First Egypt, then Saudi Arabia…now Bahrain and the UAE blacklist the Muslim Brotherhood, pulling their ambassadors from Qatar, a Muslim Brotherhood stronghold

Egypt and Saudi Arabia have also publicly declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be a “terrorist organization.” Looks like the only supporters of the Brotherhood remain in Qatar, the U.S. and the U.K.


Global MB Watch (h/t wirlwin69)  Bahraini media is reporting that the country’s foreign minister has said that “Bahrain backs  Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in confronting the plans of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood.”  Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE have recalled their envoys to Qatar, accusing the Qataris of not living up to their security agreements in connection with the prosecution of a Qatari citizen.

According to a report by the Bahrain News Agency: Foreign Affairs Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa has stressed that Bahrain backs Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in confronting the plans of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. Shaikh Khalid said that Bahrain is facing the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ group and its ‘clear terrorist threat’ to the stability of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE and considers such plans as a threat to its security, as well.


He affirmed that Bahrain will ‘deal with any threat from the Muslim Brotherhood group in Bahrain in the same way it deals with any other potential threat to its security and stability.’ The Foreign Minister emphasized that ‘whatever poses a threat to the security and stability of brotherly Saudi Arabia and the UAE affects directly those of Bahrain, and vice versa, and whoever holds hostility towards them is undoubtedly our enemy.’

Shaikh Khalid denied the media reports quoting him as saying that the Muslim Brotherhood was not a terrorist group, stressing that ‘each country deals with it according to what its followers do against it, while keeping unified stances on it.’


Increasing pressure faced by the Muslim Brotherhood in the Gulf countries include:

  • The troubles of Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi who has been antagonizing Gulf rulers with his increasingly strident criticisms.
  • The trials of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and cadre in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • The actions taken by Saudi Arabia of late against the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • The increasingly difficult situation faced by the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait.


Speaking from the UK, where the Muslim Brotherhood is warmly welcomed, Muslim Brotherhood spokesIslamist condemns Egypt and the Gulf States because they are “hurting democracy.” (LOL)

Press TV Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain are sponsoring the military rule in Egypt as the monarchies basically oppose all tenets of democracy, a Muslim Brotherhood leader says.


In a Friday interview, Muslim Brotherhood leader in the UK Mohamed Ghanem, pointed to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE’s opposition to Islamic Awakening and their insistence on the continuation of monarchy systems, adding, “They do not want any democracy, any free press neither any respect to human rights. That is why they support the coup.”

The Muslim Brotherhood leader pointed to the billions of dollars of aid provided by the three Arab monarchies to the military government in Egypt. The ouster of Mohamed Morsi – Egypt’s first democratically-elected (Islamofascist Muslim Brotherhood) head of state who was toppled after just one year in power by the military – sparked daily protest rallies and consequently plunged the country into relentless violence. (The only violence in Egypt is from a small minority of Muslim Brotherhood/Morsi supporters and their terror-linked allies from Sinai)