They will come in handy whenever someone mentions “Hillary Clinton 2016.”




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  1. I am an atheist but if Obama and Hillary happen to be together under a tree during a storm and get struck by a bolt of lightning and end up looking like the ambassador’s corpse, I’ll start to believe in God.

    • I’ve no doubt whatsoever that both these pieces of worthless dog doo WILL eventually be scorched off Planet Earth! Whether or not it is in a manner similar to being struck by lightning remains to be seen. And I STILL hold to the general premise that “there is more hope for an atheist than for an arselifter”!

  2. All I need to know to not ever vote for billary c the liar, cheat and meglomaniac, I learned from travelgate, bengahzie, and so on. Hillary is a monster and will do and say anything to become the president of the US. We have to rally the conservative base because 4-8 years of billary will be even worse than the 8 years with odumbo. Vote no to hilary in 2016.

  3. Given her dealings with the OIC, the MB and her utter indifference to the fate of our diplomat, she shouldn’t be within a mile of the White House.
    I had no idea they had pictures of his mutilated body.
    She’s really a traitorous bitch.

  4. The ‘Clintons’ have a history of betrayal even with each other. Bill Clinton’s alleged affairs with several women during marriage to Hilary- some proven as fact indicates the mood swings of disloyalty in the ‘Clinton Mind.’

    Both Bill & Hillary supported enemy Obama. It is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Clintons complete life has been focused on ‘Money, Power, Fame and Glory’ true to their ‘Vanity’ and to hell with honour and decency.

    Only fools would support ‘Hillary Clinton.’

    • It’s not just Billy boy who can’t keep his dick in his pants.
      In an interview somewhere & I CBF finding it, he said “Hillary has eaten more pussy than me”.
      There are plenty of fools in the US – they voted for Nobama twice.
      What would be interesting if in 2016 there was a Sarah Palin Vs Hitlery Clinton contest – then the usual race, sexist or misogyny cards can’t be tossed around so freely.

  5. Oh ! Little Hilly just wants all us folks to know that it’s time for a wooooooman to be presidunce beeeecuz they are so caring and sweet. Why just look at that sweet, innocent face saying what difference does it make that three people are dead and our Ambassador suffered every kind of torture and sexual cruelty possible.

    But that’s OK, we should elect her becuz she’s a Moooooomeeee.
    Didja ever notice rats, snakes, spiders, and cockroaches can be “Mommys” too ?

  6. I never saw this picture of Amb Stevens before. Please keep it handy. We do not need another terrorist for president. This photograph has to be everywhere. This is not the first time they let somebody twist slowly in the wind. They are NO GOOD.

  7. And sudden death seems to follow Clinton enemies and trouble makers. I have a whole list of them somewhere. I’ll have to look and send them to you once I finish my work.

    Let’s hope someone with a lot of money will blow up these two photos, banner-size, and pay to place them everywhere in democratic areas. People are visual, they don’t like to read.

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