French patriot allegedly verbally attacked Muslim woman for breaking the law by wearing a full face headbag

Muslim fully-veiled woman was walking with her toddler in Moselle when a man stopped his car and allegedly shouted to the woman: “You have to go to Iraq eh […]! In France, we do not dress like that! “ […] “Go back to your own country …”.


CCIF  The woman alleges that the man was very agitated, and then left his vehicle, walked away, then eventually turned around and snatched the woman’s headbag while shouting “It is forbidden by law […] here, we respect women.”

An unidentified man allegedly intervened.

The ‘victim’ is still in shock and was very afraid for her child  : “My stroller, which under the impact of physical aggression, had rolled to the curb … I ‘ve found wobbly against the wheel of a parked car. Something could have happened to my son … “ (Yeah, but it didn’t. Get over it, bitch)