Oh, here we go again…Obama Regime goes ballistic over Israeli video that mocks Secretary of State John Kerry


Let’s see, what act of Islamic terrorism will they try to blame on this one?

Daniel Greenfield of Frontpage Magazine says about the State Department reaction,the full content of the Psaki briefing with its emphasis on pushing the Israeli government to rein in insults toward Kerry is creepy.” If another country demanded that Saturday Night Live stopped making fun of its leaders, it would be rightly put in its place. The Obama Regime’s demands that Netanyahu stop Israelis from criticizing Kerry are equally inappropriate.

MS. PSAKI: I think it goes in with what I’ve already stated about attempts to mischaracterize his (Kerry’s) record, his position, his positions on issues, his statements, how that is not an attack on him; that’s an attack on the process. And of course that kind of rhetoric we find unacceptable.

There’s a basic problem with denouncing people in another country making a viral video that gently mocks a politician as “unacceptable” while failing to denounce open advocacy of terror against Israel by Palestinian government officials.