Quebec’s proposed new immigration system would be based on need…QUEBEC’s needs!

imagesLe Marois government wants to introduce a new immigration system that would build on a “declaration of interest” which would accept immigrants based on their skills and Quebec’s need for them. In other words, should Quebec suddenly develop a need for skilled jockeys with camel racing experience, immigrants from Saudi Arabia would go to the front of the line.

What - no Muslims?
What – no hijabis? No beards? Waaaaycist!

LaPresse (h/t Susan K) It is expected that a bill be presented next week to the National Assembly the Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities, Diane De Courcy. It will, in all likelihood, be one of the last projects requiring legislation before calling Quebecers to vote. 

Quebec would put an end to the system where the demands of prospective immigrants are analyzed according to the criterion of “first come, first served” basis.


If enacted during the next legislature, the system “declaration of interest” will allow Quebec Ministry of Immigration to be a “bank of candidates,” in which those who best match the needs of Quebec  would get priority.

This practice was introduced in Australia and New Zealand. Across Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will adopt this method as of January 2015. “It will be a passive system where applications are processed in order of receipt, and those with the skills to succeed will be able to get into Canada much faster than ever before. .

Quebec is a popular destination, a land of immigration, said Minister Diane De Courcy last fall. She believes that this popularity can become a real asset with a system that rewards skills over desire. The Quebec government will affirm this week that such a law “modernize” substantially the current immigration legislation.