TENNESSEE: Victoria Jackson of ‘Saturday Night Live’ fame running for office to fight Islamic civilization jihad


The conservative comedienne, who is running for Williamson County Commission, has railed against Islam, Common Core, and Obama. You might recall her hit song right after Obama was elected: “There’s a communist living in the White House.”

Tennessean When a Muslim, Daoud Abudiab, moved in near Victoria Jackson’s suburban neighborhood, she responded with a post on her website titled, “Civilization Jihad, Hits Home (my back yard, literally).” It’s one of several anti-Islamic entries on the former “Saturday Night Live” star’s site. Abudiab said, “She has friends who support her in making Williamson County a scary place to live for some of us.”


Jackson, for her part, feels right at home here — maybe more than she did in the New York limelight. She has applied her familiar high-pitched voice to a combative brand of politics, which she hopes will take her to a seat on the County Commissionthis summer.

“He’s afraid of me?!” she wrote in her Web article, which included statistics claiming large numbers of terror attacks committed in the name of Islam and none by other religions. “According to these statistics, I should be afraid of him!”

Victoria Jackson

Jackson, 54, says she’s fighting what she sees as “a spiritual battle over the soul of America,” and in doing so has joined protests against building a mosque in Murfreesboro and against a public discussion hosted by the American Muslim Advisory Council.

While in Hollywood, she began attending meetings of the Friends of Abe, an underground networking group named for President Abraham Lincoln that now boasts about 2,000 “in the closet” conservatives in the Hollywood entertainment business.