BLACK WIDOW JIHAD: The only kind of Islamic terrorism that even 60,000 Russian security officers may not be able to prevent

cartoon-2(144)Chechen Muslim suicide bomber babes don’t have to be inside the $2.5 billion Iron Ring protecting the Olympic games to disrupt them. They can cause havoc and panic simply by blowing themselves up in any public venue in or around Sochi.

In addition to the 60,000 security personnel deployed in and around the city and an almost omnipresent surveillance apparatus, there have been reports that anyone with a connection to the Muslim dominant North Caucasus trying to enter Sochi has been subject to invasive security investigation.

Russian concerns were not limited to Sochi city after two fighters, who claimed Volgograd attacks in a YouTube video, promised a “present” for Putin and all the tourists flocking to Sochi. “The problem is that Russia is a really big country. You can pour limitless resources into securing a single city, but you can’t do that for the whole country,” said Mankoff, the deputy director of the Russia and Eurasia program.

Hopefully, the games will go off without a detonation from the religion of ‘peace.’