Saudis looking to arrest the two men who filmed themselves brutally abusing a horse and laughing about it

In a country where the horse is king, the following video has caused an outpouring of outrage. Two men were filmed violently striking a horse’s forehead and laughing. The horse, which is tied to a post, collapses on its front legs and groans in agony.

Observers.france24  The video has gone viral since it was posted at BNI last week, prompting many Saudis to call for the men to be brought to justice.

Shocked internet users have created the hashtag #??????_?????_?????? (“punishment for the horse’s torturers”).


TRANSLATION for below tweet: “I’ve never seen a horse hit a human being tied up and without reason. But I just saw a human hitting a tied-up horse just for fun. Who’s the real animal between the two?”


“It’s even more shocking given the horse is a very respected and pampered animal here,” said the Emir Abdelaziz Ben Saad Ben Jouli is a horse breeder in the Al-Ahsa region in the country’s east.

I’ve put my telephone number on Twitter, asking people who have any information about these individuals to come forward so that the police can arrest them. I was appalled when I saw the video. I can’t understand how anyone can treat a horse – or any other animal – with such cruelty.
I have already contacted a lawyer in order to launch legal proceedings against these people. All I want is for them to be sent to prison so that they understand the gravity of their actions and, above all, serve as a warning for others.
This act is even more incomprehensible given that the horse, especially the pure-bred Arabian, is a very respected and pampered animal here. This animal played a major role in the unification of Saudi Arabia [King Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia’s first monach, and his men criss-crossed the country on the back of this type of horse as they fought to unite the country at the beginning of the 20th century].