Hollywood finally comes up with a way to make a 9/11 family member and a U.S. soldier the terrorists

If that isn’t bad enough, the movie ‘NON-STOP’ features a bearded Muslim doctor as the good guy. We know Hollywood leftist scum have wanted to do this ever since 9/11. I guess they figured stupid Americans have forgotten who the real terrorists always are.


The trailer for “Non Stop” the latest Hollywood thriller with Liam Neeson looks like a great flick. Although considering Neeson’s views on Islam, it isn’t a surprise that it has a sinister twist: Actor Liam Neeson after visiting Istanbul says, “I am thinking about converting to Islam” and this: Liam Neeson infuriates ‘NARNIA’ fans by comparing the symbol of Christ to the prophet Mohammed

Big Hollywood via Gateway Pundit reported:

It turns out that the villain is not a hijacker but a terrorist — someone who wants to murder everyone on the plane to further a political goal. You ready? The terrorist is a 9/11 family member. Yes, you read that right; the terrorist is a 9/11 family-member who lost a loved-one in the World Trade Center on 9/11.

It gets worse…This 9/11 family member-turned-terrorist then joined the military but found himself disillusioned by the pointless wars. And now…The 9/11 family member-turned-terrorist is upset because America hasn’t done enough to ensure there will never be another 9/11. And so he figures if he can get an air marshal blamed for a terrorist attack, America will wake up and anally probe us before we’re allowed on a plane, or something.

It gets even worse…The villain’s sidekick is a member of the American military willing to murder 150 innocent people for a payday.

If that isn’t inconceivable enough…The one passenger on the plane who is forever helpful, kind, reasonable, noble, and never under suspicion is allegedly a MUSLIM DOCTOR in traditional Muslim garb and full beard.


Screw you, Hollywood.