UK: LEGOLAND will not become ‘Halal-Land’ as Muslim Family Fun Day is cancelled due to alleged threats


The March 9th event, which had been due to host more than 1,000 Muslim families, was called off after police said they could not guarantee the safety of staff and guests. The park was bombarded with threatening phone calls, emails and social media posts after details of the discriminatory private event and its radical Muslim organizers were revealed.

Family theme park Legoland has been forced to cancel a planned fun day for Muslims after being targeted by groups who were protesting the apartheid event, organized by the Muslim Research & Development Foundation (MRDF), the leader of which, Haitham al-Haddad, has been banned from speaking at a number of British universities due to his radical Islamic and extremist views.


Some background:

Gates of Vienna  The decision by Legoland to hire out its entire children’s park in Windsor to the Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF) for its Family Fun Day on 9 March 2014 is causing some consternation: not merely because the concept of a private, Muslim-themed family event at one of Britain’s top family attractions is somehow distasteful and has more than a hint of emergent religious apartheid about it, but more significantly perhaps because the organization responsible for the booking is led by Haitham al-Haddad, one of many hate clerics in the UK radicalizing young Muslims at mosques and universities up and down the country.

9343693131_d4c7842b37_nHaitham al-Haddad’s might be considered one of the worst of Britain’s hate preachers: that homosexuality is worse than murder, that Jews are descended from apes and pigs, and that the death penalty for apostasy makes perfect sense count among some of his opinions as mandated by his religion.

1_61_terrorist_lego3The English Defence League and Casuals United have called for a demonstration on the 9th of March 2014 to coincide with the event while a UKIP councillor, Tom Bursnall, has said that “a great deal of resentment [is] building up against Legoland” in the town, and that “there should be a peaceful demonstration. Residents are up in arms about this. They’re astonished Legoland is hiring itself out to man who promotes such sinister views.”


 It is regrettable that Legoland would open its doors to an extreme Muslim charity headed by a cleric supposedly under Government scrutiny. Given the nature of Mr al-Haddad’s opinions, a demonstration on 9 March at Legoland would appear eminently sensible, as long as it is peaceful and lawful.

Gates of Vienna  But now it looks like Mohammed will not go to Legoland after all. The Legoland corporate ownership took note of all the controversy, and decided that “community cohesion” was not worth the headache.


Below is a statement from the English Defence League. The EDL website is under attack at the moment, and unavailable, so their message is being spread by other means:

The EDL prides itself on welcoming everyone to our wonderful country, therefore the decision by LEGOLAND Windsor Resort to arrange an exclusive event for a discriminatory group, led by a notorious hate-preacher who has made it quite clear that he is opposed to almost every standard of democracy, decency, morality and inclusiveness that we British see as the cornerstone of our culture was incredibly difficult to accept.

We are pleased to hear that LEGOLAND Windsor Resort has listened to the complaints of the EDL, its members and concerned members of the public and decided to cancel this event.

We join the staff of LEGOLAND Windsor Resort in wholeheartedly condemning any threats of violence. In a country with a long and honourable tradition of peaceful protest there is absolutely no excuse for this and the EDL affirms its commitment to non-violent action.

Sadly, we note with some regret that LEGOLAND Windsor Resort saw fit to excuse its actions by claiming that well-founded, substantiated facts are “misinformation” and referring to some un-named “vociferous group with a clear agenda”. If by this they mean to avoid giving the EDL credit where credit is due, then that is their right, but we accept the credit no matter how grudgingly given and are pleased that our position on repressive, fascist groups has struck enough of a chord to earn the title of being called a “clear agenda”.