Sounds like an Obama Jobs Program for Palestinian terrorists

Obama and Abu Mazen

Palestinian man planned a terrorist attack that he never intended to carry out just so he could get arrested and jailed by Israeli Security Services and thus be rewarded with a generous compensation package from the Palestinian Authority. (Most of which is funded by US and EU financial aid)

The Blaze  Husni Najjar was arrested over the summer on suspicion of terror activities. According to the police interrogation transcripts  obtained by the Israeli research institute Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), Najjar, who had previously served time for planning a suicide bombing, said he was planning a second attack with the aim of being once again imprisoned and thus become eligible for the monthly salary that the Palestinian Authority pays to Palestinian convicts sitting in Israeli prison.

“And after [my] release [from prison]… I had a bank account with 45,000 shekels [$12,800] from [my] salary from the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs…and there remained a deficit of 30,000 shekels [$8,500] for the wedding,” Najjar said in the statement signed and dated on August 18, 2013, translated by PMW.

“I decided to arrange an imaginary plan for the Israeli Shabak [Israel’s General Security Service] so that I would be arrested,” he said. “After I would spend five years [in prison] I would receive a salary of about 4,000 shekels [$1,100 upon release], and this amount would be for three years. That means there would be a total amount of 135,000 shekels [$38,400] and then I would cover my debts.” PMW noted that the correct amount total payment would equal 144,000 shekels [$41,000].

Director of Palestinian Media Watch Itamar Marcus said, “It shows that the Palestinian Authority’s payment to terrorists is not just a reward for terror but is also a motivation for terror.” Marcus’s organization tracks anti-Israel and anti-Jewish incitement in official Palestinian Authority media outlets and government funded payments to terrorists from the Palestinian Authority under President Mahmoud Abbas.

“The terrorist showed precise knowledge of the payments the Palestinian Authority gives to those arrested for terror,” PMW said in a press release, noting that Najjar engineered his ruse to cross the threshold of serving five years in prison which would qualify him for the $1,100 monthly salary and thus cover his debt. While he awaits trial, Najjar is now sitting in prison and therefore has begun receiving his monthly payment. 

PMW reported last week to the British Parliament that the Palestinian Authority distributed more than $100 million to convicted terrorists in 2013.