EXPOSED: Now we know why the controversial Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial featured a Muslim woman wearing a headbag


Thanks to Pat Dollard for uncovering the truth about the commercial that most Americans hated for its pandering to illegal immigrants. The CEO of Coca Cola, Muhtar Kent is a Muslimwho is listed by Forbes as a top Amnesty supporter.

Pat Dollard  Coca Cola has been on a major amnesty push for at least a year in the hopes that it can obtain cheap labor. And because its CEO Muhtar Kent is a Muslim, though born in the U.S., was raised in places like Iran and Indonesia, perhaps for even more sinister reasons.

Muhtar Kent, Muslim CEO of Coca Cola
Muhtar Kent, Muslim CEO of Coca Cola

Regardless, this push makes it very clear that the Super Bowl ad was 100% political, designed to influence public opinion, propagandizing the people in favor of immigration ahead of the coming amnesty battle in congress. In the military, this is called a PSYOP (psychological operation). Muhtar is engaging in the amnesty war just like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is.

And I’d be curious to know just how much of his salary and Coke’s profits go to Muslim “charities” that are really fronts for terrorist organizations, as most Muslim “charities” are.

Turkish-American Muslim Coca Cola CEO to help Obama advance opportunities in Muslim countries only

(h/t Mike F) Coca-Cola Company’s Turkish-American CEO Muhtar Kent will be one of two vice chairmen of the Partners for a New Beginning (PNB), which aims to contribute to US President Barack Obama’s vision for renewed engagement with the Muslim world.

The advisory group expects to foster locally driven public-private partnerships and projects to advance opportunity in countries that have a majority Muslim population in four key areas: economic opportunity, science and technology, education and exchange. The PNB’s target countries and territories for the next five years are Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey and the West Bank/Gaza.