FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY: Muslim students claim to have found a listening device in their special Muslim campus prayer room

MSA_Logo_Circular__2_It was February 9, 2013, and the five members of Florida International University’s Muslim Brotherhood front group, Muslim Student Association (MSA info below), were lounging around as Muslims do on prayer mats spread out on the room’s ugly blue-green-brown industrial shag, when one noticed a bump in the weave. It was just smaller than the volume button on an iPhone, with three holes in the top. As the group gathered around, the student pulled it up. A wire was attached to the bump. It looked like a listening device, they decided.

Miami New Times  “We were just shocked,” one of the students, who like the others in the room asked to remain anonymous, tells New Times. “I knew that the same thing happened in New York, but we were just surprised it was here.” Surveillance operations on Muslim students at American college campuses have been a necessary byproduct of the War on Terror. A 2012 investigation by the Associated Press revealed the NYPD had monitored campus Muslim groups across the Northeast.


But now, FIU students were possibly holding evidence that they too were being watched. “We’ve learned about many, many stories of students being picked up at colleges and spied on,” says Aman Muqeet, a former FIU graduate student who is familiar with the situation. “We really don’t know how many other Muslim students are being tracked. This could be related.”

The students quickly contacted Nezar Hamze, the regional operations director for the terror-linked  Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Hamze says he contacted the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Department of Justice, and FIU’s campus police. He also says he took the device to a spy store, where a clerk confirmed the gadget was the kind of expensive surveillance device used by the government.


When Hamze met with school officials, he laid out his concern. “If someone put in this equipment, someone had to know about it,” he says. “They promised they had no idea what was going on.” The device was turned over to the FIU Police Department, according to Hamze.

Now, a year later, the students still have no answers or explanation for why the device was in their prayer space. Muqeet speculates the surveillance might be linked to the Flagler Mosque, the closest mosque to the FIU campus. In 2011, federal authorities arrested the center’s imam, Hafiz Khan, and two of his sons for funneling money to the Pakistani Taliban.

Another Muslim students group at FIU, affiliated with terror-group Hamas
Another Muslim students group at FIU, affiliated with terror-group Hamas

Charges were dropped against the latter two, but in August 2013 the elder Khan was convicted and sentenced to 25 years. A handful of FIU Muslims worshiped at the mosque. “After the arrests, there were FBI agents on campus trying to talk to FIU students,” CAIR’s Hamze says.

Neither FIU President Mark Rosenberg nor the FIU police department returned calls to comment on the case.  That radio silence on the issue — now going on more than a year — is what troubles the students. “I guess spying on Muslims is acceptable today,” Hamze says. (Damn right)

Jihad on Campus: The Muslim Students Association (MSA), making American colleges sharia-compliant, one school at a time.

thumb-jihad_academiaEstablished in 1963, the Muslim Student Association, a not for profit funded by the North American Islamic Trust, “continues to serve Muslim students during their college and university careers by facilitating their efforts to establish, maintain and develop local MSA chapters.” Sounds innocuous. Let us take a closer look.

The MSA website provides instructional support to Muslim students on:

  • How to Start an MSA Chapter on your Campus.

  • How to Achieve Islamic Holidays on Campus.

  • How to Establish a Prayer Room on Campus

  • How to achieve Halal Food on Campus.

MSA locations on American campuses
MSA locations on American campuses

The Muslim Students Association is an arm of this jihad. It has chapters on hundreds of campuses that are financed by student activities funds on the fiction that they are religious and/or cultural organizations.  In reality, the Muslim Students Associations are tightly-controlled, hardcore political groups, created by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is godfather to al-Qaeda and Hamas. The Muslim Students Association works in alliance with radical anti-American and anti-Jewish groups, including Students for Justice in Palestine, Students Student Guide.

The agenda of this fall’s campaign will be to expose the role of campus groups such as the Muslim Students Association and other organizations of the campus left which are coalition partners in the stealth jihad spreading hate against America, against Israel, against women and gays.