Look at all the Illinois Representatives who support terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR


If any of them represent you, let them know what you think about their speaking for a group that has been designated by the FBI and several in Congress as a supporter of U.S.-designated terrorist groups.

1dick_durbin“For more than 10 years, CAIR-Chicago has enhanced the understanding of Islam within our communities by facilitating dialogue, protecting civil liberties, empowering American Muslims, and building coalitions which promote justice and mutual understanding. I applaud your commitment to guaranteeing that our country’s ideals are fully respected and realized for all.” 

– Dick Durbin
U.S. Senator, State of Illinois


“I commend CAIR-Chicago for promoting public service through this evening’s theme, “Forward,” and being a leading and nationwide advocate for justice, mutual understanding and trust. Over the years, members of the Council on American Islamic Relations have made tremendous contributions to the growth of our state, and today we recognize those who truly stand out as models of achievement.” 

– Bobby L. Rush
U.S. Representative, 2nd Congressional District of IL


“CAIR-Chicago facilitates open lines of communication between different cultures and religions. Their efforts encouraging equality, enhancing cultural knowledge, and promoting justice are both admirable and necessary. The work that CAIR-Chicago does for our city and across the nation not only enriches the Muslim community but also expands the breadth of dialogue between cultures. I thank them for their efforts.” 

– Mike Quigley
U.S. Representative, 5th Congressional District of IL


“I salute CAIR-Chicago for their commitment to justice and equality for Muslim Americans and all Americans. CAIR understands that in defending Muslim Americans against employment discrimination, prison abuse, hate crimes and citizenship delays they are also defending our American values for every American” 

– Danny K. Davis
U.S. Representative, 7th Congressional District of IL


“Your promotion of open communication, tolerance, and acceptance is greatly appreciated. I thank CAIR for all the work you do in promoting these qualities within our communities. It is through your work and the support of those in attendance tonight that we can overcome the obstacles ahead to achieve our shared goals of justice and understanding.” 

– Tammy Duckworth
U.S. Representative, 8th Congressional District of IL


“CAIR continues to be a strong advocate for our community through its commitment to promote equal justice while encouraging understanding and dialogue among all faiths. The theme “Forward” is very fitting for this milestone anniversary. This organization has made great strides over the last ten years, and I hope that these accomplishments will inspire and strengthen your resolve for the work ahead.” 

– Andre Carson
U.S. Representative, 7th Congressional District of IL