuries.”

    Let the P.O.S. DIE. **No painkillers** – give the scumbag something to INCREASE his pain.

  11. Repetitive head trauma can cause Intermittent Violent Personality Disorder…an exact description of what occurs in Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

    Headbanging makes Mozzies angry and insane!

    Adebolajo is not abnormal. This is normative Islam, rather than an aberration.

    Churchill said, ‘Islam in a man is like hydrophobia in a dog.’ Adebolajo proves Churchill was correct.

      • I noticed the visible head bangers (shit stain on forehead) are not the ones killing everyone. It’s the young ones.

        Any young individual, male or female, that go to mosque must be regarded as potentially dangerous. No study has been done on what makes them go nuts so fast.

        We look at very violent videos and we’re not out there in a murderous bloody rampage like they are.

  12. Why do western societies keep pussy footing around with these muts of Islam.
    Why cant our elected officials figure this out.
    It is not like they have not told us their intentions time and time again.
    When will the civilized world take these monsters at their word ?
    High time to take our ignorant,ball less politicians out of the equation and start culling the heard ourselves..

  13. The Brits persist in kneeling to their invaders, the insane muzz savages. Well it won’t be long before it’s not called Great Britain any more and the history and native people will be long gone and forgotten . But that is the way of nature. The strong survive. The weakling Western Man will disappear like the Passenger Pigeon

  14. Why the hell do they keep coddling these Muslim monsters? Take that f**ker to the nearest pig pen and shoot him. Let the pigs eat his filthy carcas!

  15. The telling comment here is that the dr ignored the warning not to hand him a pen. This is an example of how dhimmified the average Brit is becoming. He simply did not believe that the chained demon was really dangerous and saw him as just a man who had defended his belief albeit in a wrong way.

  16. And the freezing snake was picked up and warmed by the compassionate human. And when the snake had been revived he bit the human. The human asked “Why have you bitten me”? I save your life in the freezing snow! The snake answered “I’m a snake”.

    • From Lyrics Mode
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      • A little like the turtle and the scorpion on the shore of a river in the middle east. The scorpion asked the turtle to take him on his back and go to the other side of the river. The turtle said “oh no, you are a scorpion and your nature is to bite me and I would die.” The scorpion assured him “oh no, I wouldn’t bite you, I can’t swim and we would both die.” The turtle thus reassured said okay. The scorpion climbed on his back and the turtle set off for the other side of the river. Half way accross the river, the scorpions nature got the best of him and he bit the turtle on the neck. The turtle said “oh no why did you do that we are both dead now.” The scorpion replyed, “THATS LIFE IN THE MIDDLE EAST!”

      • Lord K…

        That wasn’t a bad little tune in it’s day…LOL

        It should be the new British National Anthem at the rate they’re going!
        Maybe the entire west’s theme song….!!!

  17. The muslums do not respect kindness. Why bother to ask doctors to look after these monsters of islum? Total restraints is the monster’s reward for this islumic act of terror. The punishment for taking out the doctor’s eye? Nothing but more appeals and halal catering, more top quality UK medical help and so on. Deport the mudslum.

    • NOT in this case: that wretch has human blood dripping from his hands!!!!

      He ought to be EXECUTED!!! Only those who’re at least not guilty of a heinous crime like murder, rape or attempted murder should be deported (and indeed so!!!). This one deserves to be put to death IMMEDIATELY (enough people witnessed this happening so as not to need a trial, so let him be killed summarily…)!!!!

      • I agree, but the terminally stupid Brits. will attempt to kill him with kindness, which muslims recognize as weakness

        This whole affair is scandalously stupid, but then stupidity is rampant all over Europe and coming fast to North America.

        Just take the filth out the back and gut-shoot him; let him die in agony, and say: “Attempting to escape—wouldn’t stop”.

        • No, P35, stupidity has been metastasizing here in the (not so) good ol’ US of A since obamAss (et al.), was first elected.

          Most metastatic cancers are generally the last chapter, the end of the game, for those thus afflicted. Most. Caught early enough some can (maybe) be cured. Can America be saved from the malignancy that is islam?

  18. You are a soldier of Satan. You do Satan’s work, not God’s work. I hope you Brits put him in isolation for the rest of his life. He should never be released on society.

  19. What a MONSTROUS pity ANY treatment has to be given to such super-MONSTERS!!!! FAR BETTER that they’d instead let him die like the absolute Untermensch and DEMON that he is – he doesn’t deserve to live in ANY event!!!!

    Words can’t begin to describe what I feel about that absolute DEVIL – and as what to do with him, it would be so patently un-Christian as to preclude ANY mention…

  20. He is out of uniform , therefore a spy , SO , a bullet in the head .

    Go to Paradise , do not collect 200 virgins . Just beer , no wine or sex .

    Ah , bugger !!!!!!! That is what they do anyway .

    Why mess with scum ?


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