A new Black Muslim campaign demands: Drop the “A” Word – an Arabic racial slur against Blacks


A new Muslim group co-founded by metro Detroiters is launching a social media campaign urging Arabs not to use Arabic racial slurs against African Americans. 

(In my humble opinion, this is like putting lipstick on a pig. You can shame Arab Muslims into not using the “A” word, but you can’t erase the fact that Arab Muslims have been and are still complicit in producing and maintaining structures that dehumanize, abuse, exploit, and devalue Black people. See links at bottom)


Detroit Free Press via TROP  Called “Drop the A-Word,” the campaign asks Arab-Americans to stop using the words “abed” and “abeed,” Arabic words that they sometimes use as slurs against black people in the way some might use the N-word. The group asks participants to use the hashtag — which allows Twitter users to read responses — #DropTheAWord.

“Abed” and its plural form “Abeed” mean a “slave” or “servant” in the Arabic language. In and of themselves, the words are not necessarily slurs; in fact, some Arabs have the name “Abed,” which can mean a person who’s a servant of God.


But the words are also often used as slurs to label black people, said Arab-American and civil rights advocates. “We should stop using ‘abeed’ to describe or reference people of African descent,” said Majed Moughni, a Dearborn attorney who’s not involved with the new group but supports its efforts. “It’s being used in a racial sense, and that’s derogatory.”

Given that Detroit has a large black population and Dearborn has the highest concentration of Arab Americans in the U.S., the effort has struck a chord locally.

In recent months, the director of the Michigan branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Dawud Walid, who is African American, has highlighted the use of the slur on Twitter by Arabs against black people.






Maybe Dawud should worry about his own racism against Jews:


On social media and in a September op-ed for the Arab American News in Dearborn titled “Fellow humans are not abeed,” Walid asked Arab Americans to stop using the slur. Two weeks ago, Walid noted on Twitter that a person of Lebanese descent in Dearborn used the term “abeed” while he was in earshot.

To deal with such racism, Muslim Americans formed the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative earlier this year. Several of its core group include Namira Islam, a Novi attorney, Diala Khalife, an Arab-American advocate in Ann Arbor, and Azra Ali, principal of a Muslim school in Franklin. It includes Arab-American, African-American and Bangladeshi-American members.


“We are building and collecting the tools needed to creatively address and effectively challenge anti-blackness and racism in Muslim communities,” the group says.

“Drop the A-Word” effort is the latest Twitter conversation the new group has held this year on African-American Muslims during Black History Month. The others were #BeingBlackAndMuslim, #BlackMuslimFuture and #UmmahAntiBlackness. “Ummah” refers to the Muslim community.

In addition, the new group wrote an open letter asking imams to talk about Malcolm X during their sermon on Feb. 21, which was the anniversary of his shooting death in 1965.

  • Muslim slave trade in Africa has lasted 14 centuries and continues to this day in places like Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan.

  • Over 17 million slaves (mostly black women and children) were transported out of Africa by Islamic traders. Another 85 million are believed to have died en route.

  • The Prophet Muhammad practiced and approved of slavery, and directed his men to do the same. 

  • The Qur’an devotes more verses to informing Muslim men of their right to keep women as sex slaves, than it does to telling them to pray five times a day. 

  • The Arabic word for “black” (Abidis synonymous with the word for “slave”.

  • Muhammad’s father-in-law, Umar declared that Arabs could not be taken as slaves, and freed all Arab slaves.  This led to the wide Islamic campaign to capture slaves in Africa, Europe and Asia.  

  • Western slave trade exploited Africans primarily for agricultural labor. The Arab slave trade on the other hand, has more often used men for military service, and women for sex and for their wombs – to produce children who will be Muslims.

  • Many Muslim leaders since Muhammad have had harems of hundreds (or even thousands) of non-Muslim young girls and women to service their desires.

  • Converting to Islam does not automatically grant a slave his freedom, although this is said to increase the slave master’s heavenly reward.

  • According to Islamic courts, slave masters may treat their slaves however they choose without fear of penalty.

    Radical Islam


















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  1. Where’s the African Diaspora in the Middle East? If we acknowledge that there are 100 million African origin people living in North and South America as direct descendants of slaves, then logically we should find at least a 100 million strong black diaspora in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey etc, as these countries were the empirical centres and owning slaves would have been common practice.

  2. My cousin recently posted a picture on Facebook of a Black Woman (I assume African-American) holding a sign that said “Will trade racists for refugees” (as in Syrian refugees), as if it were clever. I shot back that any moron who holds such a sign should Google “Arabic racial slur abd”, “slavery in Mauritania”, “Slavery in Saudi Arabia”, “Slavery in Yemen”, “slavery in Iraq”, basically “slavery in ANY Arab Muslim country” and see what is happening in the year 2015! Not 100 years ago, not 50 years ago, right NOW. After reading all that, nobody with average intelligence would assume Arab Muslim refugees will be an improvement to the racists already living in America. As for those Arabs who whine about “racism” (usually after someone exposes their taqiyya and they have no legitimate come-back)…..The light-bright-damn-near white Arabs who own slaves to this day are the last who should point their fingers at anyone and whine about “racism”. These losers have had slaves for 1400 years to this very day, which makes them some of the biggest racists on the planet in 2015. Ditto for when Arabs are whining about “European imperialist colonists”. In reality, Arabs take the Bronze Medal for invasion and colonization, and there isn’t a Bronze medal winner alive who doesn’t wish they had the Silver or Gold.

  3. After being slaves themselves. african americans should know better that ISLAM encourages slavery. so this no arabic insults thing is just as pointless as following a man who thinks rape killing and enslavement is a “god” given right.

  4. In other news, black mormons are fighting the LSD church to “allow” them to be priests (in this religion that says black priests are NOT ALLOWED). STOP LOOKING FOR SALVATION FROM A WHITE MAN’S GOD. If this god were EVERY person’s god, YOU WOULDN’T HAVE TO FIGHT TO BELONG TO IT. Get a clue.

  5. I keep telling religious black people that buying into invader religions doesn’t make them “equal”, it makes you look stupid to be so easily brainwashed and manipulated. In America, we were told that if we straighten our hair, start breeding lighter skinned children, and become christian we would be “brothers in christ”. American blacks did all of that and are STILL being called niggers. So they decided to become “brothers in islam” and are still being called abeed. WAKE UP. Going along with your oppressor’s religion because they say so just makes you look WEAK and EASILY MANIPULATED. Everything that is black and African, they call EVIL and then you religious dimwits AGREE WITH THEM.

  6. after all the centuries of abuse of black people why are they still muslim? why would they still be so fanatical about staying muslim?

    • because islamic indoctrination and taqqiyya have done a number on black people, they have become mentally enslaved to islam’s lies and ideology. in fact many black muslims today who are converts converted because they were lied to about the true nature of islam, organizations like Nation of Islam continually tell blacks that Islam is a black man’s religion and Christianity is a white man’s religion. Alot of black muslim clerics use the racial grievances of blacks as weapons to foster hatred and mistrust within them for non-black people and non muslims alike, they get sold a bill of goods that Arabs are their friends and yet they don’t even know how despised they are amoung the Arabs they so venerate and idolize, a classic example of this can be seen in Northern Sudan where the indigenous Nubians disavow their African heritage and identity in favour of the Arab identity.

      like the Jamaican Legend Bob Marley said in his iconic song, Redemption Song:

      Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
      None but ourselves can free our minds.
      Have no fear for atomic energy,
      ‘Cause none of them can stop the time.

      very thoughtful and prophetic words. I believe that once blacks on a whole start to remove the planks from their eyes and start to see Islam (or any anti-black opressive ideology for that matter) for what it really is then there will be a full reawakening of black identity and pride and they will rise stronger….

    • I don’t know why??? Soul search in a religion is not helpful at all. My opinion is why would people convert to a religion that link spirituality and skin color. Basically, the muslims dishonor and approve destruction of GOD’s creative in mankind. However, they just slap GOD in the face evertime they bring destruction and hatred.

  7. Amusing in a way for the Gulf arabs in particular share the same CJD prion/genetic diseases as fullblooded blacks. Just more proof of “human devolution”. Death to Marxist Anthrax Islam!

  8. Violent Immigrants to the Free World-Their Goal is Conquest.
    Savage Muslim mobs – immigrants welcomed into our countries call for the MURDER of innocents.

    And publicly out loud lust after the wives of Christian men. PROTECT OUR PEOPLE! DEPORT MUSLIMS NOW!

    Outside the Danish Embassy in London (February 3, 2006).

    Whilst constantly shouting praise to their god of DEATH and war, Muslims hold signs and scream ferociously:


    Jihad in the name of Allah!
    UK, you will pay! 7/7 is on its way! Jihad is on its way!
    Death to you, by god!

    Denmark, watch your back!
    Kill, kill Denmark!
    We want Danish blood!

    May they bomb Denmark! So we can invade their country! And take their wives as war booty!

    Threats are made against Jews: “The army of Mohammad is coming for you.”

  9. I’m so PROUD of my culture! I am so PROUD that an English man, William Wilberforce, in his time period, was responsible for the abolition of slavery!!! Enforced by the Royal Navy!!!

    Infidel Proud All Day Long!

    LIBERTY GB: Freedom and the West
    …..’In 2011 Sheik Abu Ishak Al Huweini at Al-Azhar University in Cairo (the most respected university in the entire Muslim world) proudly told his brother Muslims that it was their duty to engage in violent jihad and that one day each Muslim would have 3 or 4 white Western slaves.’….

    “Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.” – Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a leading authority on Islam in Saudi Arabia.

    The EVIL, satanic anti-God slavery of Islam is one of the reasons why British and European ruling elites are guilty of crimes against God and humanity by colonizing our nations with many millions of Muslims.

    EVIL Jack Straw: ‘The English as a race are not worth saving.’ Traitor MP Jack Straw, you and the Prime Ministers are guilty of crimes against humanity against the English!

    Join the patriotic EDL! http://www.englishdefenceleague.org/

    Join Britain’s Paul Weston’s patriotic counter-jihad political party, LIBERTY GB!

    Join in the fight for Britain and Western civilization! It is a battle we dare not lose! Or the longest, darkest night the world has ever known will descend on our nations! Help LIBERTY GB’s courageous Paul Weston, Jack Buckby and Enza Ferreri get elected!

    Our situation is dire and very desperate! Every one of us must do everything we can to stop the impending horror!

    Paul Weston: Preventing White Genocide

    Winston Churchill: Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.


  10. I could never, ever understand how the black person could willingly submit to and embrace ideology that despises them so openly and advocates slavery until today. Black Muslims ask to drop the A word, so how are the poor Arabs to refer to black people in conversations, when the same word means a “black person” and a “slave”. They say it’s a racial slur, like the N word, but it’s not, it’s just the word to specify that this person is black. If the person is black it’s a slave. Period. The hatred of whites is so intense they embrace the ideology that doesn’t even consider them human beings, not to mention equal rights.

  11. Ibn Khaldun, muslim historian and scholar (video above), wrote:
    “The negro nations are, as a rule, submissive to slavery, because they have attributes that are quite similar to dumb animals”.
    This informs the Arab racist attitude.

  12. In 1973 I was walking down the Quay on the Dira Creek in Dubai. I was with my translator and I was a young guy and was fascinated by the Arabs and their culture. My translator spoke 8 languages and he was perfect for me, as I was trying to learn to speak Arabic. We were near a Dow (old Arab boat) and I could hear many different languages and I was always asking him what it was. He would tell me it was this or that. We came abreast of one Dow and there was a chattering of a very strange language and I asked him what it was. He said it was Swahili. So I got closer to the Dow and looked aboard and there were at least 40 chained up black Africans. I asked him what this was all about and he said the Dow was going to Iran and they were slavers. Now understand this is 1973 not 1873. The Arabs and Persians have been the biggest slave traders on earth.
    As I started to learn about Islam and Arabs, they have looked down their noses at every black Muslims forever. They say there is no blood of the prophet running in the veins of black Africans, so they will never be true Muslims in the eyes of Arabs. But now they cater to them because they know they need their numbers in America in order to enact an internal overthrow. But I can guarantee you one fact; there will be no seat at the power sharing table in the New World Order or Agenda 21 for Islam or blacks militants. Welcome to Islam all you dumb black Americans. Plus black African friends of mine think all you American blacks are nuts for wanting to tie your name to a continent that has continually massacred and slaughtered each other as soon as they come under the power of a black dictator.

  13. Instead of getting a life, all muslims can do is whine and complain. Here again the absolute proof. The whole day, every day bleating on about their ” religioius sensitivities”, demands and being offended and insulted. Like one huge bunch of whiny spoiled petulant kids.

    Only one way to cure this , certain words they should hear all the time :
    NO NO NO
    NO GOT it ?!

    We wish. Sigh

  14. “A-word”?!…How about “asslifter”?!…..Oh, is that raaaaaaacist?!….Excuuuuuuuse meeeeee, but they (a–lifters that is), come in all races, and pislam is still NOT a race!….Hell, it isn’t even a religion! But rather a twisted deviant, demonic POLITICAL ideology promoting the enslavement of and/or killing anyone that does not go along with that ideology!….Banning the A-word?! Whop-de- —-ing doo!……And yeah, black muslimes, the arabpig word for “black” and “slave” are the same!

    • After all the stories come out I just hope the American main stream media will finally print and report the truth about Islam. If the latte liberal women would get off their silicone implanted asses and really take on the real war on women, “ISLAM” they will see there is no such thing as Coexistence between Islam and the west. Plus American blacks are just being used for their numbers and they will never share in any of the spoils that Islam is promising. This POS in the White House will use anybody and any race and any religion/cult to accomplish his handlers’ agenda.


    120 black people killed by the Arabian SLAVE cult religion? Yes. Possibly even more.

    The black slave trade in Moslem countries was stopped by EUROPEANS and AMERICANS. Without the Christian Abolitionists, black people would still be shipped to Arabia as SLAVES.

    There are an estimated 12 million still enslaved mostly in India, Pakistan, Mauritania and other Moslem countries.

    Moslems are EXPERTS at slavery.

  16. Black, abeed or muslim, Same shit. Most people and the west believe muslims and blacks are the same and come from the same. The muslim and blacks look exactly like each other, dark skin and nasty smell, inbreeding. All the same.

  17. The Muslim-far Left Obama regime gave weapons to the Mexican drug cartels who work very closely with Muslim terrorist organizations. Hizbullah is throughout Latin America and has set up operations close to the U.S. border. Many innocents were murdered with the U.S. provided weapons.

    Bible, Genesis 4:10 And God said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground”.

    Read the following article. Whenever the good anywhere fight the forces of darkness and evil, we can all rejoice!

    Militias Fight Mexican Cartel to Control Port City

    The militias that emerged a year ago in the western Mexican state of Michoacan to defend communities from a powerful drug cartel are expanding their presence on the Pacific coast, officials said.

    Roughly 200 men armed with assault rifles gathered Wednesday on Caleta de Campos beach near the key port of Lazaro Cardenas, a source in the state government told Efe.

    Clad in bulletproof vests and carrying walkie-talkies, the men urged area residents to join the struggle against the Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar) drug cartel, which has used extortion and murder to extend its tentacles into legitimate business.

    Some 60 other vigilantes took control of Opopeo, a town in the Purepecha Indian territory, the source said.

    Militia members set up late Wednesday a checkpoint on a road running parallel to the Siglo XXI expressway that links Morelia, Michoacan’s capital, with the state’s Pacific coast… http://www.hispanicallyspeakingnews.com/latino-daily-news/details/militias-fight-mexican-cartel-to-control-port-city/29203/

  18. Muslims are the abeed in the world. No lower form of life than a lowlife muslim. Muslims are closer to dirt than human. Pieces of shit, with a left hand that smells like shit! Muslim’s are the abeed and a disgrace to humans. I would be ashamed to be a muslim in todays day and age.

  19. Has ANYONE seen Muslims in America or any other country holding demonstrations and marching to protest cruel, Muslim enslavement of blacks?

    The 1,400 years of the horror and terrible suffering of Muslims taking slaves continues to this day in Sudan, Mauritania, other countries and IN BRITAIN:

    http://www.barenakedislam.com: Traumatized 16-year-old British girl was brutally raped by 90 different Muslim men in one weekend http://www.barenakedislam.com/2013/03/11/traumatized-16-year-old-girl-was-brutally-raped-by-90-different-muslim-men-in-one-weekend/

    Jihad Slavery in Sudan, with Dr Charles Jacobs