MORE Illinois dhimmis who aren’t ashamed to voice their support for Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR

If you live in Illinois, tell them how ashamed of them you are and remember them in the next election.

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“I congratulate CAIR-Chicago on another successful year of serving the needs of the Muslim population in Illinois, and for working towards ensuring justice and civil rights for the communities you serve. Your efforts to reach out to divergent faiths and build broad coalitions are truly commendable. In a state as diverse as ours, every effort to broaden cultural awareness and understanding is truly appreciated. I commend everyone in attendance for your dedication to advancing the well-being of Muslims throughout the Land of Lincoln and across the country.” 

– Pat Quinn
Governor of Illinois


“America is at its strongest when we embrace our diversity. Few nations have been as open and welcoming to people of all walks of life. Yet, it would be naive to think such diversity does not also pose challenges. We are blessed that groups such as CAIR-Chicago devote their efforts to building mutual understanding and trust among the many creeds, colors, religions and backgrounds that make up our community and our country.” 

-Lisa Madigan
Attorney General


“”Forward,” is an appropriate theme for this year’s banquet, acknoledgeging CAIR-Chicago’s 10 years working for justice, respect for all, and mutual understanding. While we must understand our past and the progress we have made in the fight for civil and human rights, our vision should remain focused on the future and continuing the work needed to ensure civil and human rights for all.” 

-Michael Madigan
Speaker of House Illinois


“I commend your efforts to enhance tolerance, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties and empower American Muslims. Your exceptional contributions are not only impacting Chicago, but our state and nation as well. Your hard work, combined with the efforts of your loyal supporters and contributors, will ensure further success in the coming years.” 

– Jesse White
Illinois Secretary of State


“This year’s theme, “Forward,” highlights the progress CAIR-Chicago has made in helping the prevention of future violence through education about diverse cultures and religions. In the past, our society has experienced acts of hate rhetoric, harassment, intimidation, bullying and violence, ut the work of CAIR-Chicago has helped Illinois become a leading voice in denouncing a political climate that often casts people of color as foreign and inherently suspect.” 

-Judy Baar Topinka 
Illinois State Comptroller 


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