Britain’s new Blasphemy Laws make telling the truth a crime, but only when it is offensive to Muslims

Liberty GB radio host, Tim Burton, has been charged by West Midlands Police with ‘racially aggravated harassment’ after describing Fiyaz Mughal as “a mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist.”


Mr Mughal is founder of Tell Mama, the organization that publishes misleading ‘statistics’ on ‘anti-Muslim incidents’ in the wake of the Islamic murder of soldier Lee Rigby. Tim Burton’s trial is set for the afternoon of Tuesday 18th February 2014 at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court. The magistrates will no doubt be full of the usual political correctness and multicultural idiocy, so he’s not expecting a sympathetic hearing.

Jihadists, paedophile rapists and seditious preachers sleep easy in their beds in modern Britain, but we can take comfort from the fact that police forces are diligent in hunting down people who say hurtful things about members of that topmost protected species, the ‘Muslim community.’ READ MORE

BNI is scheduled to be on Red Fox Blog Talk Radio with Tim on Monday, Feb. 10th, at 3PM.

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