WASHINGTON DC: AIPAC attendees horrified to see supporters of terror-group Hezbollah waving its flag

freedomofexpressionInternationally designated terrorist group Hezbollah was represented outside the AIPAC policy conference in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, by two Americans waving  its flag.

Algemeiner  While a small group of protesters were waving Palestinian Authority flags and holding placards condemning Israel, as at some other public Jewish and Israeli events, AIPAC delegates said they were horrified to see the Hezbollah flag, which is a rare sight. “Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, which is not legal, and while waving their flag might not be illegal, it is certainly something we should worry about,” Weinglass said. “Waving their flag can be like a gateway to taking part in real terror, and that we must object to.”

Two young men carrying the flags were not Lebanese, but American, and while they declined to be interviewed, one made a comment when asked why he chose to recreate, apparently with magic marker on yellow cloth, the Hezbollah flag. “Well you know, it’s the only real answer that Israel understands,” the Hezbollah flag waiver said.


15 comments on “WASHINGTON DC: AIPAC attendees horrified to see supporters of terror-group Hezbollah waving its flag

  1. Every generation produces a percentage of morons who feel the need to join groups protesting SOMETHING. These morons are born with a certain sense of inadequacy and pretend to “hear a different drummer.” They have no clue as to what they are for because, basically, they are against everything. They never become productive or contribute anything to the society in which they live but simply feed off it in their parasitic way. In an enlightened civilization they would be put to sleep.

  2. Can anyone say “disappeared”? These people need to be last seen floating facedown in the Potomac. I doubt if the Secret Service was monitoring these people since they are not Caucasians or waving a Tea Party flag.

  3. I really think anyone waving that flag is mentally challenged (as all libetals are) they seem to be blissfully unaware that they would be targeted along with other Americans… I mean really, do they think that jihadis are going to stop and ask if there are any liberals in the crowd before they blow it up?

    It’s as ridiculous as “Gays for Palestine.” Yeah. The Palestinians must be laughing their collective ass off when the people they detest support them.

  4. this is Badge of honor to democracy .
    or should our democracy protect us from those guys ?

    I don’t know.


    • @ Mary Crum: that guy’s answer about why he’s waving that flag….. sounds like the same type of moron that became the Wall Street Occupiers! Personally, I believe he’s waving that flag because someone told him too. And that someone is paying him to do it.

      I’m NOT saying that makes it right…like obama and ACORN..bussing those people in to wherever he was giving a rally.. showing “force” that his cause is the “right” cause. They were all paid.

      They are all pathetic excuses for Americans and human beings!

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