Obama Goon Squad conspiring with Israeli leftists to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unless he agrees to a ‘suicide’ (for Israel) deal


In recent weeks, representatives for the Obama Regime have held meetings with a senior politician in Israel in which the U.S. delegates pushed the idea of replacing Netanyahu as prime minister, with a leftist Jew who would be more willing to kiss the Obama hand that is now firmly planted around Israel’s neck.

Klein Online  The meetings were held with Israel’s popular finance minister, Yair Lapid, founder and leader of the Yesh Atid Party, which became the second largest party in the Knesset winning 19 seats in the last election. 


The diplomatic source said the Obama administration identified Lapid as a moderate who could be helpful in pushing the Israeli government into accepting the framework to create a future Palestinian state. According to the source, the talks included the possibility of Lapid bolting Netanyahu’s coalition government if the prime minister rejects the U.S.-brokered regional talks. 

Lapid, however, is unlikely to abandon his government post over talks the Palestinians themselves have been less than enthusiastic about. Such a move could be politically dangerous for Lapid, with polls ere showing a significant segment of the Israeli public has grown weary of the bid to create a Palestinian state amid regional turmoil, including the Syrian civil war, recent changes of leadership in Egypt and fears over Iran’s nuclear program. 


If Lapid and his 19 Knesset seats did abandon Netanyahu’s government, the move could put the prime minister’s coalition in crisis, especially if other parties were to follow suit.  Netanyahu must maintain a plurality of the Knesset’s 120 Knesset seats in his governing coalition or he would have to face early elections. 

Last month, KleinOnline reported the Palestinian Authority received a pledge from the U.S. that by the end of 2014, the Obama administration will issue an official written declaration presenting general highlights of a future Palestinian state, according to a senior Palestinian negotiator. 


The framework for an Israeli-Palestinian agreement being brokered by Secretary of State John Kerry calls for the phased implementation of more Palestinian sovereignty within three to five years, the negotiator said at the time.

As part of the written declaration, the U.S. is set to officially recognize Palestinian rights in eastern sections of Jerusalem, without defining the exact territories that would be eventually handed to the PA. The U.S. will declare on paper that the Jordan Valley territory is “occupied” by Israel and that Palestinians have rights there, the negotiator said.


Kerry is currently discussing a proposal in which Israel would lease some of the Jordan Valley from the PA so some Israeli communities in the area can stay, said the negotiator. The written framework will also declare the West Bank “occupied,” according to the negotiator.