An Egyptian woman’s account of what the Muslim Brotherhood did while in power and the Obama Regime’s support of them

Screen-Shot-2013-08-14-at-6.02.57-PMMorsi is gone, the Muslim Brotherhood has been declared a terrorist organization in Egypt, and many of their members are locked up, but the ones who remain there are still trying to stir up trouble and are using the UN and willing accomplices in the EU and US to slander and malign the Egyptian Army and General Sisi, who have tremendous support from the people.

Eman Nabih  On the 3rd of March 2014, the Muslim Brotherhood filed a petition “Save CLEOPATRA = Stop violence against Egyptian Women! The petition urged the United Nations and the High Commission for Human Rights to condemn the “military coup” and to take adequate procedures to stop the deterioration of human rights situation in Egypt!


The same date, 15 Human rights organizations addressed a petition to the United Nations human rights council to apply severe sanctions against Egypt for violating women rights, children rights, Christians and human rights!

On the 2nd of March 2014, The US department of State addressed a report against Egypt for human rights violations! The Muslim Brotherhood are trying to push the world to apply sanctions against Egypt, and to invade Egypt or launch military attacks against the Egyptian territory, thinking that this could bring them to power again. 

The Muslim Brotherhood has not only infiltrated the US administration, but also international human rights organizations. The world is ruled by a bunch of bullies, double standards, criminal governments and the corrupted human rights organizations have become a destructive tool against human rights in the hands of a terrorist organization


Don’t touch bananas or cucumbers, or your honor will be compromised:

During the rule of Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brothers, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis issued 51 fatwas about women. (Fatwa is a ruling on a point of Islamic law given by a recognized authority). Translated by Raymond Ibrahim, Gatestone institute.

Dr. Sayed Zayed, Alazhar university Cairo, made a study about the Misguided Fatwas of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis during the one year rule of Mohamed Morsi. The study reveals a great deal about how MB and Salafists view women.


Among these issued Fatwas by Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis, The word “sea” is masculine in Arabic language and when a woman goes swimming, the water touches the woman’s private parts, then she becomes an ‘adulteress’ and should be punished.

Women are forbidden from eating certain vegetables or even touching cucumbers or bananas,” due to their phallic imagery, which may tempt women to deviate. Women are created only for sex. The voices of women, their looks and presence outside the walls of their homes an ‘offence.’ Some went as far as to consider women as a whole ‘offensive.’

Wives are permitted to lie to their husbands concerning politics, if the husband forbids her from being supportive of the Islamists or their agendas.


It is unacceptable for women to turn the air conditioning on at home during the absence of their husbands, as this could be used as a sign to indicate to neighbors that the woman is at home alone and any of them could commit adultery with her. 

The Brothers also issued a fatwa allowing marriage to ten-years-old girls to prevent girls “from deviating from the right path,” while another prohibited girls from going to schools located 25 kilometers away from their homes. Another stated that a marriage is annulled if the husband and wife copulate with no clothes on. 

A fatwa allowed to use women and children as human shields in violent demonstrations and protests, as these are considered jihads to empower Islam. Even slavery was permitted, the enactment of a law allowing divorced women to own slaves,” presumably to help her, as she no longer has a man to support her.


What’s more, the Salafists and Brotherhood leaders were advocating for the destruction of the pyramids and sphinx; scrapping the Camp David Accords; killing anyone protesting against Mohamed Mursi; forbidding Muslims from greeting Christians; forbidding Muslim cab drivers from transporting Christian priests (whose clothing makes them identifiable); forbidding TV shows that mock or make light of Islamists; and forbidding women from marrying any men involved with the former Mubarak government.

Muhammad Badie the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Organization in an Interview with Alhayat News Agency on 27/03/2011, said the Jurisprudence of Muslim Brotherhood don’t allow Christians or Women to run for elections, but they encourage and support Female Genital Mutilation of young girls.  Click here for further violations and aggression of Muslim Brotherhood against women.


On 11 December 2013the National Council for women rights in Egypt issued a report about women and children rights violations from 2011 to 2013. The report stated that about one million 15 and 16 years old girls in Egypt were forced to get married since 2011, and the percentage increased by 22% under the Muslim brotherhood rule from 2012 to 2013 after Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists allowed9 years old  girls marriage. The girls death percentage also increased at the age of 18due to pregnancy and giving birth at this young age.

12 June 2012, Journalist and researcher in Islamist Groups affairsAbd Elrehim Aly exposed documented Fatwas of the Muslim Brotherhood against Christians and women published in Aldaawa Muslim Brotherhood magazine.

CHURCHES:  Churches that were invaded must be destroyed like churches in Alexandria; Churches in cities that were not invaded by force, can remain until they get old and decrepit but may not be renovated or replaced by new ones;  Churches construction in new cities  will not be allowed on the Egyptian territory.


Another fatwa states, if a Muslim man is married to a christian woman and she passes away while pregnant, it is not allowed to bury her in a Muslims grave and her belly must be opened and the unborn baby placed in a separate grave, so the baby doesn’t get tortured by her guilt for being Christian.

Such incendiary Fatwas and many others issued by Muslim Brotherhood were used by Islamist groups  to destroy 99 churches, killing about 880 Christians in Egypt.

Unfortunately, the foreign press, especially the American media, mislead the public about what is really happening in Egypt. Egyptian women rejected the Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian and strongly support the Egyptian armed forces in fighting terrorism. 


More than 30 million Egyptians took to the streets and revolted on 6/30/2013 against the Muslim Brotherhood Fascist regime.  It was not a military coup, but Egypt is getting punished for fighting terrorism  by the politicized foreign press  and corrupt human rights organizations who are in the US working group against Egypt.

The Obama Regime is deliberately ignoring Erdogan’s corruption in Turkey as well as his massacres of innocent civilian protesters. Obama supported violent Ukraine demonstrations and called it a revolution, but he opposed the 30th of June Egyptian revolution where more than 33 million Egyptians peacefully demonstrated.


Why  does the US fight Al-Qaeda and call them terrorists in some regions, then support them and call them freedom fighters in other regions?! Why is the US in total denial about the Muslim Brotherhood crimes and violations in Egypt?

Disturbingly, al-Qaeda (founded by the Muslim Brotherhood) seems to have the same opinion of the Egyptian Army as Barack Hussein Obama does: