UK Muslim Hate peacher Anjem Choudary’s harassment case against Britain First chairman Paul Golding dismissed by the court

b500b4f38dfa745899efae0bf4a87a7e-e1388864585548111Today, Britain First chairman Paul Golding had to attend Bromley police station in south east London as part of his bail conditions for allegedly harassing Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary. After his arrest for alleged ‘harassment,’ Mr Golding was not only interviewed by ”SO15 Counter Terrorism Command” but had severe and Draconian bail conditions imposed on him.

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Britain First  Mr Golding, the registered leader of a political party, was not only banned from entering Greater London (even to see his mother who is unwell), but also prohibited from taking part in any political activity in person or to direct and/or organise any activities.


Mr Golding recently visited North Kent police station and told the custody sergeant that he was no longer willing to abide by the bail conditions that state he cannot enter Greater London and cannot partake in political activities, but would scrupulously observe the rest.

Mr Golding’s ridiculously severe treatment at the hands of ”SO15 Counter Terrorism Command” gave hate preacher Anjem Choudary enormous delight. Only a few days ago, a video circulated showing Choudary gloating, mocking and ridiculing Mr Golding because of his bail conditions etc. (Video below)

Well, Choudary will now be eating his words as today our chairman was told that the case had been dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service! Mr Golding is now free to carry on organizing the popular Operation Fightback activities that are putting the Britain First movement firmly on the map!

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