Oh, CANADA! Censoring free speech is beneath a great country like yours

Speaking the truth about Islam is now considered ‘hate propaganda’ in Canada. A Christian Pastor was threatened with arrest at the Canadian/Washington border for carrying Islam-related materials .


The TIL Project  Religious material of Fortress of Faith.org was confiscated at the Canadian Border suspected to be ‘Hate Speech.’ Two boxes of DVD’s and CD’s containing the teaching material of Tom Wallace which addresses the issues of Islam in North America were confiscated and sent off to a “committee” to inspect the material

We were told “it appears to be hate speech and that if we were to come across the border again with this material, we will be arrested.” The ‘scandalous’ material in question are Tom’s DVD’s which were professionally shot in a TV studio.

Tom’s pastor, who was carrying the materials across the border, was detained by the Canadian authorities for over 4 hours andthreatened with arrest if he came across the border with the same materials again. Tom’s ministry, Fortress of Faith, is now under investigation and the Canadian government (Committee on Human Rights) is taking 30 days to further determine if the materials are indeed “hate propaganda.”

Listen online to our radio show, where Tom & I discuss the details of what happened at the Canadian border, and what this means for us as Americans and as Christians. (Click on the show titled “UN Resolution 16/18).


·First DVD – Uncovering Islam, carefully examines the life and teachings of the prophet Muhammad. Everything in it can be easily document from Islamic sources.

·Second DVD – Islam the Coming Judgment, documents what Islam has done in Europe and is scheming to do in North America. Again, everything is well documented and at no time is anyone incited to perform acts of violence against Muslims.

·Third item taken were CD’s that expose the growing movement of a hybrid religion called Chrislam. These audio CD’s contain two hours of teaching that reveals what Chrislam is, who is behind it and the heresies Chrislam propagates.


Canada is treating this material as hate speech and this so called “committee” may treat it as illegal contraband.

Background of Fortress of Faith

Fortress of Faith was started by missionary Tom Wallace. He grew up with Muslims in the UK and has many years of personal experiences and study of Islam. He is an eye witness to Shariah Law becoming part of the English legal system and has come to America to educate the West about the truth of Islam.

Fortress of Faith also teaches Christians how to evangelize Muslims. Tom travels to Muslim communities and holds training classes in Churches. He also broadcast a daily and a weekend show over 200 stations across America. He post daily articles and his broadcast are available to stream or podcast at www.fortressoffaith.org


What is hate speech?

It has become popular to accuse anyone who disagrees with you and label him as a person of hate. And Lord help you if you are passionate about your views.

However, just disagreeing with someone’s views does not equal hate. If disagreement is hate speech, then, every politician should be arrested and fined.

The litmus test is if the speech incites others to harm others with violence. Tom says, “If you listen to the hours and hours of my recordings and read my articles, you will never find that. The irony of this is that I expose how Islam incites its followers to perform acts of violence against those who are not Muslims.


Canada’s Rights

Tom says that he loves Canada. “After living in the UK for 29 years, I have felt a union with Canada through our commonality.” “British Columbia is like the best of American and the best of Britain put together.” Tom said, “I support the right for Canada to protect her borders. She is a sovereign nation and can choose to do what every she likes. However, Canada says that she cherishes free speech and is a free society. But of late, she is joining European nations that are limiting the speech of others. Canada is adopting UN Resolution 16/18 which was designed to make it a criminal offense to blaspheme or defame the religion of Islam. ”

He also said, “If Canada chooses to become a police state, who imprisons or fines anyone who does not toe the party line, they have that right. However, her citizens should know that Canada comes down on anyone who reports the truth about Islam. Canada should also stop trying to sell the idea to the world that she protects free speech.”

“Islam does not permit free speech. Muslims are not allowed to question Islam, the Qur’an, the Cleric or the Law, they are to obey. If they object or ask too many questions, they are treated as a trouble maker and are silence. These are the values that Canada is protecting and shutting up the Christian who is trying to protect freedom.”


This ministry has three objectives.

1.  To Resist Islam

  • Fortress of Faith is a Baptist ministry exposing Islam’s danger, deception and sedition.  We do this by examining Islam’s doctrines, history and current actions.
  •  FOF believes that Jehovah God is raising Islam as an Enemy to bring Judgment upon America for her sins.  Supremely, our national problem is Spiritual, therefore, the only real solution will be Spiritual — a National Revival.   Just as God dealt with Israel many times in the Old Testament, He is doing to North America.  God brought pain when they strayed.  Before long, Israel would wake up and repent, and God would forgive them and restore them to blessing.
  •  FOF believes that our Nation will not be saved by Government.  However, we believe that Christians have a duty of being Salt and Light and to stand in our community for God’s righteousness and speak up.  Therefore we will support groups that will do the same to Government.

 2.  To Rescue Muslims

  • FOF does not hate Muslims.  We love them and regard them as victims of a false and dangerous teaching and seek to see them evangelized by speaking the truth in love to them.  We equip Saints to engage Muslims that now live among us with the Gospel.  We teach apologetics and evangelistic methods that strike at the conscience of unbelieving Muslims.
  •  FOF believes that the terrorism is a real threat but mainly a misdirection.  As a magician seeks to misdirect with one hand, the other hand is free to carry out the real work undetected.  This is the sedition of the so called moderates who live among us.
  •  FOF aims to inform the Saints and Patriots through the means of the media and books.  We desire to build a team of supporters, researchers and evangelist to carry out this task.

 3.  To Revive America

Our problems with Islam are primarily a result of a Spiritual problem.  We have rebelled against God and we are experiencing God’s judgment for our nation’s sins.  Politicians will not be the solution to these problem, only national repentance and revival can save us from our troubles.

Thankfully, God has given the solution in II Chronicles 7:14

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”