Muslim woman strangled to death in the street as the crowd looks on

The Syrian jihadist rebels supported and armed by the US and Britain for the past two years execute a woman by slow strangulation because her husband is a soldier in the Syrian army.

VladTepes  (h/t hanna)

h/t Don Laird


49 comments on “Muslim woman strangled to death in the street as the crowd looks on

  1. Another sick display of muslim cruelty.
    The men standing there, were they only spectators, bystanders, or the same fighters for ‘freedom’ and sharia? Or just the flower of the rebel army dressed as civilians?
    What kind of society is that? What kind of ‘military’ honor is that to take revenge upon some other soldier’s wife?
    Under whose greater moral authority these subhuman muslim men perform this show? Don’t tell me it’s another one of Mohammad’s (‘the merciful’) about taking revenge by killing the enemies’ wives and rape the cattle. Or both, regardless of order.
    Someone cared about taking the video, only have the ‘martial court’ forgotten to read the pronouncement in the footage.
    Somebody still call himself a man, after performing that murder? You, the audience, unashamed? Can you still walk on earth?

  2. This is false religion, the religion that kills people fucking everywhere.
    This is the true religion implanted by Satan to completely annihilate the human race. Cursed be the creator of this aberration called Islam.

  3. Straight out of hell, allah, muhammad and his savage barbarian muslim filth. The world will be a better place if all the musim wicked males are eliminated.
    But that wont happen with obama and his gang os shaitan at the helm.
    Curse islam, muslims and muhamad

  4. Of course they like to watch people suffer. It is one of their defining characteristics. But this woman was perhaps already brain dead from earlier injuries or drugged. She seems to have some life but does not move much, as if she has been beaten almost dead already and/or has almost entire loss of consciousness. Poor woman. Better off dead than living with such monsters, I suppose. The world has gone mad.

  5. This absolutely breaks my heart. First that this innocent woman was so savagely murdered and secondly that our country is supporting these barbarians.

    This sort of thing is the very reason more muslims are not stepping forward to disown the jihadists….they know they or their families will be targeted next. Of course, it isn’t just muslims who are afraid to stand against them…many non-muslims have backed down out of fear.

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed the comments on this clip. There must be more going on than we know. Notice how the executioner does not throw down the person’s head and kick and stomp on her as usual (for them)? He seems to place her gingerly on the ground Also, she looks shot up with something, thus the suppression of the defensive hands-to-throat technique.

  7. Truly islam is a religious mind set that loves death. This woman was not tied up, yet she never fought for her life!?! How strange. Shows how sick they ALL are. Good ridance.

  8. What a brave man strangling a frail old woman like that!

    FFS I’ve seen some shocking things where Islam is concerned, but every day is a surprise where these scum are concerned. What next, public execution by eating pork rind?

    The cult of islam is truly horrific, and this video should be aired by CNN, BBC, Sky, Fox and every other mainstream media outlet, but guess what, they aren’t bothered by the true nature of islam for fear of upsetting ‘muslim sensitivities’!

  9. For those beasts, really I do hope that the Siria army catch them and kill by the same way!!!!!…Go, Go Assad, until the victory!!!..

  10. Theirs no depths these scumbags won’t go too,saying that I’d gladly do that to Blair and the rest of his left party for what they’ve done to England.

  11. Hello there…….its me again…….Don Laird

    Islam is a poison, a cancer that sickens, blackens, cripples, disfigures and kills everything it touches……everything.

    Here is a good documentary about a 16 year old girls who would not argue with the sentence above as her sentence, after rape and both sexual enslavement and violation…….was to dangle at the end of a convenient rope… the very country that Obama has bent the Western world over to please……..bent us over and spread our cheeks to grovel in front of our new Iranian “friends”.

    Like I said………Islam is a poison, a cancer that sickens, blackens, cripples, disfigures and kills everything it touches……everything.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  12. More shit goings on from this shitty death cult . Where is the outrage from the Femmi-Nazis ? aawwww , she is only a aaraabb , who cares .

    This woman is most likely blamed from some old fat Abdul not be being able to crack a woody . Said Abdul had been fucking goats , male goats that is .

    There are three female Green senators in Australia who need throttling . If the Abdulls did that in my presence , I would be looking around the ridges for whippies .

    Yet still lefties fools want more of these fuckers in the West ? Shocking .

  13. That vid obviously starts after that poor woman is near unconsciousness and is so oxygen starved that she can no longer struggle,…

    You see there is no movement from her except what gravity effects her.

    He needs to be strangled by the scrotem until dead!


  14. Vladtepesblog reports that she was strangled by Syrian rebels because her husband is a soldier in the Syrian Army. Her hands appear to be free, yet she did not raise them to her neck. She was totally resigned to her fate. I just read that the U.S.Congress this week approved more of our money to go to the Syrian rebels.

  15. Unbelievable barbarian behaviour by a draconian and totally evil cult from the 7th century. Where are the women’s rights group? It looked to me like the monster who did the strangling enjoyed doing the work of satan. I am always amazed at how these bullies and cowards always like to cover their faces. This is one sick cult of islum. (One more down and gone. Does she get 72 virgin studs?)

    • Cat: I thought the same thing.. he was enjoying himself! I rarely look at this stuff, it’s sickening, but the times I have .. I could see how happy these “men” were as they stoned (and in this case strangled) a WOMAN!

      As a Western Woman it’s shocking to see how compliant these women are…if they aren’t restrained that is.

      She’s been trained since birth that whatever the “men” want is her fate … so I believe that she doesn’t get any virgin stud ..she gets worse in their paradise than she had on earth!

      I don’t know who unleashed these savages on us … whoever should rot in hell along with these things that pass themselves off as humans.

      The UN is demanding that we take in Syrian refugees …. how many of them are al Qaeda terrorists? GOD HELP US.

  16. These normative Islamic savages seem to be in Syria. Bronze Age barbarism is normative Islam, rather than an aberration.

    Ban Islam everywhere. It has no place in a civilized world. Islam delendum est.

  17. Shocking, it makes me rise up with so much anger I just want to kill those evil, evil, evil bastards. I hope their day will come, every last one of them, when they will meet their end in such a barbaric judgemental way. No punishment is enough.

  18. Hello there……its me again…….Don Laird…..

    Here is all I need to know about Islam……..a young woman, strangled to death in a public square… terribly alone, she slips quietly away, in silent terror, no friends, no family, just the leering eyes of her Muslim tormentors and the grasping hands of her murderer……this… Islam……the religion of peace.

    I wonder what her crime was……????

    1. Being raped?

    2. Being raped by a family member?

    3. Reading?

    4. Going to school or wanting to go to school?

    5. Disobeying a male family member?

    6. Being seen in public with a boy?

    7. Having the nerve to even like a boy?

    8. Speaking an opinion contrary to Islam?

    9. Having any opinion on any topic?

    10. Being a woman?

    11. Offending the local psychopathic mullah or imam?

    12. All of the above

    This video is food for thought………thought the next time you see a Muslim woman in public making a hostile, supremacist and aggressive political statement by wearing her hijab…… for thought the next time you see a bearded Muslim male, his eyes full of murderous hate, knowing full well what he would like to do both to you and each and every member of your family…… for thought the next time you see the shelves of your store lined with the politically expedient and fraudulently gouging label of “halal approved”…….food for thought the next time you see a mosque being built in your neighborhood…… for thought the next time you watch one of your elected politicians or unelected bureaucrats and judicial members down on their knees, groveling, whimpering, whining and licking the asses of every shrieking, demanding, gouging Muslim that crosses their paths and granting the capricious demands of the same…… ..and with all this food for thought, after you have finished thinking……what will you do?……what will you say?……….

    Start pushing back…………now…….start pushing back hard…….do not accept Islam or Muslims in any facet of your lives or communities…….start pushing back.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    • It’s a while to die of strangulation this is the last seconds of her life. She is very weak at this stage.
      Those people that are just watching are no better than the murderer himself.

  19. The crowds these days are to lazy to throw rocks anymore? I can safely say I have not seen this method of execution before.

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