Germany’s Nazi passions are never far from the surface

Israeli Bank, Hapoalim, has been blacklisted by Germany’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank (DB), because it does business in Israeli residential areas of Judea and Samaria, which DB considers “unethical.”


Middle East Monitor  Germany’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank (DB), has included the Israeli Hapoalim bank in a blacklist of “unethical companies” reportedly because of its involvement in funding settlement activities in the West Bank.

Deutsche Bank said Hapoalim does not abide by ethical standards, and that the bank’s work in settlements is no different from selling explosives or other acts that violate human rights, Maariv newspaper reported.

Based on the same classification, DB blacklisted 16 international companies which it pledged not to deal with or invest in. The list includes 13 companies involved in arms and explosives businesses. It also includes a mining company and the Japanese Nissan automobile company.