Israeli Economic Minister asks antagonistic BBC host: “Would you hand over half of Britain to someone who keeps trying to kill you?”

imagesIn the combative interview, Economic Minister Naftali Bennett countered BBC’s Hard Talk pro-Palestinian host, Stephen Sackur, at every turn. Asked about his resistance to the internationally acclaimed two-state solution, Bennett said the history of Arab violence and two decades of diplomatic failures mean “fresh thinking” is required.

Sackur insisted, asking Bennett why he was against offering “sovereignty.” Bennett responded that “every time” Israel withdraws from land, “they kill us.” “Would you hand over half of Britain to someone who keeps on killing you?” Bennett asked the host. “For 20 years we tried this direction, in [the international peace agreements of] 1993, in ’95, 2000… and you know what they did? They killed 1,000 Israelis,”  Bennett said. “It’s not working.” He told Sackur, “The only problem with your approach is that it has nothing to do with reality, beyond that it’s perfect.”