AUSTRALIA Vietnam Veteran told not to fly the flag in front of his house because it would “incite racial tension”

VVAAPatch-e1391974149661Sadly, he needed the Minister of Housing to grant him permission. Goodna Vietnam Veteran Neville Irwin will be able to fly the Australian flag in his front yard after Minister for Housing Tim Mander called him yesterday to give him a personal guarantee.

NewsMail (h/t Marina)  The QT reported yesterday that Mr Irwin had been told by a senior officer of the Department of Housing and Public Works in Ipswich that the government would not let him fly the flag in the yard of his housing commission home because it would “incite racial tension.” (What ‘race’ is Islam?)


Mr Mander said: “Rather than be mucked around, Mr Irwin should be applauded for wanting to fly the Australian flag. “Frankly I was appalled to hear what happened, and I’ve asked for a full explanation,” Mr Mander said yesterday.

“I spoke to Mr Irwin this morning and assured him I’d do everything I can to make sure he can proudly fly our flag.” Mr Irwin thanked Mr Mander and said, “It was good to get the call”.

“Tim said, ‘You’ll get your flag pole’. I am very, very happy about it,” Mr Irwin said. Cr Paul Tully, who backed Mr Irwin’s right to fly the flag, said he was glad the issue had been resolved. “I thank the minister for stepping in quickly to overrule the bureaucrats who made this disappointing decision,” he said.

Neville Irwin receives his Vietnam service appreciation certificate.
Neville Irwin receives his Vietnam service appreciation certificate.