AFGHANSTAN: Taliban terrorists’ new POW is Colonel, a British military dog

The Taliban in Afghanistan have captured a British special forces dog, parading the forlorn-looking animal in a triumphant online video. You can see the anguish in the poor dog’s eyes surrounded by these filthy Muslim terrorists.


UK Telegraph (h/t AmericanMe, LindaR) In footage released on a militant website on Wednesday, long-haired gunmen showed off various spoils of war, including captured weapons and a subdued-looking canine held by a chain. The gunmen say it was snatched from American troops, however military sources disputed that account, saying it was a British dog working with the SAS.

“This dog was named after a colonel,” said one of the fighters. “It had a torch on it and its neck wore a GPS.” It wears the sort of complex shoulder harness used by military dogs so they can be hoisted rapidly in and out of helicopters and difficult terrain. It looks better fed than local breeds and resembles a Belgian shepherd, favoured by the military for its endurance.


A Taliban spokesman said the dog was captured during a raid in the Laghman province east of Kabul on December 23. The date coincides with a British operation east of Kabul in which a special forces soldier, Captain Richard Holloway of the Royal Engineers, was killed.

The MOD in London declined to comment. A spokesman for the Nato-led International Security Assistance force in Kabul, confirmed that a dog had gone missing during a mission in December.


Dogs are used extensively by coalition forces in Afghanistan. Some work sniffing out IEDs, weapons or drugs while others have a search and rescue role. Four years ago, an Australian bomb-sniffing dog was lost in Afghanistan and then adopted by a Taliban leader who tried to sell her back.

Sabi, a black Labrador, was eventually recovered by an American special forces soldier who retrieved her from an unnamed man in north-eastern Oruzgan. For years the Taliban have railed against infidel dogs who have invaded Afghanistan. Now it seems they have caught one.


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  1. They haven’t done anything of the sort! You guys shouldn’t be torturing your hearts this way. So far, the dog has received special cooked foods and may begin to work for them. Maybe he will be the catalyst for a change of how they view dogs. His ears are back because there is bombing all around him. He probably wants to get outside to the bombing so he can finish his job and/or find his owner…NOT because he is tortured. Until someone actually is harmed, try not to imagine that they will be or have been tortured, it’s useless thoughts and doesn’t help. Stay positive!

    • WTF? We’re dealing with the worst of 7th Century savages here, the most primitive, the most tribal of their lot, the Afghans. If they are willing to do unspeakable acts upon humans, they certainly would upon dogs, especially so since many muslims are known serial canophobes. About the only positive element I can see going in this poor dog’s favor is that he’s brown and not black, particularly hated by muhammad, (may dog piss be upon his dry, dusty and brittle bones).

    • You are very naive!!! What, you think the Taliban are Boy Scouts ? Grow up and know them for the cave dwelling barbaric Neanderthals that they are.

  2. The video can be watched! Dogs run fast but this precious, terrified little dog would not have been able to outrun its evil captors because of the shoulder harness attached to the dog which is probably quite heavy.

    PM Cameron has a MORAL responsibility to do whatever he can to rescue the dog. Unfortunately for animals and humans, Cameron only cares about Muslims.

    Dear God, please help the poor dog!

  3. I can’t handle any dog video’s or children. Dogs follow their humans into these situations outta love and loyalty. They’re innocent bystanders and victims of mankinds unquenchable thirst for power. So when I see or hear of kids or dogs near these savage filth, I get so fucking stressed and angry to the point of asking for a buck knife, a hatchet and a baseball bat filled with nails to go resolve the taliban. I’m not hitting anyone with the bat, just plan on letting them learn about all the “enjoyment” their child brides have every time they are mounted by their rapist kidnapping husbands. The buck knife is in case the bat doesn’t fit, it’s episiotomy time for the putrid smelling filth…. The hatchet is to send them to Allah, (pig piss upon him) piece by piece.

    Who says Canadians are always polite and nice?

  4. The dog looks so sad and afraid …. it breaks my heart.

    We can pray for the best, a rescue or escape, but the unspoken truth is, the dog is probably dead; and if not dead being tortured. A quick death would be better than torture; and everyone on this site knows what muslims do to animals, and especially to dogs. Plus, the dog is a “dark or black” colored dog. Muhammed said, this kind was “evil” and had to be killed.

  5. I simply can’t watch any animal abuse videos – but especially with dogs. They’re such beautiful little souls. So trusting and vulnerable. Every time you post one of these stories, the headline alone puts me in despair.

  6. This video, to me, proves the inherent superiority of the dog over these Muslim slime. I expect the worst for the dog, since pisslam demands hatred for dogs. But, if I could, I would take the dog and give him a good, loving home.

  7. I didn’t dare watch the video – my imagination, of what this poor dog has or will endure, is usetting enough.
    Given the chance, I would raze their village and eliminate anyone and everyone in and around it for a 10 mile radius. NOTHING would be left alive.
    Ya wanna see hatred and retribution, I’ll show ya!

  8. I’m terrified for the dog. The more it goes, the more I despise the British government.

    Every dog of war should be equipped with a remote-controlled blow-up device. Track it with the GPS and press the button. Why didn’t they try to get the dog back? So many questions…

  9. I am absolutely distraught after watching this and seeing the look on that precious dog’s face. Satanists torture and kill animals. The taliban belong to satan. This tears my heart out!!!!

    • Totally sick over this, I know they will torture and kill it in a horrible way! I’m just horrified by these evil pos having this dog………

    • AmericanMe…….exactly my thoughts.I can’t bear to see that haunted look in that dog’s eyes.Do you know,if I could be at that dog’s side and I know it would be futile,but if I could kill those sand rats and get that dog out of there,I would. Rumour has it that the SAS is going back in to get him,but then if it’s in the media it’s hardly secret is it and the sand rats will probably kill the dog.Those SAS boys LOVE their dogs and if they do kill the dog,well,I wouldn’t like to be a sand rat when they find out.I am praying for that dog and that it ends well.

  10. “The Taliban in Afghanistan have captured a British special forces dog.” I’ll bet it was given to the arselifters, just as britain is being given to the sand-apes by the british gov’t.

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