AFGHANI MUSLIM harangues and intimidates elderly Swedes on tram, boasts of killing his Swedish girlfriend’s dog, threatens to kill 10 Swedes if he gets kicked out of the country

picture1161902-250x260A 23-year-old Muslim from Afghanistan furiously attacked his fellow passengers on a tram in Gothenburg, Sweden. The man said that the Swedes were “disgusting” and that he could kill even two-meter (6-feet+) tall Swedes “in seconds.”

Diversity Macht Frei  (h/t Susan K) The news website Avpixlat published a film clip of the threatening incident on its YouTube channel. (SEE BELOW) The clip shows how a 23-year-old man from Afghanistan criticized his older fellow passengers and the entire Swedish society.

Muslims burning the Swedish flag
Muslims burning the Swedish flag

The man begins to say he has a Swedish girlfriend. His girlfriend used to have a dog, but he killed it, says the man. “My girl is Swedish, she has a dog. I removed her dog,” he says, and snaps his fingers.

He complains also of the Swedish bureaucracy that forces him to “write lots of papers” just to get 7000 kroner (Welfare payments). “Just wait. You have all your soldiers out there. They’re all out now. In 2014, the Taliban are back, the mujahideen are back. Allahu akbar!” continued the man.


The 23-year-old explains that he has come to Sweden to stay. “If you throw me out, I will take ten lives here.” “Is it important that to take the life of others?” asks an older man sitting at the back of the tram. “Yes, because you have taken our lives in Afghanistan, you have taken the whole of Africa’s lives, have you not?” the man replies.


The angry Afghan’s existence is rendered unbearable even by Swedish drug policy. “You just drink your alcohol, but I can not smoke my cannabis.”

The man explains that he would be at home in Afghanistan and join the war, were it not for the fact that his little sisters could be raped by the Swedes, whom he calls “disgusting”.


According to the man, he is much stronger than the Swedes, as he can kill easily. “You have eaten good food and butter here and there. While I’ve munched bread and water. But at the same time, I am much stronger than your two-metre tall people. Your two metre-tall people, I can kill them in seconds,” he tells the 73-year old Swedish retiree.

“Excuse me, but you do not need to spit in my face all the time?” says a woman on the tram just before the end of the clip.