SYRIA: Christian man forced to convert to Islam, then gets beheaded anyway (WARNING: Graphic Images)

Beheaders say: “He will be beheaded because he is a kaffir (unbeliever), he sided with Assad, and wasn’t serious about praying. Everyone like him (Christians) will suffer the same fate – beheading.”

h/t Theodore Shoebat


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  1. I have never met a Muslim country that have helped another nation, all they ever do is destroy everything, and those Muslims that say they’re not violent but stand around and just sit and watch the evil around them and do not say or do anything about it. I will never trust them until they fight back, and they won’t fight the Evil within because thats what their Quran teaches. Jews haven’t done anything to them, but yet they keep attacking them, Christians have help them muslim countries so much and they just get their face spit on and their flags burned and they yell death to America! Why! all we do is help, I say we stop helping them, and like Christ said let the dead take care of the dead and the Muslims are dead indeed, because their spirits are dead they have no love for humankind since they do not worship the God who created them but the faults moon god. May the God of Isaac, Abraham and Jacob Bless the USA and all Christians and Jews.

  2. First, Religion is something that is considered to be your personal relationship with God / Allah etc. if there is only ONE God, and i think the hindus, christians, jews and the muslms all think like that, and that He is the most powerful one in the whole universe, then matters related to God must be left to God only. Why do we have to take those matters in our hands…
    secondly, just remember, all religions were made for mankind… Mankind is not made for religions… religions r supposed to make people feel comfortable, peacful and happy…
    Third.. try to be good WITHOUT the greed of getting something in the life hereafter, and try to avoid doing bad, WITHOUT the fear of being thrown into hell….Remember the story of the good samaritian…???? to do good without expectations of reward… and the story of the Judge who helped the woman, without any fear of anyone…
    . and lastly, if the state executes people, it is because they have done harm to someone, also in that state, or to the state, … So if u do something against Allah, then only Allah, or the angels up there have the right to execute u…. no human being is allowed to do that.

    lets play our roles in being human with humans, and let God/Allah play his part as being the creator and maker.

    P.S: Jesus said, it is more important to make peace with ur brother than to offer any sacrifices to God……

  3. All I know this kind of act is Demonic… Ephesians 6:12 NKJV
    For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

  4. This video is sick. So are the people standing around condoning it, and so are the people here on this forum that believe that is what Islam is all about, just as much as the people think that all Catholics were molested as children and all priests are pedophiles, and Christians are a product of medieval kings whims to change the new testament. What a bunch of fools all of you are.

    • Sir, have you studied Islam? Do you know its history, its writings and its founder? I have. You can find beheading in the Quran and in the collections of Hadith’s and in the Sira and sunna of Mohammed. The Sira is the biography of Mohammed written by a Muslim named in Ishaq. There is another but the one by Ishaq is earliest. The Hadith’s of Bukhari and Muslim are second in authority only to the Quran in Islam and are collections of the sayings and dojngs of Mohammed which are then called the sunna, or path that the messenger of Islam traced. Mohammed himself is known to have personally beheaded many people and it is recorded in Islamic records and in fact it was and still is considered a matter of pride by many, formerly by all, but Western influence has made some Muslims feel ashamed of these things and try to present a new face of Islam which is called modern or moderate Islam bit which is not true to the history and facts of Islam.

  5. Islamophobia: Propaganda completely constructed by jews who by the way hate christians every bit as much if not more. This is nothing compared to what the jews would do to you if they weren’t such a small minority.

  6. Ans as you said and I quote that Recep Erdogan says, “there is no moderate Islam” – remember that no one can define Islam for what it is – not even a Muslim. Islam is only and best defined by God in the Quran so if there is a problem among Muslims, don’t blame Islam, but the Muslims doing wrong against Islamic teachings

  7. It can’t go without saying that there are people among us Muslims that are extremists of the faith which is highly disapproved in Islam, but bare in mind that those extremists DO NOT stand for or define Islam.

    • MJ, the so-called ‘faith’ itself is extremist. Not all Muslims are but all Muslims follow the same teachings as the extremists do. Islam is Islam, as Recep Erdogan says, there is no moderate Islam.

      • I have read the quran, many hadiths, Reliance of the Traveller. Please don’t insult my intelligence by saying the quran has not changed in 1400 years. The quran was abrogated after Mohammed failed to convert many Jews and Christians – nullifying earlier peaceful passages and replacing them with violent ones.

      • If the whole faith was extremist, then all 1.2 billion of us would be beheading people and blowing ourselves up -_-

    • In reading countless rebuttals from “moderate” Muslims over hundreds of sites asking the same question of “is it okay to KILL another human being because of what they believe in”. The answers are ALWAYS the same from the Muslim defending “moderate” Islam. I want to hear Muslims cry out against these “extremists” and condemn publicly their actions. I want to see their charity bestowed on these victims. Until I see this across the board, It will remain OBVIOUS that there is tolerance to this murderous behavior in ALL Muslims. These people are KILLING other human beings period. What gives them the right, and what gives them the conscience to carry out these putrid acts against another human being. I challenge you, I dare you, any of you Muslims to condemn your fellow extremist Muslims for their humiliating acts against humanity. Take action against them. They are your responsibility! reel them in. Prosecute their behavior if you don’t agree that MURDER is an offensive reprehensible act.

  8. I wonder of those who speak ill of Islam – where do they source their knowledge from? Is it from an individual or two?…. Is it from the media?…. If this is so, then they have been misguided, no doubt. If you want to know about Islam, don’t study a Muslim because we Muslims are not perfect – don’t even listen to the opinions of a majority or follow what you see in the media – they have ways of manipulating information making it go against what is actually true – these sources do not define Islam nor do they show the authenticity of the Islamic faith, but the Qur’an does – a book sent as a guide to all mankind in which lies 100% truth about Islam. Islam is a religion of peace.
    So if you know nothing about Islam, please don’t say anything about Islam – this goes for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Read the Qur’an.
    To all my non-Muslim brothers and sisters in humanity, engage in our affairs to gain a better understanding of Islam – READ the Qur’an and understand it in context and don’t believe someone who tells you that you cant get a hold of the Qur’an to read, but it doesn’t go without saying that you should handle it with at most respect and in a state of cleanliness. And reading alone doesn’t help much – its like being stranded in the middle of a dessert and a camel is handed to you and you’re told, “get on the camel and find your way out”, but you don’t know which direction to take. Understanding the Qur’an in context gives you a better sense of direction.
    And to all my Muslim brothers and sisters, we need to remain steadfast in reading and understanding the meaning of the Qur’an in context because we too carry misconceptions of our faith and as a result, we may portray an image to others that goes against the true teachings of Islam. So let us read the Qur’an that we may thrive in wisdom, so that when times come where people approach us and attack us with ignorance, we can attack back with knowledge – not violence. Islam condemns violence. Strive to live in peace. Live wise.

      • Let me correct myself, *If you have read the Quran, don’t blame Islam but blame the Muslim that does not follow its teachings correctly. Or try to correct them when you can

      • Your right bruv, many years ago i took upon myself to indulge in the pages of this so called peaceful book. Well apart from the same stuff as in the old testament or torah the teachings of mohammed,109 verses to be correct and only 28 at most and thats strecthjng it is a call to arms when under atrack. The remainder of the 109 verses are a call to arms to kill……infidels

    • I’m no and never will be any brother of yours the MJ, get that one straight and your definition of humanity sure ain’t the same as ours.

      Now as for your claim we don’t know anything about that rag of yours, a big fat wrong on that one. In my neck of the wood, we’ve got it all sussed out pretty well, and know exactly what is said and this from the original arabic and not some stuff lost in translation, including in all that other crap that goes hand in hand with it, because we got the right people to spill the beans on that brainwashing rag.

      And another thing, no wonder why you lot want to kill your apostates : they sure know all the crap you lot try your best -but fail miserably- to hide from the kuffar, not to mention where some stinking skeletons are hidden.

      So go try your brainwashing technique elsewhere, doesn’t take here.

    • M.J., what you are saying is the same old line that Muslims have been saying all along. And you know what – as soon as any non-Muslim DOES read the Qor’an, and actually prepares to challenge this rhetoric, The answer is “But you don’t really understand, and the version you read is corrupt and not an accurate translation…..” Even those who are former Muslims and tell what they know, are labeled liars. So, I ask you – HOW do we settle this? it seems that there is NO way to have a dialog with people who keep changing the parameters.

    • I am quite sure your camel/desert analogy is spot on. The Qur’an is certainly a camel in a wasteland with no clear direction out. A book as sacred as the Qur’an should in its essence be able to easily distinguish what is right and what is not, leaving a clear understanding of how to conduct yourself in this world. If your actions do not reflect the LOVE of God. YOU are DOING it WRONG. Furthermore, what kind of book leads to such a vast deception that you admit there are majorities of Muslims that are misguided. Where are the moderate leaders to bring these extremists to justice?

    • Wow MJ your a pure genius. One need not look further than this video you see right here on this site as a source of how Islam is.. Do you see any Christians perpetrating this sort of thing on any Muslims?

  9. Mahmood and Yosef, haven’t you read, or are you not able to read, your ‘holy books’? They spell it out clearly…violence is the only way you gain your proselytes. Forcing people into your religion, at any cost. World domination through violence. Pedophilia. Polygamists. Violent abuse of women, children, blacks, slaves, gays, any non-muslim, etc etc. Islam in the most racist, violent, hateful cult ever known to mankind. Have you not read islam’s history? Millions murdered for pedophile polygamist hateful mohammed and his allah (a lla — of crap) over the centuries. Today is still by far the greatest troublemaking evil cult on the planet. Get real.

    • If you want to talk about violence then maybe we should talk about the US and its Allies who have generated more violence and bloodshed in the last 2 decades then any other country/s in the world in the name of democracy. If you want to talk about it being done in the name of Christianity then maybe we should talk about the Crusades and how Salah Al Deen kicked your ass trying to cause corruption in the name of Christianity and how he took the supposed Cross of Jesus out of your hands when you thought you will be victories for bringing into battle only to find your selves losing one battle after the other. 600,000 soldiers came to take Jerusalem and only 60,000 went back – when the playing fields are balanced or slightly in your favour you will always loss and if you don’t believe me then my advice to you is to take your own advice and a look at history. If you want to talk about slavery then maybe we should talk about The Atlantic Slave Trade. If you want to talk about racialism or fascism then maybe we should talk about your brothers the Nazi’s as you harbour the same ideologies as they did only rebranded. If you want to talk about women then maybe we should talk about how you objectify them as sex objects and then have the nerve to call it freedom of expression just so that you can sell a car or maybe we should talk about how 31% of women (5 million) in the UK have experienced domestic violence since the age of 16. If you want talk about pedophilia then maybe we should talk about Mary and Joseph since Mary was 12 at marriage and Joseph 90. If you want talk about polygamy then maybe we should talk about the Bible since the only religion that restricts the number of wives you can have is the Quran. If you want to talk about forceful conversions then maybe we should talk about how the leader of democracy George Bush who is quoted to have said “you’re either with us or against us” in his war on Terror. If you want to talk about same sex relationships then maybe we should talk about Leviticus and If you want to talk about hatred then maybe we should talk about your comment.

      You point your finger at Muslims and all I see is three pointing back at you.

      I think it is you that needs to read the Quran as well as I, because I know for a fact you can’t reference a single thing you have said out of the Quran contextually.

      • maybe we should talk about Colonial Imperialism, maybe we should talk about the fact that Hitler was a Christian, maybe we should about the fact that Stalin was an atheist, maybe we should talk about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, maybe we should talk about Vietnam or maybe we should talk about South Africa’s apartheid, maybe we should talk about Nelson Mandela and how you called him a terrorist and imprisoned him for 23 years or maybe we should talk about how you treated Gandhi.

        What makes you think that history will judge these times any different to those before, when the news changes and the direction of hate is shifted and the blame of problems are weighed on another and a new enemy is born do you think that your history will look back and say those actions were Just? or do you think they will say that indeed these people were war criminals and killed unjustly, deceitfully and with impunity. The question is why?

        If you are wondering about the answer it is because the hate that is built through indoctrination is absent.

        All of these comments are full of garbage, nothing but hate speech backed up with nothing else but more hate speech no references, no real understanding and no knowledge nothing but ignorance.

        Take a close look at your own evil and corrupted history before you point your finger at a Religion that you barely understand or have knowledge of except of that which you get from your own bias BBC and Fox news narrative.

      • Which Clue is that the fact that you and others respond?

        Do me a favour don’t “knock over the chess pieces, shit on the board and then claim victory”

        The conversation between me and you ended yesterday. Keep it that way.

      • I find it amazing that many Muslims/islams have read the Bible. I have not read the quran. I enjoyed the history lesson. So you are saying that I am just like the people in your history lesson and I am responsible for their actions. You just confirmed reincarnation for me thanks. Also, that means you are in favor as your history dictates, want to kill everyone that is not muslim. Maybe I’m wrong about the previous sentence.

      • Jeff you have misunderstood me……. I don’t think you are responsible for the actions of any person except your own. For all I know you could be a wonderful person and until I see otherwise that is exactly what I conclude of you as an individual.

        I was merely pointing out that this type of Rhetoric is pointless because it is a two way street that leads to no were fast except for the loss of more innocent lives – whether it be Muslim, Christian or Jew. All it does is indoctrinate its audience with more hate and thus inspiring/motivating them to act arbitrarily. The purpose of my comment was to allow some people to understand exactly what you have just asked and that is that you can’t judge a majority by its minority and you can’t judge a Divine Book by a minority of its practitioners or any practitioner for that matter for one is Devine and the other is morally unperfected. The only way I felt I could get this point across is by turning the the tables, because people can identify with them selves better then they can with others, thus they are able to defend them selves better when they them selves are the ones being scrutinised. It is just a shame they aren’t as self critical as they should be and if they were their would be less hypocrisy and double standards then their are now and more acceptance and understanding.

        Isalm is a religion of peace but what takes precedence is Justice and it is therefore it is not a pacifist Religion.

        Fighting in islam is permitted but conditions have to be met in its practice. Islam has nothing to do with killing innocent people. Islam dose permit the execution of those guilty of Treason (much like many democracies today) but it unconditioannly does not allow the killing of a single innocent life regardless of faith.This is because islam isn’t just a religion that governs the lives of individuals it is also a religion that governs society as a whole.

        All Abrahamic religions preach death as a penalty for the blasphemous – it is mentioned in Leviticus 24:16 in regards to the Bible.

        The Quran teaches Muslims that both the Torah and the Bible are from Allah and thus the word of God. They believe in all the Prophets and Messengers from Adam to Jesus and they are commanded to love and believe in them all. Muhammad (PBUH) is nothing more then a Messenger and Prophet like those before him. This is in response to your claim of amazement as to how some muslims are well versed in the Bible.

      • You are so full of shit raghead, not that it’s anything to be surprised about. We don’t give a rat’s behind about your miles long propagandist-table turning- filled with lies rants.

        That rag of yours you think we are incapable of referring to, you can take it and shove it where it’s most suited. When will your fucked-up neurons finally send the proper message to your brain, which is that you lot and us ? Incompatible, nothing in common, you’re incapable of anything creative or worthwhile, 14 centuries are proof of that, you are the most vile cult that has ever walked this earth, and you are justifiably hated, and that hatred keeps growing and spreading.

        Now get lost unless you really are a dumb masochist as well and enjoy being trashed here.

      • Oh and Bonni, that ranting vermin has put a vid here that got through, on his rant below Jeff’s reply. No doubt supremacist propaganda shit you might want to get rid of.

        • Thanks, Alain, I don’t see the Youtube videos posted by commenters in the Moderating section until after I approve the comment. I will remove it.

      • Do me a favour Alain, go try intimidate someone else with your key board.

        Let me ask you a question do feel safe saying that word to a Muslims or an Arab when your up close and personal or only when your behind a screen?

        I think you’re a chicken Sh*t and I think you know it too.

  10. So I see the last comment I made was deleted and then some editing to the translation and title was made lol…… how dumb do you think people are obviously those that are lapping up this bs and then making comments are incredibly dumb. let me clarify again the man is a MUSLIM who stole, drank alcohol and stopped praying. Stop feeding your viewers crap. have a little bit of respect for yourself and for those who subscribe to your site. You obviously hate muslims a lot enough to be doing what your doing which says a lot about about who you are as a person and the level integrity you lack. Let me make equally clear who the perpetrators are so they know the truth as opposed to your crap. They are muslim militants who are supported in their fight by the west to bring assed down their weapons have been supplied to them by the US and GB they are not Syrians they are hired militias. Yes they are Muslims but the kind that Muslims hate because they don’t follow Islam. How long before this comment is deleted to?

    • It’s the US, it’s Britain, it’s Andorra, it’s not because you mooslimes are arrogant, backward idiots, noooooo, it’s because the others are smarter than you…

    • Mahmood: are you really that clueless?

      Islam is a cancer. It’s a curse. It’s nothing more than a delusion that Islam really is a religion of peace. In America, Muslims can burn an American flag.

      In *any* country dominated by the terrorist, tyrannical and oppressive Muslim majority, try burning a Quran. I dare you.

      YOU are a coward. You cannot face the truth anymore than any other brainwashed Muslim.

      You can’t even admit Muhammad was a pedophile.

      In my country (where, interestingly, Muslims are in the minority), pedophiles are treated like the scourge they are. They are locked up and treated like the perpetrators they are. If Muhammad was living in America, today? And he was caught having sex with a 10 year old GIRL, he’d end up in prison in protective custody.

      In America, where all religions are tolerated, pedophilia is still considered a vile, repugnant, and sick thing. YOUR hero and “prophet” would be properly and rightly perceived to be nothing more than a two-bit nut who happens to be a child molester.

      But, hey, if you want to worship a child molester, you deserve contempt, ridicule and shame. Sad thing is: most Muslims are either a) clueless, or b) shameless.

      And, violence-loving, war/jihad-loving animals.

      Just saying, brother. I don’t hate you. I pity you.

    • I am so glad you are at least somewhat attune to the level of bureaucracy we are facing when it comes to the world party leaders involvement with Syria (and other countries) using Muslim extremists to do their dirty work. (What kind of brainwashing is needed to turn a human being into a COLD blooded killer)? BUT to WHAT end? Are you going to sit back and let your fellow Muslim extremists get away with this? Speak out. Refute the actions of these people and condemn them. YOU are literally sitting back in your comforts watching a major WORLD change take place right before your eyes. This is happening. Are you going to tell me the leading popular factions of Islam are in the dark and refute these militants? These organizations are working together. No matter what you say regarding the “truth” about the Qur’an is going to change the fact that the framework for this institution of Islam is corrupted to the core. You are the minority of the movement taking place. How nice for you to sit back and enjoy the ride while your brother Muslim militant extremists MURDER and destroy peoples lives to clear a path of deception and power. Get a clue. Go pray! t’s the same as sticking your head in the sand. The TRUTH is all around you. It’s in your back yard. Can you feel the hate welling up within you as we speak? What would you do if someone came into your home right this second and you knew they were going to cut your head off and your children’s head, and rape and murder your wife ie.? Nearly half of the worlds religious people are Muslim and where is the condemnation of extremists? I tell you they are indifferent because there is no one saying or doing anything about it from the Muslims. Where are the Muslim non-profits to support the victims of these MURDER crusades? You want the Christian community or the Secular community to do something? No more excuses! Lets hear it. CONDEMN these people and do something about it. Or just try really hard to protect your beloved Qur’an. Listen. You are called to ACT on what is RIGHT. The Qur’an will take care of itself.

  11. The media is turning a blind eye to this. This makes them just as guilty. We should remember that.

    That man was still alive when his head was halfway cut. These are the troops obama is supporting. Did he see this? Is there any reporter brave enough to confront him in public with this?

    • so, they’re saying there is no god but god…but christianity and islam worship the same god, just in different ways…ummmmmm, education?

      • “Allah” is but ONE out of a MULTITUDE of Arab pre-Islamic gods. Thus, “allah” is NOT the Islamic equivalent of the Judæo-Christian Yahweh (YHWH).

        Furthermore, by their mass-murdering (and sadistically so!!!) of both animals and people, Moslems prove they have NOTHING IN COMMON with either Jews or Christians!!!!

        I wish I had seen your DRIVEL earlier… Either way, take your taqiyya and kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!

  12. All religions are ANTI HUMAN, all try to indoctrinate all are asking us plebs to blindly follow their nonsense.. But, ISLAM HAS TO BE THE WORST GARBAGE ON EARTH..

    I have never in my life seen such idiot religion as Islam..

    I said it before and I am saying it again..


  13. And all you that have commented. Are uneducated humans. You are only able to view what you want to view. But you can not see what disgrace you are to your own religion. CHRISTIAN. MUSLIM. JEW… WE WERE ALL TAUGHT TO RESPECT EACHOTHER! Do not say you follow your religion, when your own God has told you not to judge. One human being has made a mistake, a whole population should not be blamed for his mistake. DON’T EVER SAY A JEW OR A CHRISTIAN HAS NOT DONE WORSE! Hitler was a German! Did we or did we not blame all Germans for his wrong doings?! Of course not! So why shall we now blame a whole religion on ones wrong doing! DON’T use your God for an excuse, you are only racist people who are telling yourselves that God has commanded you to do so. No matter what religion you are, your God has not told you to hate one another but has told you to respect others beliefs. If you think any religion teaches you violence towards one and other then you have not followed your religion correctly, nor have you pleased your God.

      • 1.6 Billion people hate what you stand for…… plus I estimate another 2 Billon including Christens and people from other creeds who are also reasonable minded people. I guess you lose if thats how you reason, and thats been achieved without a propaganda machine used to indoctrinate peoples views. I guess there is hope in the world for truth and justice after all.

        • Being hated by 1.6 billion ragheads is a source of pride for me. Considering that most of my readers are Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and atheists, and there have been over 50 million of them, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • I said they hate what you stand for. If you want to have a serious dialogue with me then do that without the hate speech and the obvious rhetoric which is in every line of your sentences and is obviously intended to strike the emotions of your viewers as opposed to their intellect and reason. It is a typical tactic used to create support for ideas that can’t be justified with reason or intelligence because people tend to overlook reason when they are emotionally challenged. Also you failed to see the point I was trying to make which was that your sense of reasoning is invalid. You claim that the scale of hatred for Islam Justifies your views I was merely pointing out that you if you used that as a means of measure to justify your ideas then the same of that which you intend against Muslims could be justified against you (and judging by your speech and choice of words and content it would seem clear to me at this point that you intend nothing but hatred and violence). Therefore who are you to claim their views of you are wrong and that you are right. Weather you agree or not we are all humans and innately we are all looking for truth and justice because inherently we understand its value. It is the exact reason why people are so outraged by the clip you have posted. This is because it goes against the very fabric of our nature when acts like these are done in the name of anything other then Justice and or conducted outside its scope. You have obvioulsy exploited that fact by firstly claiming that the man was beheaded for being a Christian obviously because you trying to create strife between Muslims and Christians, the fact that you did that also illustrates how out of touch you and some your viewers our with compassion and morality this because you felt that the death of a Muslim is valued less then that of a Christian. In my opinion that clearly shows that you lack integrity and honestly assuming it was done purposefully and without due diligence and if so the truth is a lot more can be said about you because the nature of your actions seem to be malicious. I speak Arabic and what I understood is that he was a Muslim who stopped praying which was even mentioned in your mistranslation, therefore you have to explain how does a Christian stop praying like a Muslim if he is a Christian to begin with for those that don’t speak the language. He was also accused of Treason which you may not know is punishable my death in countries that still exercise the death penalty as part of their governance. This includes the US which is supposedly the wests leading example of democracy. If you want I could give you other articles to read about what Christians are doing to Muslims. In Sudan Muslims are being slaughtered in the hundreds and the death toll is now in the thousands. This is being done by Christians who once again like the perpetrators of the clip above are prompted and supported by the west. In fact just the other day they slaughter 200 innocent muslim civilians taking refuge in a Mosque. The one sided force of aggression has caused over a million people to flee their homes losing everything they can’t carry including their homes. This is also happening in Central Africa, ethic cleansing is taking place right now and the death toll their is in the thousands with millions fleeing. What about Burma 2012/13 where the same thing happened to Muslims but this time by Buddhists. My question is are you a moral human being or do you only care about the lives of Christians. So one dies and you justify what exactly? There are over 400,000 orphans in Iraq as a result of the US lead invasion, 1.5 million have died as a result of violence after the invasion, and thousands of women are giving birth to children with sever defects as a result of the uranium used in the weapons that were used to to bring the nation to ruins and kill its people this includes children being born with their skin inside out. Do you care about them or are you simply another fascist?

        • I have absolutely no interest in having a “dialog” with you. FYI: I care about everyone except Muslims. I don’t consider most Muslims human.

          And you prove my point by justifying the beheading of this man. I support what the Buddhists are doing to the Muslim terrorists and their associates in Burma. Wish more countries were dealing with their muslims problem like this. CAR is even better. And Angola has just made the practice of Islam illegal. Bravo! Iraq was a good start. Too bad al-Qaeda is taking over now.

          If you insist on continuing to comment here, please use paragraphs, it makes it easier to read your drivel.

          If Istanbul Chick happens to be reading this, here’s another live one for you to play with.

      • Yeah, but BILLIONS of self-professed Muslims HATE the people who they consider “infidels.” Haters, that’s what Islam breeds. Just ask one of them! They are their own worst enemy when it comes to making their religion look bad.

        Thus: conversion = force/coercion or propogation

        Fact: Muslims reproduce like rabbits. Bacteria. They are taking over the world not because of superior intellect or philosophy or theology, but because of force and fornication.

        Just saying.

    • To be fair, people do blame all Germans for what Hitler did so they are all labeled Nazi. Just like any American who fought in Vietnam is labeled a baby killer. Or if you’re white you’re automatically racist. The point being it stems further than religion and yes, they all uneducated losers.

      • No actually people don’t blame Germans for WW2. It is why only 23 political and military leaders were taken for trial and hundreds of thousands soldiers were not even tried in a court room let alone the German public. This is because the soldiers were understood to be innocent of any crimes after the Nuremberg trails. So I think it is you should take a good look in the mirror before calling others “undereducated losers”. Also feel free to tell me what your religious views are if any and I will be more than happy blame you for your share of evil doing.

      • NOT!!…….. you thought you got ride of me!!! I’m sure you were relived for a while but your scum and I enjoy letting you know that fact. Your so full of it, tell me where I said I promise to leave?

    • I totally agree with bare naked Islam..
      Just look at what Islam is doing..

      Tell me idiot, what makes you Muslims so special that nothing of any critique can be said to you..

      Who made you morons the boss of this world you uneducated cretins..

      NO one in their right mind should trust idiot Islam..

      • Richard you should learn how to formulate sentences properly before commentating on other peoples lack of education. Do you know someone called Islam? Why is he an idiot? I guess your another ignorant man who thinks Islam is a man. Get educated and then feel free to rephrase you question and I will be more than happy to answer you assuming you’re genuinely interested as to what attracts so many people towards this Religion. Without your dumba** rhetoric.

    • Since I am not a religious person, I have no God to please. I thus have no rules constraining me from voicing my hatred of savage, brutal Muslims, or voicing my contempt for their so-called “religion”. And, you should know that Islam IS NOT A RACE, so hatred of Islam does not make one a “racist”. You, are a pathetic terrorist apologist. So self righteous, so arrogant, so blind.

      Muslims deserve every single ounce of scorn and hatred they receive, and then some.

      • What you should say is since I am not a religious person and therefore don’t believe in any universal truths I should practice what I follow and keep my mouth shut. Since I can’t justify my opinions as they are subjective and I am nothing more than matter with no soul. Just because Islam isn’t a religion it doesn’t stop you from being a fascist, the Nazi’s were fascists and they also demonised Jews to get public approval for the way they treated them. Much like what this whole site is about.

    • God has told us to eliminate Amelek, to exorcise cancer,, and all your BS comments BLAMING US for gating the filth that Muslims donEVERY FREAKING DA Y ALL OVER THE WORLD, this adds you to the top of the list.

      You lying scheming POS, you claim this is nit Islam because in your heart you know THIS IS ISLAM. And you can show not one protest by groups of Muslims saying otherwise.

      When usual us removed from the plant we will grave peace.

      • Oh really FUBO this isn’t Islam? Guess what yes in Islam you get executed for treason after you are afforded a fair trail…… let me see what does that remind me of oh yes the treason laws in the US are also punishable by death amongst lots of other counties, the only difference is is that in Islam if the defendant repents he is able to go free. WoW I guess Islam makes sense after all. Before you ask why is this relevant to this clip its because the guy who is actually a Muslim not a Christian was accused and found guilty of treason he wasn’t beheaded because he was a Christian. So my question is, is how do you Justify the death penalty in the US for those that are found guilty of treason?

      • A “Fair Trial”, Mahmood El-Hashimi????

        A “fair trial” in Islam is automatically IMPOSSIBLE for anybody but Moslem MEN (males)!!!! Non-Moslems as well as women are automatically guilty in the eyes of Islam of “unbelief” – and they’re NEVER, EVER allowed to go free!!! Even if you repent and convert to Islam as an ex-“infidel” – as we’ve seen not long ago on one of the reports Ms. BNI has graciously posted – you STILL GET KILLED!!!!

        In fact, they SLOWLY SAWED OFF the head of that ex-Christian – apparently had he stayed faithful to His Lord, he simply would have been shot (which is infinitely preferable!)…

        I’m JUST WAITING for Ms. BNI’s patience to run out with your taqiyya and kitman: you Moslems are so happy to BRAZENLY LIE to us PROUD “infidels (who’re infinitely CLEANER, SMARTER, HAPPIER and BETTER people BY FAR than any real Moslem can hope to be!!!!) because you so hate and despise us such as to make us have neither respect nor love for you. Then, when we punish you, you whine to your “allah” (whose real name is SATAN!!!!) and accuse us of unfairness!!!

        Listen: you MONSTER good-for-nothings are NOT our “superiors”!!! To the contrary, you EVIL Moslems are our INFERIORS!!!! Your FALSE “prophet” Mohammed truly taught you how to LOSE your humanity, your love of anything good and decent, even the true understanding and knowledge of love!!!! You only have the purest possible hate in your hearts; especially when you’re forbidden by your “prophet” to enjoy ANYTHING truly GOOD in your lives!!!!

        We ought to “pity” you as being so deprived of art, music, science, peaceful sports and even Western medicine (when your clerics would rather have you die of easily-preventable diseases like cholera, smallpox, tuberculosis and polio!!). You’re deprived of the unconditional love a dog, pig, ape or other animal can give you – and you’re further brutalised by your FILTHY and SADISTIC “Eid al-Adha” and “Eid al-Fitr” ceremonies as well as your inability to love either women or even to trust your own fellow-Moslems!!!

        However, because of your intentions of DESTROYING EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING ELSE aside from yourselves: HOW, in the name of everything and everybody decent and holy, can you so much as think of blaming anybody but yourselves when we defend ourselves???? You expect us to “stretch our necks for your knives”??? NO THANK YOU: we’ll fight you back and reward you hate for hate until Our TRUE Lord Christ Returns to put your master Satan into the Bottomless Pit for 1,000 years!!!! We’ll NEVER let ourselves or our true brethren be tortured by such SADISTS, GENOCIDAL-MONSTERS and EVIL Untermenschen such as you!!!!

        That’s why I all the more gladly cast into your teeth:

        DEATH TO ISLAM – and ALL your fellow-allies like the Marxists!!! Also, FUCK MOHAMMED the GENOCIDE, MURDERER, RAPIST, THIEF, MISOGYNIST, CANINOPHOBE, PORCINOPHOBE, NECROPHILIAC and PÆDOPHILE – in whom there is positively ZERO, repeat ZERO “good” whatsoever!!!!! I THANK My Lord Daily that he’s rotting in Hell the way he deserves to as the true Antichrist he was for all time…

      • WOW, and it turns out that this is THE VERY STORY of your CRUELTY to one of your new converts, eh, you absolute WRETCH Mahmood El-Hashimi????

        You know, even the lowliest and vilest bacterium – nay, VIRUS, is infinitely better than all Moslems, both individually AND collectively!!!!!

        Not to mention dogs (Mankind’s BEST Friend of ALL time!!!!), apes (vital in research!!) and pigs (more than food or research – also an important friend to Mankind)!!!!!

        Your FALSE “prophet” Mohammed truly should NEVER, EVER, EVER HAVE BEEN BORN; especially given how evil all those who love and/or adhere to his SATANIC teachings happen to be!!!!!

        Yes, with all my heart: LONG LIVE DOGS, PIGS, APES, DONKEYS and EVERY ANIMAL of the Universe – ALL of which God Himself Created AND LOVED AND STILL LOVES (whereas SATAN – your “allah”, one of his MANY names – only HATES!!!)…

    • So many, many, many LIES!!!!!

      Enough of us know too well what your Qu’rân, Hadith and Sira “educate” you Moslems to do to everybody else!!!!

      Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE – it won’t work here!!!!!

      Besides, for you filthy male-prostitute Zainab to call us “racists” is the summit of HYPOCRISY, given how Islam DESPISES blacks and enslaves them!!!!

      I can’t say how much you and your ilk utterly DISGUST me!!!!!

  14. Some torture is so intense that even the innocent would confess. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Man’s weakness is precisely why Christ suffered for us. If the man on the cross who died next to Jesus would be in Paradise with him, surely this person would be also.

    • I wish you were right with ALL MY HEART!!!! However, the only way I could see that being the case is if this fellow was so utterly tortured so as to be broken past knowing what he was saying or doing (i.e., having become a mere automaton mechanically saying words put into his mouth).

      Admittedly, that is by no means impossible. Communists REGULARLY EVEN NOW ROUTINELY TORTURE dissidents into such extreme states (especially if the torture is compounded with starvation, such torture techniques as being forced to stare into an ultra-reflective, glossy surface AND made to stand without moving for weeks at a time: so they broke Haralan Popov and (if I recall correctly) Richard Wurmbrand among MANY, MANY others…

      However, if he knew what he was doing, I strongly fear that he’s in grave trouble… [Dismas, the crucified thief who turned to Jesus next to him, knew he was dying justly and that Jesus Was Innocent. He had accepted his fate and simply asked The Lord to remember him – something that proves his thoughts were in the right place. Our Lord Rewarded him by saying that he would enter Paradise with Him.]

  15. But islam is not of the true God but of their earthly god alla,are the devil worshipers in action,beheading is a clear murdering.Rev22:15 Outside the gates of heaven are muslims and their followers.

      • To “Isis”: when you lose your heart, you lose your humanity – and that’s why Moslems are NOT true human beings but mere Untermenschen (German for “SUB-human”)!!!

    • Northern…..what did the Jews ever do? Jews won’t kill you for disagreeing with you,sand rats will,ever the victim,ever persecuted according to them……bulls—t!

      • Shiek, this is only because their numbers are tiny and they don’t have the power to do so. Your probably aware of what they did to jesus. Don’t think they wouldn’t do that to all christians if they had the power. The jew is the most evil piece of scum on the planet. They’ve done really well at playing christians and muslims against each other like it’s some kind of real life chess game. This website is proof they have done their jobs well.

      • WOW, “Alex” brings up the same old, tired and FALSE idea of that the entire Jewish people are “guilty of the death of Christ”…

        He has forgotten – likely deliberately!!! – that it was only the Sanhedrin plus some suborned people (likely bribed) who did the interrogation in the Sanhedrin’s kangaroo-court, the torture and false “testimonies” within that court – and finally called for His Crucifixion with sufficient numbers and volume to scare Pontius Pilatus (Pilate) into accepting their will..

        “Alex” also forgot how MANY PEOPLE WEPT when Christ was handed over to Pilate’s subordinates to be taken to Golgotha and crucified, and during His so being led along the “Via Dolorosa”!!

        In essence, “Alex” thinks that the Sanhedrin’s conspiracy against My Lord and His Disciples afterwards tarnishes the ENTIRE Jewish people for all time – contrary to what Christ’s Teachings and the Bible overall teach, particularly in the New Testament!!!! It’s the GUILTY who have to bear their guilty – it’s NO LONGER the Old Law of Ancient Israel (especially since 10 of the total of the 12 tribes of Ancient Israel had virtually vanished from the earth’s surface 600 years prior to then) that holds here!!!

        No doubt, “Alex” would have loved to have had Hitler’s “Final Solution” fully implemented over the entire globe… [It would have been interesting to see what he thought of Dr. Bernard Nathanson and Monsieur Aaron Jean-Marie Lustiger (among others), BOTH Jews who converted to Catholicism (with others converting to Orthodoxy and Protestantism). It sure sounds like he would reject them anyway even though the former was an ex-abortionist who became completely pro-life and did his utmost best to undo his earlier damage for the rest of his days, while the latter as a child felt called not only to become a Christian but also to the priesthood – and who eventually became the Cardinal-Archbishop of Paris, France!!!]

        Truly, Ms. BNI, thank you so very much for banning a FALSE “Christian” who not only tarnishes Christianity by his example and overall words but especially by attacking this Website, where (among others) Jews, Christians (from all three branches and their denominations), Buddhists, Hindus, agnostics, atheists and ex-Moslems are ALL COOPERATING and CONCURRING against Islam!!!!

        He must be either a Moslem and/or a Marxist – BOTH of which are EVIL by their teachings and by how they inspire total evil by those same screeds… [And he also forgot how utterly inimical Islam was – and is – to absolutely everything and everybody “un-Islamic”!!!]

    • Why would you kick out the Jews. Jews have given much to modern society by way of medicine, education, technology. Jews love life and God – so pray tell me what Islam has done to benefit mankind……..a big fat zero. They have no compassion or love for their fellow man – they bestow only hate and more hate.

      • Patricia, you’re right… only dumb muslims say that Jews are pigs and monkeys. Moslems hate Jews and Christians because of their unbelievingness and critics to Mohammed’s prophetess and the false Koran.

  16. And when they are not attacking and beheading the Christians or raping little children, they are busy ‘pleasuring’ the women in the most hideous and savage ways imaginable. These Muslims, truly something to die for. I’m not sure what’s worse. The Muslim inhu-men shrieking with laughter or the poor woman’s anguished cries to her useless dud ‘Allah’. Actually I am. Definitely the Muslims.

  17. Very sad event. The Syrian Christians should take up arms and secede from Syria, make their own Christian state. I would back them financially!

  18. In couple years will gonna hapen in European Countries and USA, if we freedom lovers doesnt fight back angainst the lefthists and the islamofacists!!!!…And again the Nazi nightmare comes on our lifes, by the end of lefth!!!

    • so very true and so many lefty mouthpieces try to say a multicultural state is the way to go and brainwashing our children to accept this way of cultural genocide. about time western society woke up and realized what is coming down the road for us in Europe sooner than we think.

  19. It’s strange, I can’t/won’t watch the barbaric deeds the FSA and Al Qaeda arselifers do, but I can watch Assad’s forces bomb and shoot the shit out of the rebels all day long. (with a smile too!)
    Go figure.

  20. “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. From an advertising campaign way, way back. I wonder what the media and all it’s enablers hope to achieve by willfully keeping the citizenry uniformed?

  21. I wonder if Jesus will receive him as a His brother because that Arab Christian man had rejected Jesus by virtue of proclaiming the Syahadah; thereby, he was legally a Muslim at the time before his bloody death. Jesus said ” Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven” Matthew 10: 32-33. BNI, what is your opinion of this case? That was how Muslims treat their brother in faith. What happened to the notion of the solidarity with the Ummah? Double talk. Beware, O you people that have the intention of becoming Muslims!

    • James, Muslims kill more of their own kind that anyone else does. As far as Jesus goes, I’d imagine he’d know that the man only converted to try and save his life, therefore wouldn’t hold it against him.

      • “I’d imagine”
        I wish your imagination a reality for the poor man. However, the Bible says otherwise. I strongly feel this video is a preview of the Great Tribulation mentioned in the Bible, the book of Revelation.

        “For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” ~Jesus, Matthew 16:25, cf. Revelation 13:16-17

        The Bible also says Jesus throws adulterous Christians into great tribulation, and their children He Himself will kill. This has been being fulfilled ever since Islam rose from the bottomless pit with the help of Rome.

        “those who commit adultery with her [Jezebel] I will throw into great tribulation, unless they repent of her works, and I will strike her children dead.” ~Jesus, Revelation 2:22-23

        • Adulterous ?! You are calling the Middle Eastern Christians adulterous?!! Well, sir or ma’am, hate to break it you, as an Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Christian, I know for sure that the vast majority of us Middle Eastern Christians even the Lebanese ones who are by far the most liberal ME Christians are TRUE DEVOUT PIOUS Christians who follow the new testament teachings to the letter unlike you sinful western Christians..We do NOT have sex out of wedlock, have one lifelong monogamous marriages, rarely drink booze, our women are modest God-fearing women who make good obedient wives and great child-rearing mothers and are modest in their attire and actions and even cover their heads in Church, the well-off of us donate huge sums of money for the maintainence and renovation of our Churches because the state except for Lebanon does not allow the building of new Churches and to support our less fortunate brothers and sisters in the Lord so they would not take money from Islamic charities in return for leaving Christ, but perhaps the strongest evidence of how devout ME Christians are is all the hardships they are put through for their faith in this Muzzie hellhole( the Middle East) and the tens of thousands of us martyred EACH year.
          PS: Us Middle Eastern Christians who are peace-loving pacifist people even those are part of Western Christian traditions such the ME Catholics have never considered Western so-called Christians, Christians in the first place just like protestant Christians do NOT consider non-protestant Christians to be Christians and the Christian Right in the US does not deny its support for the Iraq war and the Yoguslavian war which led the death of tens of thousands of Iraqi and Serbian and Croatian Christians during and after the wars.

        • To “True Christian”:

          I don’t think “watchingthebeasts” was attacking Middle-Eastern Christians ‘per se’ by any means!!!

          Rather, he was upset about this poor wretch’s abjuring Christ (even if under strong duress) and fearing that he’s therefore put himself on the way to Hell and thence the Lake of Fire – something I likewise strongly FEAR!!!! I hope and pray that God Will Have Mercy upon his soul and Forgive him; however, we know well what the Bible says…

          As to “adulterous Christians”: that applies worldwide to everybody who is a Christian and who yet keeps sinning deliberately. It has nought to do with the Middle East in itself.

          I’ll also tell you that we know people who even OPENLY spoke out against the Yugoslavian wars – yet we don’t judge them whether they be Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant…

  22. I don’t hear any Muslims that call them a killers, this is because this is the way of Islam.
    it appear also in britain , when a Muslim kill a guy in a street, and run to a camera street to show it.

    Muslim is the same Muslim in Sariya , in Israel, in USA …..

    We all must throw them back to the Muslims countries ( I just don’t know how to it)


    • Even christ preaches islam…. and he was a jew… the problem with christians is that we muslims know the bible better then christians do… racistsss we are no racists we are the followers of every profet…. jews are racist…. you christians should know that… if you are the followers of jesus.. what did you do!!!! Around the world… you were rapping and slaving… while we are sending bad people to the lord… you let pedofiles criminals and poppets of the cia live!!!!! Who’s is the ignorant…

      • Yosef is obviously another inbred braindead muslim moron. How could Christ have have preached Islam if the filthy death cult didn’t even exist for at least another 600 years after Christ died? Don’t bother to answer, we don’t want to hear any more crap from you.

  23. Lord God, PLEASE Grant that if I have to face death from such wretches I’ll be able to do so unflinchingly and let go of life. Poor fellow: he had hoped to stay alive, forgetting that martyrdom is better than cowardice – may God Forgive him.

    This shows that there’s absoutely NO TRUSTING those absolute MONSTERS!!!!!

    [Today a pro-life Website blocked me after I had tried to warn people there about the mortal danger of Islam – the moderator was insisting that co-existence and accommodation were a “must” as a “solution”, that “evicting 1,000,000,000 people is truly hate.” He totally ignored the facts I tried to present to him – on his soul (Jalsevac) it be!!!]

    • That Website had posted an article relative to if Moslems could be “natural allies” with conservative Christians – to which I posted “NO!!! NEVER…”!!!

  24. Fuck islam, allah and muhammad (piss upon him). you muslims are nothing but most wicked, despised shaitans from hell. you believe in a fake cult inspired by a deceiver peodophile, booty loving muhammad and his equally lusty creation called alla.
    Muhamad was poisoned to death by his own wives and conveniently blamed on the jewess

  25. Calling their evil satan gods name as they commit a depraved act. They are not human they are possessed by demons. God have mercy on their dark souls.

  26. Again …..
    Why are ANY Islam-Muslim allowed to live on any non-muslim Planet????

    ALL Islam-muslims, Assisters/Enablers and Dhimmis should all be sent to Islam heaven (Vlad are you there?)
    – how else are they to be stopped !
    – Islam-muslims continue to NOT take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions and claim “Allah” did it.

    Remember ….
    Islam is Islam AND a muslim is a muslim (ie a submitter is a submitter) ….
    • (There are no other type of Islam OR muslim!)
    • (All muslims use the same “Life” Instruction Manuals!)
    • (All muslims are controlled (if not willingly – then through fear – but still their
    choice) by their own Islam Police)

    Remember the video content is what Islam-muslims WANT to do to ALL non-muslims!


  27. I hate those filthy, blood thirsty barbarians and I think our government should go after them as war criminals. If they start dying by sniper fire, they might stop their murderous ways until we can kill all of them.

  28. our government doesn’t give a shit as they are about to let in a whole load of these syrian muslims into the states how in the hell can these people be properly checked ? what ever happened to taking care of your own first things really do seem to be getting worse.

  29. Evil pure evil…I have read your Koran and I have seen your deeds…you serve the father of lies- the devil! Turn from your wicked ways Muslim- follower of Islam or may you be judged by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! These Christians you are beheading will sit and judge you along with Jesus! We don’t fear you, you may take our bodies but the Lord Jesus Christ keeps our souls!!

  30. The two worse words on earth: allah akhbar.

    Had he not recited that damned muslim sentence, he would have been shot. Much easier death and not giving satisfaction to the muslim savages.

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