Sudden Jihad Syndrome? Or just the latest episode in a wave of Muslim family ‘honor’ violence in the UK?

GOINGMUZZIE2MedA-viIt was like a scene out of a horror movie, as a 17-year old teenage jihadi left his 10-year-old sister lying in the street drenched in blood, after he launched a savage knife attack on his mother and two sisters, leaving all three with multiple serious wounds.

UK Daily Mail  A neighbor, who claimed to have seen part of the attack on his CCTV system, watched as one girl, just 10 years old, was dragged in a headlock into the street and stabbed multiple times in the upper body and neck. She then tried to crawl to a neighbour’s house for help, he said.

A teaching assistant and caretaker from the primary school across the road from the house raced to help the little girl as she lay in agony. Her older brother, aged 17, calmly stood and watched nearby before being taken away by police, witnesses said. The mother, one claimed, was stabbed in the eye.


The 10-year-old was airlifted to hospital where her injuries were described by police as ‘serious’ while her 16-year-old sister and their mother were taken to hospital by ambulance. Police were called to an address in Little Green Lane at 7.20am on Wednesday by a resident who reported hearing screams. 


A statement said: ‘Officers arrived at the scene within a matter of minutes and arrested a 17-year-old in the street and recovered a knife nearby. He has been taken to hospital having suffered a minor cut to his hand. ‘A woman in her 40s and a teenage girl – believed to be aged 16 – were found inside a house with knife injuries whilst a younger girl, 10, was found on the pavement with stab injuries.’


‘This appears to be a contained, domestic incident: the teenager was arrested outside the address and we are not actively seeking anyone else in connection with the incident.’

The father is working away in Saudi Arabia, so the boy was left as man of the house.