If you suffer from triskaidekaphobia, BLAME THE JEWS!

An Egyptian secular newspaper tries to figure out why some people are afraid of the number 13, otherwise known as ‘triskaidekaphobia.’


Elder of Ziyon  Reporters can’t explain it, but nevertheless, come to the conclusion that  “It is certain that the Jews are behind the smear of the number 13 and they tied it to bad luck, especially when the 13th of a month is on a Friday.” (apparently Egyptian reporters are even lazier than their American counterparts who at least rely on Wikipedia)

The Jews believe that there are 12 tribes and their awaited ‘Antichrist’ will come out of the tribe No. 13 and they will consider that his appearance represents a victory that the Jews are seeking to achieve. So, this is the reason for their obsession with the number 13, which symbolizes their power and cosmic dominance, and this is why the Jews promote the number 13 to be unlucky to Muslims.

WOW! This even tops the recent declaration by an Iranian Cleric who said Albert Einstein was a Shiite Muslim.