MUSLIM MOORISH SQUATTERS keep trying to steal expensive American properties “in the name of Allah”


You may have missed this chapter in Black History Month: In 1787, a bunch of people signed a bunch of agreements that said black people are not required to obey American laws because they are really citizens of Morocco, not the United States.

(Well, I guess the Obama family aren’t the only squatters living in mansions in America)


WND  (h/t Frederic F) Today, Muslim members of the Moorish Nation claim this entitles black people to move into empty houses without paying, create their own license plates, issue their own drivers licenses, print their own property titles and claim sovereign immunity when they get arrested. All without success, so far. But they keep trying all over the country.

Moorish Nation made its biggest national impression last March, when Abka Re Bey and her six children moved into a $3 million, 10,000-square foot mansion in Memphis. Abka Re Bey even filed paperwork with the local Register of Deeds saying she was taking ownership of the property “in the name of Allah, the most high.”

Naturally, the Washington Post, CBS News and others neglected to mention the religious connection to Islam in their reports on these racially separate squatters. Abka Re Bey stayed in the mansion a week before the SWAT team came and took her away for trespassing, burglary and theft.

“She’s Moorish-American,” said Jarrod Batts to Action News in Memphis after her arraignment. “Why y’all saying she’s a squatter?” The Washington Post tracked down two officials who say this group is responsible for a lot of mayhem that never makes the newspapers:


“I can promise you that every state has had their challenges with these guys,” said Carol Foglesong, a land records official in Orange County, Fla., and past president the National Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks. “It’s going on in every state,” said Kory Flowers, an investigator with the Greensboro, N.C., police and a national expert on sovereign groups.

In Bethesda three months later, three members of the Moorish Nation tried the same thing when they moved into a $6 million house (photo below) with 12 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms and two saunas. When deputies showed up to haul them off, they said they were members of “the Moorish Nation and had the right to claim the property,” said the local sheriff.

2372429_GOver at the legal offshoot of the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the staffers are curiously ambivalent about black nationalists invading Bethesda to steal private property:

“To be fair, a good bit of the movement’s apparent philosophy honors human rights and criticizes the sad and too-long chapter of slavery in the U.S., in ways that are hard to argue with,” said house philosopher Kaid Benfield. “I figure the (the Bethesda mansion owner) has had enough breaks in life and maybe is due for a karmic hit.”

The Moorish Muslims claim to be “the descendants of the Ancient Moabites whom inhabited the northwestern and southwestern shores of Africa” and have attempted to set up their own Moorish Nation here, claiming indigenous ancestry.


Front Page Magazine  Moorish-Americans claim that they don’t have to obey American laws because they are the members of their own country. This naturally leads to fun times for everyone.

The Moorish Science Temple appears to disavow the various “radical splinter groups”, which would presumably include the Moorish American Nationals and mansion squatters.

In emails to WMC-TV, members claimed their “indigenous ancestry granted them ownership of the mansion.” But their luxurious stay was cut short when officers armed with assault rifles and driving an armored vehicle, raided the property.


Moorish-Americans have apparently pulled this stunt before trying to take over houses. But more entertainingly they got a number of Democratic Mayors to sign proclamations declaring them to be independent governments.

The 3rd Whereas that 11 mayors signed without reading said…

Whereas, the Moorish-Americans have formed a sovereign Theocratic Government guided by the principles of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice throughout virtue of the universal right to self-determination as well as with the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People guaranteed in the Charter of the United Nations

One of the signatories to this was none other than Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Chief of Staff to Barack Hussein Obama.

Rahm and BFF Barry

Rahm and BFF Barry




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      The word maghreb is an Arabic term literally meaning “place of setting (of the sun)”, and hence “West.” It derives from the root ghuroob, meaning “to set” or “to be hidden”. It is also used in a manner similar to the metaphorical use “to be eclipsed”, which is used in English.
      In Arabic but not in English, Al Maghreb commonly refers to Morocco: the full Arabic name of Morocco (Al Mamlakah al Maghribīyah) translates to “the Western Kingdom”. Historically, Morocco was called Al Maghreb al Aqşá (“the Far West”). The English name comes from Marruecos, an early Spanish pronunciation for Marrakesh.

      • History would nullify your proposition. The name was applied to those of Arab descent. Not sure what you’re going for here, but the moors were either moslem or Berber, not European. They conquered and then were expelled from the Iberian peninsula in 1492, completely eradicated in the fall of Granada. Not exactly what you posit, though I’d be interested in seeing your sources. My brother has a phd in ethnology. I garner most of my information from him, but he’s always open to exploring counter hypothesis.

  1. What I hate about Muslims is that once they conquer a society, they take credit for having built its land marks and civilization. They are like the Cuckold bird. They will lay their egg in another bird’s nest and let it raise the bird until it is full grown. Then that bird will go out and lay its eggs in yet another bird’s nest.
    Do you know that to subjugate the Hindus, the British joined forces with Muslims in India and rewrote history? The Taj Mahal story of a Shaw building it in tribute to the love of his wife is Pure Bullshit! The British walled up four floors inside and refuse to open them back up for Archeological exploration? They conquered and turned Palaces and Temples of other religions into Crypts for their own dead. Taj Mahal was a Shiva temple within a Rajput palace, which was taken over by the Mongol Shah Jehan, who turned it into a tomb. The design is Hindu, Not Muslim! It faces the east, Muslim temples and buildings face west. The inscriptions on the outside are quotations from the Koran, not a loving dedication to the Shah’s dead wife! (Unless her name is “Crown Building” and Muslims wrote in Sanskrit!) The Taj Mahal existed hundreds of years before India was over-run by Muslims!
    Since Britain joined forces with Muslims to suppress and subjugate Hindus and their culture; maybe they are getting what’s coming to them, now? Give them another hundred years and History will claim that the Buckingham Palace will have been built by Muslims. Think that when Obama said to businessmen about their companies, “you did not build this”, he was showing his Muslim side? Do you think that they would love nothing more than to turn our White-house into a Mausoleum?
    I think that they want to turn the World into a Mausoleum; with the help and hard work of others!

      • Because, (thanks to the British) the Muslims had the upper hand. Once they have Mus-slimed something, they have made it yet another retreat. Unfortunately, Hindus and Buddhists have to really be pushed to be half as murderous and loathsome as Muslims. If they were all as angry as each other, I think the Muslims would all be dead by now, (= a much better World).

      • This is why Vlad the Impaler was one of my heroes! He may have been cruel to his own people but he also was the only one in that area of Europe to succeed in staving off the Muslim invader. This is how you cure them of their beliefs, kill them! OMG, can you imagine the Muslim stink blowing out of Tennessee?

      • Defamation of the Moorish science temple will not be toleranted. If the slanders do not cease the owner of this website will receive a suit.
        It has been made public. I will proceed if the owner does not address the slanders of the true sovereigns and lawfully bound true Americans.

        A.T.E.B – Moorish American National.

        This is your warning.

    • Anth I know you’re right w/ the cuckoo analogy, personally. Remember reading about the history you mentioned. Always thought the Taj was wrong for mozlems.
      The Brits in their injustice probably thought some-how it was ok or told themselves the lie that teaming w/ mozlem as they were sold the idea that Islam is one of the Abrahamic faiths.
      The Brits had my forebears sacrificed at Gallipoli.
      I was surprised that mozlems complained about the movie ‘Vlad’, the impaler.
      The Turks raped the living daylights out of Vlad as was the tradition of Islamic war booty.
      I’m not surprised the way Vlad turned out. He sure stopped any Islamic invaders w/ his ‘invasive’ war technique.

    • Everything is different now. All religions are under the Vatican via Freemasonry. Just as every Kingdom was dissolved and became Corporate States under the Vatican after WWI and WWII. Anglo-American Empire started as the East India Company the became the British India Company then Great Britain. Now it’s the City of London and Washington DC under Vatican City.

  2. Yep! The Moors have created themselves their own damn government sanctioned by allah; with loooove, truth , justice……Awwwwww, horse shit!!….What they don’t come right out and say at the outset is “If any of you f—-ing infidels don’t let us do whatever the hell we want and live wherever the hell we want without paying for it; then we just keeeel you f—-ing infidels!!”….Looks like some of those well-to-do folks in the nice ‘hoods need to form some neighborhood watch initiatives especially for getting rid of and keeping out the likes of the squatting arselifters!!

  3. Quite honestly I hope they get to keep it! As has occurred in the uk the lazy middle class need to wake up to the bullshit that Muslims come up with again and again. Until now it’s the poor having to deal with these low lifes. Time the silent rich had a taste of islam.

  4. This reminds me of gypsies, and the few times I have seen them have been too many. They squat on any available property (usually in fancy trailers containing Royal Doulton chinaware worth tens of thousands of dollars) and proceed to turn the area into a pigsty and terrorize the neighborhood. The women go into local shops in twos or threes, wearing poacher coats, and take turns distracting the owner while the other fills the voluminous pockets.

    Even though this modus operandi is known, it seems to take whatever local authority 4-6 weeks to respond to complaints and get an eviction order, which always has to be enforced by police in numbers, usually with bleeding heart liberals who don’t live near the crime scene, weeping and interfering with the police.

    THEN the local council has to clear up all the shit, and repair the damages, paid for by the local law-abiding citizens who suffered.

    Though not all like what the worshipers of mohammed do, there is a large area of commonality.

  5. If this wasn’t so serious I would laugh about it and there is so many things that are funny that I almost don’t know where to start.

    Morocco is a Muslim country for sure but most Moroccans are NOT black Africans (although Morocco is on the far north west corner of Africa) but are Arabs or Berbers and look like typical Middle Easterners. My ex-husband was from Morocco and wasn’t really fond of blacks, whether they were from Africa or African-American.

    They either aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed or they must know that they face arrest for trespassing at the very least. Although the homeowner bears the burden of proving that the people aren’t there legally and this can take a while and might end up costing the rightful owners some money for filing fees they will eventually have the losers removed from their home.

    While I’m not an Obamunistic wealth distribution fan I don’t think that I would spend my mega bucks on a house with 16 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms unless I had a bunch of kids or relatives. However it is not that maniacal Socalist’s business how many breaks the owner has had or Karmic hits he might need and I believe that he or she was more than a little jealous about the success that the person whose house was broken into has had in his life.

  6. “The Moorish Muslims claim to be “the descendants of the Ancient Moabites whom inhabited the northwestern and southwestern shores of Africa””

    This is one of the most retarded things that I’ve ever read in my entire life? “Moabites” were a Semitic people who inhabited the eastern bank of the Dead Sea in what is now the Kingdom of Jordan (EAST of the entire African continent), and the only thing fueling this stupidity is total ignorance, because the very term “Moor” is a EUROPEAN creation.

    Interestingly, here is what Wikipedia has to say about these “people:”

    The term “Moors” has also been used in Europe in a broader sense to refer to Muslims, especially those of Arab or African descent, whether living in Spain or North Africa. During the colonial years the Dutch introduced the name “Moor”, in Sri Lanka. The Bengali Muslims were called Moor. Moors are not a distinct or self-defined people. Medieval and early modern Europeans applied the name to the Berbers, North African Arabs, Muslim Iberians, and Sub-Saharan Africans.

  7. Where do these layabouts get this mindset that they can take anything they want? What in the world is the matter with these people? They are breaking trespassing laws in addition to civil laws and should be punished for both. I hate to imagine the condition of the houses once they get them out.