Count on FOX News’ newest National Security Analyst, Ryan Mauro, to cover the Islamic threats to our country as no other network analyst does

xlogo1203.png.pagespeed.ic.fil4_EOw18If you are a regular BNI reader, you already know Ryan Mauro of the CLARION PROJECT  from the many articles posted here. CAIR and its Left Wing co-conspirators loathe Ryan because he never whitewashes the truth about Islam and exposes the politically incorrect stories about Muslims that stay below the radar at most media outlets.



Mauro has authored countless articles for the blog Islamist Watch where he identified “Muslim enclaves” in the United States that he says will become “‘no-go zones’ where governments admit to having little authority over Muslims living there.” 

In the FOX News clip below, Mauro discusses new security threats to airlines. He has appeared on Fox several times where he argued that ‘Muslim patrols’ were a growing security concern for the United States, discussed the possibility of an anti-American alliance in the Middle East with Syrian Jihadists, and revealed that Somali refugees in the United States were becoming ‘homegrown’ terrorists. The Clarion Project produced the widely-acclaimed documentary Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.