MUSLIM MOORISH SQUATTERS keep trying to steal expensive American properties “in the name of Allah”


You may have missed this chapter in Black History Month: In 1787, a bunch of people signed a bunch of agreements that said black people are not required to obey American laws because they are really citizens of Morocco, not the United States.

(Well, I guess the Obama family aren’t the only squatters living in mansions in America)


WND  (h/t Frederic F) Today, Muslim members of the Moorish Nation claim this entitles black people to move into empty houses without paying, create their own license plates, issue their own drivers licenses, print their own property titles and claim sovereign immunity when they get arrested. All without success, so far. But they keep trying all over the country.

Moorish Nation made its biggest national impression last March, when Abka Re Bey and her six children moved into a $3 million, 10,000-square foot mansion in Memphis. Abka Re Bey even filed paperwork with the local Register of Deeds saying she was taking ownership of the property “in the name of Allah, the most high.”

Naturally, the Washington Post, CBS News and others neglected to mention the religious connection to Islam in their reports on these racially separate squatters. Abka Re Bey stayed in the mansion a week before the SWAT team came and took her away for trespassing, burglary and theft.

“She’s Moorish-American,” said Jarrod Batts to Action News in Memphis after her arraignment. “Why y’all saying she’s a squatter?” The Washington Post tracked down two officials who say this group is responsible for a lot of mayhem that never makes the newspapers:


“I can promise you that every state has had their challenges with these guys,” said Carol Foglesong, a land records official in Orange County, Fla., and past president the National Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks. “It’s going on in every state,” said Kory Flowers, an investigator with the Greensboro, N.C., police and a national expert on sovereign groups.

In Bethesda three months later, three members of the Moorish Nation tried the same thing when they moved into a $6 million house (photo below) with 12 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms and two saunas. When deputies showed up to haul them off, they said they were members of “the Moorish Nation and had the right to claim the property,” said the local sheriff.

2372429_GOver at the legal offshoot of the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the staffers are curiously ambivalent about black nationalists invading Bethesda to steal private property:

“To be fair, a good bit of the movement’s apparent philosophy honors human rights and criticizes the sad and too-long chapter of slavery in the U.S., in ways that are hard to argue with,” said house philosopher Kaid Benfield. “I figure the (the Bethesda mansion owner) has had enough breaks in life and maybe is due for a karmic hit.”

The Moorish Muslims claim to be “the descendants of the Ancient Moabites whom inhabited the northwestern and southwestern shores of Africa” and have attempted to set up their own Moorish Nation here, claiming indigenous ancestry.


Front Page Magazine  Moorish-Americans claim that they don’t have to obey American laws because they are the members of their own country. This naturally leads to fun times for everyone.

The Moorish Science Temple appears to disavow the various “radical splinter groups”, which would presumably include the Moorish American Nationals and mansion squatters.

In emails to WMC-TV, members claimed their “indigenous ancestry granted them ownership of the mansion.” But their luxurious stay was cut short when officers armed with assault rifles and driving an armored vehicle, raided the property.


Moorish-Americans have apparently pulled this stunt before trying to take over houses. But more entertainingly they got a number of Democratic Mayors to sign proclamations declaring them to be independent governments.

The 3rd Whereas that 11 mayors signed without reading said…

Whereas, the Moorish-Americans have formed a sovereign Theocratic Government guided by the principles of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice throughout virtue of the universal right to self-determination as well as with the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People guaranteed in the Charter of the United Nations

One of the signatories to this was none other than Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Chief of Staff to Barack Hussein Obama.

Rahm and BFF Barry
Rahm and BFF Barry