EGYPTIAN Ambassador says: “The European Union is ready to deal with any president the Egyptians elect”


The United States, however, with Barack Hussein Obama’s continuing and fervent support for the Muslim Brotherhood…not so much.

Egypt Independent  According to Anadolu News, Egypt’s ambassador to Brussels, Ihab Fawzy, said on Wednesday that the European Union is ready to deal with any president that would be elected later this year, even if with a military background, like General el-Sisi, widely popular and expected to run and win the presidency.


The ambassador was addressing a delegation of Egyptian journalists invited by NATO on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Mediterranean Dialogue.

“The EU is only keen that the elections be transparent, democratic and neutral,” he said, pointing out that Egypt is talking to the European Union to supervise the elections.

On the EU position on 30 June, the ambassador said the European position has changed to a clear understanding that what really happened in Egypt that day was a revolution.

The European Union called a month ago on the Egyptian government to carry out the remaining steps of the roadmap, especially as regards the elections, the participation of young people in the political process, and the establishment of a higher committee for national reconciliation.