REPREHENSIBLE! CAIR dares to hijack the American civil rights movement

BDS0rk3CIAA3Za4_jpglarge-vi‘PALLYWOOD’ PROPAGANDA at its best. Bad enough CAIR continuously plays the victim card, now they are trying to equate justifiable anti-Muslim bias among Americans with the struggle of Blacks for their civil rights.

Conveniently, they don’t mention that the word for Black in Arabic is the same as the word for slave. They also forget to mention that Muslims have been the world’s biggest slavemasters for hundreds of years. And still are, where poor African slaves are working for Muslims in the most horrid, abusive conditions, many of them in oil-rich Gulf states.

In beginning of this video called “Forward, we get to hear rap singing (how appropriate). Then CAIR rolls out its parade of whiners, bemoaning how badly they are treated here. There’s even a dhimmi lawyer to attest to the countless frivolous lawsuits they’ve filed against American businesses and institutions which refuse to be held hostage to never-ending Muslim demands for special accommodations for their  ‘religion.’