SOMALIA: Muslims behead Christian mother and her cousin while forcing the two daughters to watch it

Muslim terrorists from Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabaab have publicly beheaded a mother of two girls and her cousin after discovering they were Christians. The woman’s daughters, ages 8 and 15, were witness to the slaughter, with the younger girl screaming and shouting for someone to save her mother.


Morning Star News The Muslim extremists on March 4 called residents to the town center to witness the executions of the 41-year-old mother, Sadia Ali Omar, and her 35-year-old cousin, Osman Mohamoud Moge, the sources said. Before killing them, an Al Shabaab militant announced, “We know these two people are Christians who recently came back from Kenya – we want to wipe out any underground Christian living inside of mujahidin [jihadists’] area,” according to an area resident whose name is undisclosed for security reasons.

“We are afraid that the Al Shabaab might continue monitoring these two children and eventually kill them just like their mother,” an area resident said. The militants, who have vowed to rid the country of Christians, because leaving Islam in Somalia is punishable by death – became suspicious of Omar and Moge due to their irregular attendance at Friday mosque prayers, sources said. Al-Shabaab “have spies everywhere in Somalia.”


An earlier gruesome video of a Somali Muslim beheading of Somali Christian convert, Mansur Mohamed. (WARNING: Graphic Images)