FRANCE declares that “Fuck Islam” is not an incitement to ‘racial’ hatred

Not that it ever should have been considering that Islam is NOT a race. But good for the French for making it official.

Riposte Laique via Vlad Tepes It is a very important judgement that has just been given by the Tribunal of Orleans on the 28th of January. A man, aged 44, described by the press as someone close to the ‘Bloc-Identitaire’ was accused of having [written graffiti] on dozens of public places and halal butcher shops, this message: “Fuck Islam.”

Fuck Islam. Get Out!

Fuck Islam. Get Out!

The lovers of the French language that we are, can only condemn such words. Why use “fuck”? Doesn’t the French language have the equivalent within its register? But that is not where the essential debate lies.

Found by a patrol, the militant was appearing in front of the Tribunal of Orleans where the prosecutor of the republic was demanding 3 months of prison with alternative sentencing that would be suspended and €1100.00 fine.

Defended by defense lawyer Scipiliti, the accused was found not guilty of the accusation of incitation to racial hatred. The Lawyer managed to make the difference between critique of dogma of a religion, “it is not a provocation to hatred but of legitimate hostility to a religion. If he had written “fuck the pope” or, “Fuck Christianity” he would not be here” …is what he argued.

The good news is he is not-guilty of the charge of provocation of racial hatred. It is therefore recognized that to say “Fuck Islam” is not a crime. Within the crowding of previous judgements, Houelebecq that within all religions, it was islam that was the dumbest.



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  1. If you are black white or Hispanic you decide to be a good or bad person. If your a dirty smelly hairy fucking towelhead then your the scum of the earth and you burn in hell against your will. It’s in a Muslims blood to be a dirty ignorant useless piece of shit. Fuck Islam, fucking towelheads. They probably eat dog shit and can’t even spell the word shower.

  2. islam do you know what is the islam ? or just what your father and your mother say ?
    do you know the Illuminati ? or just what your father and your mother say ? ….
    Muslims believe the Koran first and the things that you can not not be interpreted if you study a small part of the Koran you will find things about the inability of science and if they do not believe us gave us a book like the Koran that you are honest
    Second, marriage is a translation the parents need to the boy or girl who help them, and if grown in the Age find their children to help them and who carry the name of their father, and they get on the property of their father and keep the name of their families respected and we agree with you that God is perfect and does not require anything and if God needs a boy into This indicates that he is not perfect
    And you say that God is married to Mary in his own way and the result was Jesus Christ Jesus was not present then create this indicates that he creature like humans like you and me and your father and your mother if you say the Jesus is the sun of GOD you say the father of human who Adam is also the sun of GOD ADAM created without a father and mother does you say ADAM is the Son of GOD?
    Here we show a contradiction between your beliefs with respect for each Christian beliefs and I do not blame you because you were born Christians instinctively you follow your fathers and your father fathers amuses me is that you once you say that Jesus the son of God and the time that Jesus is God
    ^^ Was Whit You OMAR FROM ALGERIA

    • You got quite a lot of that confused there. Perhaps you should read the New Testament for yourself instead of having Imams, who haven’t read it either, tell you what’s written in it. That’s what I did, and I’m an Atheist.
      While your at it do the same with the koran.


  4. Ah yes, it has a nice ring to it doesn’t it ! Well then, indeed, Fuck islam !!!:mrgreen: And with a nice French accent on top as a bonus.

  5. Bravo France! instead, great britain isn’t the same anymore, it is becoming a dangerous place ruled on streets by criminal muslim gangs which are protected by “political correctness”, and the government forces silence on it’s people because britain is licking arab asses begging for investments and petrol, if they really were so politically correct, they wouldn’t have discriminated romanians and belgians as they do, oh i forgot, romanians are poor and don’t have oil……someone had to say this!

  6. Islam is an ideology. I deplore Nazism. I deplore communism. I deplore discriminatory, misogynistic Islam…the Death Cult for worshippers of Allah’s partner, the barbaric, psychopathic, plagiarizing, plundering, poisonous, psychopathic, posturing, pretentious, pathological, prevaricating, playboy pedophile pirate…The diabolical monster…Mohammed. Islam is terrorism.

  7. I reviewed that. She did not use the English F word, but three times used a Russian word that was translated as such.

  8. Remember the news video from Russia where the anchorwoman couldn’t stop laughing about the bears and raccoons guarding the marijuana patch in the woods? She used the f word at least once. It seems this is an American export gone viral.

    Oh, yeah. F**k allah. F**k islam. F**k momo. And f**k the political correctness that aids our enemies in their quest to annihilate us.

  9. Nice! And about fuck and french language, that’s the beauty of french; there’s never enough swear words for the french, so they include English ones… They’ll even conjugate it, as in “that’s fucked up” french will say “c’est fucker” :)

  10. Well , hah , my goodness . This is delicate . Use of the word ‘fuck’ ??? In the Middle Ages , it meant ‘plant ‘ . In other words , if you said that you would “fuck a tree if someone held it’s branches” , you only wanted to plant the thing in it’s new home .

    You pardon here , Bonni my dear girl . I am only being erudite .

    • So…fuck isn’t really a swear word after all…. good to know as I have been given grief before for that being my favorite word to use when I’m really angry!!

      BTW…..Fuck Islam and all those who believe in it , and those who will defend it!

    • Thank You Redmond the Saintly,, I really hate seeing so many comments with such hatred,,,hatred poisons the souls of men,,,instead of hatred go and make the needed changes,,,

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