“I am going to cut off your dick, you f*cking white infidels, screams racist UK Muslim to police


A ‘racist Muslim’ who threatened police officers whom he described as ‘white infidels’ has been sentenced to two years and nine months in prison. When apprehended by police he threatened: “I am going to cut off your dick, you f*cking white infidels.” He also threatened to ”Blow them up” and added: “You’re nothing without the uniform on.”

Breitbart (h/t Susan K)  It was explained in Snaresbrook Crown Court today that Haroon Rashid, 30, leapt into a racist and threatening tirade after police pursued him following a road rage incident. Rashid is reported to have punched another man, Haroon Yusuf, in the face while clutching a key between his fingers. 


Ten days after the initial incident in summer last year, Rashid was found at an unemployment help and advice centre, threatening staff member Thambir Rauf with a pair of knuckledusters. When staff members – mixed race Anthony Richards and white Leigh Barrick – intervened, Rashid launched in to another tirade of racial abuse aimed at the trio.  He told Mr Barrick he was a ‘F*cking  fat white c**t’ and that he would “come back for him at 5.30” for Richards.

 He went to court on October 30th last year for a hearing about the matters, but instead used it as a platform to threaten Mr Rauf again. Rashid told him “My bail’s was [sic] coming to an end” and that he would go home and get his knuckledusters.  In 2009 Rashid he was jailed for a year after threatening to blow up a prison his brother was being held at because officials refused to give him details about his sibling over the phone.

Rashid admitted three counts of racially aggravated intentional harassment, one count of actual bodily harm, one count of possession of an offensive weapon, and another of intimidation.