MUSLIM supremacists sue Empire State Building for $5 million because they were forcibly ejected when they tried to turn the Observation Deck into a makeshift mosque

green-empire-state-buildingA Muslim Long Island family slapped the owners of the Empire State Building with a scathing $5 million lawsuit claiming they were embarrassingly forced off the tourist hotspot’s observation deck last summer by security — after they attempted to pray in public by removing their shoes, spreading out prayer rugs, getting down on their hands and knees and lifting their asses to Allah.

NY Post (h/t Don Laird)  Fahad and Amina Tirmizi of Farmingville filed the Manhattan federal court suit against the midtown icon’s owner and property manager Malkin Properties, security company Andrews International Inc. and others, saying their civil rights were violated July 2 when they were allegedly “assaulted, battered and forcibly removed” from the famed Observatory while trying to pray around 11 pm.


The suit claims that Fahad Tirmizi, 32, and his 30-year-old wife were unfairly targeted “because they were Muslim, wearing traditional Muslim attire, and/or engaged in Muslim prayer.” The couple was accompanied by their two young children who watched in horror as they are their parents were booted off the observation deck, the suit alleges. (It’s about time. Muslims have increasingly been shoving their religion asses in our faces all over New York City – photos below)

Notice the 'Madison Avenue' sign in the background

Notice the ‘Madison Avenue’ sign in the background

“The defendants have an unlawful policy, custom, practice, procedure and/or rule, whether express or implied, of barring patrons from exercising their religious beliefs in the Empire State Building and/or the Observatory,” the suit says.

The family was visiting the 86th-floor outdoor Observatory around the time when they’re required by religious beliefs to recite evening prayers, so they walked over to a section where there was little foot traffic, the suit says.


While Amina briefly prayed without incident, a security guard strutted over to Fahad and “menacingly poked” him with his hands and feet and loudly told him he “was not allowed to pray while at the Observatory.”

He and another guard then told the entire family they had to leave “immediately” and “forcibly escorted” the “plaintiffs and their children to the Observatory elevator, down to the lobby, and out of the of the Empire State Building entirely.” (Probably thought they were getting ready to set off a bomb)


“As a result of the foregoing conduct, plaintiffs were shamed, humiliated, and embarrassed in front of each other, their children and the general public,” the suit says. (Awwww, don’t like it, get out of NY)

A lawyer for the Tirmizi family and reps for Malkin Properties did not immediately return messages.

Couldn’t find any video of the Muslims praying on the Empire State Bldg, but here they are, brazenly blocking pedestrian and vehicular traffic in many areas of Manhattan…using our First Amendment in ways it was never intended to be used.


53 comments on “MUSLIM supremacists sue Empire State Building for $5 million because they were forcibly ejected when they tried to turn the Observation Deck into a makeshift mosque

  1. This makes me sick!
    Eradicate islam from.our country NOW!!!


    We must fight this form of “islamic terror” now!!!!

  2. what the hell were they doing at the top of the Empire state Building at 11 pm anyway?
    have New Yorkers completely forgotten the Twin Towers?

  3. Can you imagine how terrified the visitors and security were when they saw those savages, dressed in their traditional garbage bags, removing their shoes and prostrate themselves on top of the one of the highest building in NYC? The immediate thought? Shit! We are trapped! They are going to detonate themselves! Terrifying pictures of 9/11 are rushing through their minds, horrified imagination painting their own gruesome death.
    Even freaking liberals, the staunchest supporters of Islam would have shit their pants. No exclusion.
    I am surprised the security acted in such restrained manner without resorting to preventative violence that would be totally justified in a situation like this.
    So they were just escorted out of the building, not knocked down senseless.
    They are getting more and more brazen with their carefully thought out provocations. If the Dhimmi judge supports their “right” to prey, we’ll see muslims flooding the Empire State and organizing public prayers in every landmark of every American city. This is a perfect provocation with the long-term effect!

    • Yep! And, the world over, public ass lifting=takeover by asslifters!…I hope no dumbass dhimmi judge even hears the ass lifting couple’s “case”, if he/she does, and rules in favor of the obnoxious koranimals, then I will consider it my cue to visit the Empire State Building and sing loudly on the observation deck, the Doxology: PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW…PRAISE HIM ALL CREATURES HERE BELOW……….!!”…Ah but in any case I doubt very much I could equal the obnoxiousness of a bunch of loudmouthed moslems screeching s— like “alllaaaaaaaahuuuuuuuu akbaaaaar!!……..”!!

  4. Unlike all other immigrants who come to our countries who are grateful for being taken in. Who seek to work hard, contribute to our countries and PROTECT our countries, Muslims are determined to make their host nation’s people OBEY them.

    Muslims carry out carefully planned strategies of public prayer, declaring Muslim conquest over our countries. Muslims wear Islamic clothing at work that breaks the rules for required clothing and then triumphantly and greedily sue for FREE mega money from HATED infidels.

    It’s vital that lawyers highly knowledgeable in Islam and sharia law defend against greedy, infidel-hater wicked Muslim lawsuits.

    The Empire State Building should be highly praised for PROTECTING our people! You NEVER know when Muslims shouting out praise and worship to their muslim DEATH god are going to carry out terror attacks against infidels in OBEDIENCE to the Quran WAR book.

    No one wants their countries turned into public Muslim Military Command Centers muslims call mosques. PROTECT our people! Repatriate muslims now!!!

    Turkish Prime Minister, Erdogan: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.

    “Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.” – Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a leading authority on Islam in Saudi Arabia.

    It was revealed that “Christians are being refused refugee status [in the U.S.] and face persecution and many times certain death for their religious beliefs under [Islamic] Sharia [law], while whole Muslim communities are entering the U.S. by the tens of thousands per month despite the fact that they face no religious persecution.”

    YES to God and FREEDOM! NO to Islam, Jihad and SLAVERY!


    Bukhari:V4B52N220 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror.'”

    Qur’an:8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate
    them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

    Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers”

    Join the patriotic EDL!

    Join Britain’s Paul Weston’s patriotic counter-jihad political party, LIBERTY GB!

    Join in the fight for Britain and Western civilization! It is a battle we dare not lose! Or the longest, darkest night the world has ever known will descend on our nations! Help LIBERTY GB’s courageous Paul Weston get elected!

    UKIP will do absolutely NOTHING about Britain’s most terrifying threat: barbaric Islam. Muslims are on their team.

    Some Brits have said they will vote UKIP and later will vote for Liberty GB. Unfortunately, at that point Muslim demographics will have increased to the point where it will be too late!!! We only have a FEW short years left to save Britain!!!


    The Boston Mosque imam who asked Muslims to go out and kill is hugged by Governor Deval Patrick. Free World: wake up to the enemies within!

    “Grab onto the shovel, grab onto the gun, and the sword, don’t be afraid to step out into this world and do your job.”

    Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the Imam

  5. just wait until we get putin’s muslims! That is probably what him and obummer were cooking up! he doesn’t want them and obummer wants them by the masses! I just cant stand it! Our politicians sound just like the dimmi’s in Europe!

  6. I hope the building owners counter sue and throw the book at them for public disturbance and every possible item that can be found in the law books, including “extortion” which is what that law suit represents. It is time to put the Koran in court, too, as a defendant since it advocates all sorts of action in contravention of the laws of all civilized societies. If possible, the building owners should also swear out a warrant for their arrest which is what they should have done the day that incident took place. Sue the bastards for every penny of their assets and make sure they lose their house and cars.

    • Doesn’t the the very first ‘prayer’ of every skull smiting session, five times a day, involve a curse on all Jews and Christians, and extol the supremacists supremacy?

      So yes, the defense should be able to argue that the owners have a right to maintain their property free of hate, misogyny and hypocrisy, that Jews and Christians within eyeshot and earshot have a right not to be vilified in public, (as in the streets as well). Jews and Christians also have a right not to be vilified within those barracks classified as ‘houses of hate’ – by the venom contained in “the book of hate™”.

      I wonder if a Jew or Christian within earshot of any of those ‘prayers’ of hate could sue, maybe a class action suit for the 270,000,000 victims of mohammed, against Saudi Arabia and the hundred top mohammedan theological black holes, maybe $1 trillion?

      Maybe the owner’s lawyers can search the insurance for the building to see if use as a place of worship is specifically covered? Maybe the insurance says that use as a place of worship is specifically barred? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

      I would also suggest their lawyer phone Gavin Boby – Law and Freedom Foundation:

      O/T, but 100 times worse, the moped gangs in the UK:

      “Easy Meat” Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery

      Peter McLoughlin 5 March, 2014

      A 333 page report about the RAPE OF THE UK (and defended in a comment by none other than Islamo-Fascist Terrorist IFTikhar Ahmed).

  7. Hello there….its me again…….Don Laird…..

    This is quite typical of Muslims as they are sublime and crafty beyond all reasonable and liberal estimations.

    This Muslim family knew full well what they were doing, from the time of day to the selection of their target in relation to its importance on the skyline of New York City, made more so in the absence of the World Trade Center.

    Muslims are enthusiastic lovers of symbolism, as reflected in their naming of the Ground Zero Project (a mosque to be built on the Ground Zero site in New York City) as the Cordoba Project. This name, Cordoba, referred to a church in Cordoba, Spain that was converted to a mosque during massive violent invasions and conquests of countries across Europe at the hands of hostile invading Muslim armies.

    So now, the World Trade Center obliterated, what better way to render the Islamification of New York City a fait accompli by turning an iconic American landmark into a 103 story high mosque?

    These Muslims knew exactly what they were doing, and they did exactly what they intended. FACT.

    They knew that, either outcome, praying or thrown out of the Empire State Building, they would win. The latter being true, they simply reached for the weapon of Lawfare, a Muslim favorite. FACT.

    The oft used weapon of Lawfare, a favorite tool in the war chest of the proponents and participants in the Grand Jihad, illustrates the weakened condition we are in and it’s a condition growing exponentially worse with each passing minute. FACT

    Speaking to Muslim public prayer.

    What public prayer is not to a Muslim is a simple, meek, mild, humble and peace loving soul offering prayers and utterances for the betterment of humanity with hopes for peaceful and loving coexistent between all Mankind. FACT.

    Public prayer to a Muslim is, in accordance with the demands of Islam and its mass murdering creator, the false prophet and lunatic Muhammad, an act of intimidation, of aggression, of domination, of a statement of superiority, of coercion and in many cases acts as a prelude to murder and violence toward non-Muslims. FACT.

    Public prayer by Muslims is designed to remind the non-Muslim that they are, at all times and in all ways, inferior to Muslims. FACT.

    To the confusion and detriment of non-Muslims, Islam comes wrapped in the robes of a bonafide religion, shrieking and demanding all of the benefits, privileges and protections offered the same. But it is not a religion, but is a totalitarian, supremacist, predatory and parasitic political ideology that seeks at all costs and in all ways, global domination. FACT.

    In order to achieve the clearly and oft stated goal of global domination the Muslims’ will, in addition to the distracting, farcical, false, sanctimonious and pious acts of praying in public, use the tools of infiltration, distraction, deceit, destruction, propaganda, manipulation, threats, lawfare, intimidation, coercion, crimes against property and persons, violence, murder and terrorism in order that, step by step, they facilitate the ends of the Grand Jihad and, on the ashes of all Western democracies, raise the Global Islamic Caliphate. FACT.

    The reality is that, and its a reality becoming clearer with each passing day, is that Islam is completely incompatible with Western democratic values and is, further, completely incapable of coexisting peacefully within that same Western democracy. As such, this conflict will continue as it has for over 1400 years until either we here in the West are rendered sodomized, subservient and subordinate to our Islamic masters with their boots on our necks and their gun barrels to our heads, or, alternatively, we have removed every last Muslim from our midst, permanently, and wiped, again permanently, every single last shred and vestige of Islam from North America and Europe. (It should come as no surprise to those who know me that I dream of and seek the latter.) FACT!!!!!

    I leave you with a hypothetical parting thought.

    Considering the Muslim and their love of symbolism, what symbolic gesture would they have wrought from watching this entire family, snatched by patriot Americans, then, without hesitation, unceremoniously, thrown to their deaths from the top of the Empire State building for the outrageous and injurious criminal act of smearing their 7th century filth and theo-fanatical lunacy on an American icon?

    What sort of symbolism would this provocative and litigious family infer as they plummeted to their deaths some 103 stories below?

    What sort of symbolism would this represent to all the other Muslims in North America as they were treated to full colour photographs of the shattered, jellified bodies of their brethren heaped up at the bottom of the Empire State building?

    Would they, urged on by treasonous and seditious groups like CAIR, the MB and so many others, flock like lemmings to join their brethren or would they realize that Westerners had finally run out of patience and they would start quickly and quietly packing their bags and planning their one-way trips back to their Islamic homes away from home?

    Food for thought……..on the long way down to that sudden stop at the bottom.

    After all, how could this Muslim family complain as to their fate as that same fate is what was good enough for hundreds and hundreds of miserable, terrified souls who, being roasted alive on the top floors of the World Trade Center, chose a merciful end and threw themselves into oblivion and to their deaths.

    How tragic and obscene that the fire of unquenchable outrage lit by the murder of over 3000 innocent souls on 9-11 has burned down to smoldering embers of sullen, cowardly indignation and apathetic indifference as we stand by and watch Muslims continue their jihad in America. How utterly obscene.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  8. They should have thrown their asses over the edge so they could experience what those they killed on 9/11 did! Send them to meet the Pedophile Allah!
    There are NO good Muslims, only those that haven’t killed you, YET!
    This lawsuit is just another example of how Islam can NOt assimilate into any society!
    There is NO place for Islam in America!

  9. I have just checked with the official Muslim calendar which lists the correct times for the last daily prayer in every city in the US. For July second last year it was 10.10 .p.m.This proves that this is politically motivated and has nothing to do with adhering to re;igious rules.

  10. This is such a BLATANT provocation, but one, this SPECIFIC one, that shows just how goddamned stupid these people (the family in this story) are. This was my first reaction. Now, I fear, if Malkin Properties settles, say for 500k-1M, for no other reason than to just get it out of their hair, maybe NOT so stupid.

    I have to believe it will be thrown out. If it actually makes it to court. Malkin has to fight it, though.

  11. We are at the point that we must put up signs indicating this is not a place of worship. We’ll have to do this for mostly all public spaces.

    This constant litigation jihad is becoming annoying. Making enemies, one lawsuit at a time.

  12. If I believed in conspiracies, the muslim flap here would seemed staged. Pamela Gellar has shutdown the ground zero mosqustrasity, Empire state building the next warped logical target. Was civilized of the security to use electricity to transport these savages to the ground. You know accidents do happen…

    Just like the “praying” shown here, the filthy muslims are DEMONSTRATING WITHOUT A PERMIT, and not praying. By doing this they are deliberately demeaning their supposed prayer into illegal protest. They should be arrested on the spot and trucked to holding facilities until courts can be convened to fine or jail the bastards. (I notice that this is all ready to go in one of the pictures of butt waving, as there is a garbage truck in the background.)

  14. Is’nt that private property?

    If so its like coming into my house and telling me I can’t stop you praying in my own house.

    I think it proves they go out of their way to provoke anyone so they can feign self righteous indignation.


  15. They are challenging our law and our right to control the space…the building itself.
    Basically we don’t recognize your right to control this space. We do.

  16. I wouldn’t want my trip disturbed by these idiots. It was a statement by them and Islam to say this is our space..Kick them out..

  17. The only thing that Mudslimes respect is violence and they are inciting it at every turn; If my understanding of the nature of some Americans is correct then they are in for a very nasty shock in the not to distant future; The actions of this Muslim brood was calculated to get a reaction that they could then use in a form of Lawfare.
    Should they win this case it will pave the way for other equally ridiculous cases.

    BTW why are these creatures allowed to block the roads they should send in the riot police and clear them out of the way and arrest those that resist. Surely they are breaking some law?

    Sooner or later some good American is going to have a shooting or bombing party whilst these creatures are praying to their moon god.

  18. The more lawsuits especially against large corporations, the better.

    Bit by bit they’ll get the message, Islam isn’t here to share, it’s here to take and sacralising space is just one of their subterfuges for gaining territory.

    That’s what they were doing here, creating an Islamic prayer area which is the symbol of conquering, right on top of the iconic American Empire State Building.

    And remember, once Islamic, always so.

    • It isnt like they dont know they are going to pray at the same time every day and could make sure to be somewhere that they are not obstructing the flow of traffic.

  19. Their prayers are disgusting to me. I am not a mean person but the Islamic prayers just gives me a bad taste in my mouth. I know that everyone of those Muslims who truly believe what they’re doing is right will all burn in hell if they don’t abandon that practice before they die or when Jesus returns.

    • But you display a personality of intolerance! How can any prayer irrespective of religion leave a bad taste? So you saying only those that believe in Jesus will not burn in hell? So what happens to the Jews , Buddists, Hindu, etc

  20. You never hear about Christains, Buddists, Hindus, jews etc even atheist causing so much destruction, hatred, asking for special priveleges etc Its easy to fix. Religion should be banned from all public places.
    I really think the western people of the world are stupid for allowing it to go this far.

  21. sadly the US appears to have fallen to the islamofascists , what with a minaret on top of the new freedom tower and at the site of the twin towers an upside down Kaaba/cube with all the prayers of the people who circle it in an anticlockwise direction just like in mecca being sucked down into the bowels of hell , so sad

    • Its a telecommunications tower. The BT tower (Jordan tower in V for Vendetta) and the Tokyo tower have a similar appearance.

      • yes it is a telecommunications tower., but if you look again its a minaret and the highest point in NY as all minarets are . it was designed this way to appease the islamofascists who wanted a mosque built there and to deceive the american sheeple . see some of Jonathon Kleck`s YT videos he explains it perfectly

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