MALAYSIAN officials not ruling out Uighur Muslim involvement in the missing Malaysia Airlines plane

Apparently Uighur Muslims were deported from Malaysia in 2011 and 2012 for using fake passports.


Asia One  Malaysian officials are poring over CCTV footage and questioning immigration officers and guards at Kuala Lumpur’s international airport, concerned that a security breach may be connected to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Suspicions that the Beijing-bound Boeing jet, which vanished on Saturday with 239 people on board, may have been hijacked or bombed have risen after at least two – four passengers were found to be using stolen passports, though Malaysia’s government stressed it was considering all possibilities. 


The four comprise two travelers with European passports, possibly Ukrainian, in addition to two travelling on stolen Austrian and Italian passports, the sources said. Early indications show some sort of a security laps.

The timing of the incident, a week after knife-wielding assailants killed at least 29 people at a train station in the south-western Chinese city of Kunming, led to speculation that militants from China’s Uighur Muslim minority could be involved.

Malaysia, a Muslim-majority country that has courted close ties with Beijing in recent years, deported 11 Uighurs in 2011 it said were involved in a human smuggling syndicate.


 The next year, it was condemned by US-based Human Rights Watch for deporting six Uighurs the rights group described as asylum seekers. Human Rights Watch said the six had been detained while trying to leave Malaysia on fake passports.

The BBC reported that the men using the stolen passports had purchased tickets together and were flying on to Europe.

Nearly two years before the Sept. 11 terror attacks, Egypt Air Flight 990  Egypt Air Flight 990 took off from Kennedy Airport bound for Cairo and inexplicably crashed into the Atlantic off Nantucket, Mass., killing all 217 aboard. U.S. investigators determined the relief co-pilot, Gamil el-Batouty, deliberately crashed the plane. Those findings were released just five months before Sept. 11.


Batouty’s last words, according to investigators, were in the form of Muslim prayer in Arabic: “I rely on Allah.” He said it 11 times before the aircraft began its sudden descent from 33,000 feet to 16,000 feet.

The auto-pilot was switched off before the steep dive and both engines were shut off. Mechanical failure was ruled out.