NY: Afghani interpreter working for the U.S. Government on a US Army base in America and earning $150,000/year, arrested for Welfare fraud


WAIT! That’s not the best part. The Afghani interpreter, Amirjan Hayatullah, is now demanding to have a taxpayer funded interpreter for the legal process.

RRW (h/t Susan K)  WNYT Channel 13: Three people are arrested, accused of defrauding the Department of Social Services of $10,000. Lailuma Meherdil, 44, was arrested at her Cohoes home. Her husband, Amirjan Hayatullah, 47, was working in Louisiana employed by the United States Government as a translator on an army base, where police say he earned $150,000 a year.

Amirjan Hayatullah, Lailuma Meherdil, and Neshat Hayatullah
Amirjan Hayatullah, Lailuma Meherdil, and Neshat Hayatullah

The following week, police learned Hayatullah had returned home, but say they learned he threatened to kill his wife if she revealed his whereabouts. Police found Hayatullah by secretly following the couple’s son, Neshat Hayatullah, to a hiding location in a wooded area on Manor Avenue. The three suspects now face several charges.

New York Citizen One: Amirjan Hayatullah was processed and transported to the Albany County Correctional Facility where he was held pending his arraignment in Albany County Court this morning. His arraignment before the Honorable Supreme Court Judge Thomas Breslin unfortunately had to be postponed when  Mr. Hayatullah requested an Afghani interpreter. His arraignment was rescheduled for today and he was arraigned on Grand Larceny Third Degree, and four counts of Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the First Degree. At this time bail has not been set.

Next!  Wailing and moaning!  US dragging its feet  granting visas to Afghan interpreters!