[UPDATED] Lebanese Muslim man in jail for illegally marrying a 13-year-old Australian girl

09-06.16_ProAhmad Chamma, a Lebanese Muslim university student accused of marrying in an Islamic ceremony and having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl, was formally refused bail by a Sydney court on Friday. The man, 26, was living in Australia on a student visa when police arrested and charged him with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with an underage child.

AU NEWS  (h/t Marina) The man, 26, allegedly met a 12-year-old girl in the Hunter region in 2013 and became involved in an ongoing sexual relationship with her. The pair then allegedly moved to a house in Sydney’s southwest, where they continued the relationship. Police claim the man and child were married in an Islamic ceremony in NSW earlier this year and the girl is now 13.

Chamma Admad

Chamma Admad

He was charged with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child between 10 and 14 years. The sexual assaults took place between January 1 and February 4.

Wearing a striped polo shirt and a black beard, the man made a brief appearance at Burwood Local Court on Friday and spoke via an Arabic interpreter. He made no application for bail and it was formally refused.

The court heard he will make a bail application during his next court appearance on February 12 at the same court. NSW Community Services Minister Pru Goward said the case was brought to the attention of authorities by Centrelink, after the man had tried to obtain guardianship of the girl.


Ms Goward said anecdotal evidence suggests forced marriages between children and adults was an ongoing issue among Sydney communities. “This is a very secretive practice … but it is not an unknown practice,” she said. “I understand there are actually a significant number of unlawful, unregistered marriages to underaged Muslim girls in NSW, particularly in western Sydney, southwest Sydney and the Blue Mountains.”

The girl has been taken into state care.


UPDATE: Child bride’s marriage was permitted by father, say police. (Must have been a Muslim)

SMH  The father of 12-year-old girl gave his blessing for her to be ”married” to a Lebanese university student in the Hunter region earlier this year, police will allege. Detectives investigating the case said the father was ”shocked” that his daughter’s 26-year-old husband was arrested and charged with more than two dozen child sex offences last week.

Child abuse squad detectives spent much of Thursday and Friday interviewing the victim’s father and allege he does not believe there was anything wrong with the pair’s union. Charges have not been laid against the father at this stage.

Police will allege the girl was married to the accused during an Islamic ceremony in her father’s backyard. But detectives say their union was not official. The child bride then moved to south-west Sydney with her ”husband”, after they were given permission by the girl’s father.



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  1. Go practice all your religious requirement in the country of your origin, here in Australia, we have Australian rules and regulations…either you follow it or get out…it applies for everyone either Muslim or not.

  2. Is everyone (police, prosecutor) missing the fact that the child’s FATHER SHOULD ALSO BE PROSECUTED FOR STATUTORY RAPE? The story that he did not give consent, that it was out of his hands, is not credible within reasonable doubt considering the culture in question. If you give consent to a crime which is committed, you commit it in the eyes of the law, you are a conspirator or an ‘accessory before the fact’. That’s the way it is for murder, robbery, any crime Statutory rape should be no exception.

      • I’m not saying you didn’t notice it, BMI, I’m talking about the police/prosecutors. ‘Charges have not been laid against the father at this stage.’ Let’s hope that they are culturally clued-in enough to charge, and not ‘culturally sensitive’ enough to allow accessory to staturory rape to go unpunished..

  3. thanks for updating Bonnie. As I already said Muslims need to sign a document in all host countries they live in renouncing all Islamic barbaric practices and law if they want to live in the HOst country. If they refuse send them away. I’m a Christina and I dont care if you are an atheist, hindu, buddishts, jew, jehova witness, baptist, etc etc etc. I will walk beside you and demand nothing from you or try to change you. My god oes not demand you to bow to him, my god does not demand you to do anthing. It is time all non muslims stood together and protest to our governments for the injustice and hate that is being done to us all.

  4. BNI’ers MG is I believe an “imposter” or as we say in Australia “taking the piss” out of us all. Its some retarded Inbred troll talking verbal crap. HE is not the 13 year old baghead in this article as the baghead wouldnt even know this blog exists.

    So Muzbum troll give up the game you arent fooling us.

    Oh and regards to the Muztard in this article, many of our men in prisons here Down Under dont take too kindly to perverts whom fiddle with underage girls whether its consensual or not. This Muzbum will become a walking popsicle before he has a chance to take a crap. Good ol’ broom handle up the “fanny” as Amercians call it.

  5. Look u people don’t under stand anything about my wonderful hasband if u knew him and u knew how much he loves me and looked after me then u would never say his a rapist or pedophile. I’m his wife I love him and u people don’t understand how I feel I just got my hasband taken away from me and his being charged with things that he didn’t even do he never raped me. I’m his wife so tell me how the hell does a man rape his wife and I wasn’t forced to marry him the only force that was going on was me forcing my dad to let me marry this guy that I love and now u people say that he should stay in jail for being married and happy why should he suffer I love him and he loves me and I don’t know what I’m gonna do if I lose him

  6. Well hello dumb dumb M.G If you ive in Australia then you have to abide by that countries rules whether you like it or not. Alternatively you can all piss off back to your muslim countries and enjoy your islamic rights there.

  7. And I believe that marriage according to Islam should not be illegal. I love him he loves me so what the hell is the problem. And why the hell do the news channels have all the wrong info about my happy marriage. For sure I was not raped or assaulted by Ahmad and how the hell can he rape me I’m his wife. I swear all the docs and police are crazy and if they separate me from my hasband it will do so much damage to my brain and health

      • Errrerrrrr , Bonni , some twit is having you on although you know that .

        Commies , especially ones that are helping the ’cause’ think they are so clever . This twit may or may be serious .

        • MG, I didn’t realize she was talking about herself until the 3rd post, them I figured it was a joke. Still, any white girl, even 12, crazy enough to take off with a muzz, would be crazy enough to defend the SOB.

    • Sorry to tell ya, kid, the brain damage has already been done. And it’s permanant.
      Please locate the nearest clothes line and hang yourself – with your burqa – to dry out (of course).

    • MG. If you are the thirteen year old you claim to be then you’ll like this story.
      “A Muslim wife complains to her husband that all the romance had gone out of their marriage.
      “Remember when you used to carry me up to bed?” she asked.
      Yeah,” he replied, “But be fair, you were only eleven at the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  8. How could u horrible people think so many bad things about Muslims its actually a really good and true religion. Maybe if u actually take some time and read the Quran and stop believing all the incorrect info people say about Islam than u can find out for your selves so just read a page or two

  9. Blimey,in muzzie years that girl is a veritable old maid at 13! So what if they got married according to sharia law?It doesn’t apply because they’re living in Australia,so have to live by Australian law,not the law of some epileptic carpet seller form Islamadingdong.Off with his head!

  10. this is not about religion lock him up and forget about him, now one has been found guilty no judge in the country can not come to a different conclusion.
    Now they need to look after the young girl and try to reverse the brain washing, she has a hard road ahead at 13.

  11. islam. the religion of real men. Not until after having sex with a child does a muslim male become “a man”.

    I cannot decide which is more repugnant, adult muslim men with culturally perverted libidos, or parents who dutifully give up a prepubescent daughter. Okay, perhaps there actually is no distinction; it is islam that is repugnant.

  12. This is exactly why we need to pass anti-sharia laws in as many states as possible. Activist and/or muslim judges can and will allow this practice.

  13. Islam is shit and there laws should not be observed anywhere in the civilized world.
    These “people” are the lowest of animals.
    Allah FUBAR

  14. I once knew a half English half Lebanese Christian girl and she was a real sweetie .

    That said , the Lebanese rats who infest the bigger Australian cities should have a bounty on them . Culled would be better . There probably are ones who are decent , but generally they are an undesirable race .

    Piss them off . Along with the rest of the Muslim rats .

    • Far too many of these Lebo scum Muzturds got let into our country in the early 90’s big mistake! Funny enough all the Christian Lebos Ive met are lovely people whereas the Muzturds I found are all dispicable hate mongering peices of shit. So whats that tell you… no need to say more.

      • Thank you aussiehels I am a Lebanese Christian and I hate that these Lebanese Muslims give non Muslim Lebanese people a bad name…was the girl not of a middle eastern background? Because I honestly don’t know why these blonde hair blue eyed girls want to even date this filth.

  15. LOVE to see FILTHY MUZ SCUM go to jail. he only downside is we are paying for the SCUM to stay alive. Bummer they get to keep breathing.

  16. Another…”but I didn’t know” defense. (Yes, I know he was fully aware) Castration or firing squad….

  17. Incredible. They’re good looking guys but they need little girls. They just can’t get it up with a girl their age. And then, they play ‘macho guy’.

    Cowards, all of them.

  18. Jail and then deport the scum pedophile. If his bride is old enough when he gets out of jail deport her too. The laws of Australia trump the laws of islum and sharia crap.

  19. Tell me there is not a parallel world of the most primitive muslim kind going on right under our politically correct noses. The muslims don’t give a shit what we think or do because we never explain anything in a way that they understand. “Sorry Mo…we were lying all along about your nazi rights……..” Would be a good start.