UK MUSLIM Dominoes’ pizza delivery driver keeps his job despite losing his driver’s license and being exposed as convicted child murderer

article-2584165-1C678F1100000578-664_306x537Apparently Dominoes Pizza, which serves halal-certified pizza, is also shari-compliant. Ala Uddin, 44, (photo right) was not fired even after racking up 35 points on his license. Not fired, even after it became known that he was jailed for knifing a boy to death in 1993, but only served 7 years. In 2009, he was jailed again for slashing a colleague, yet Dominoes could find no reason to kick him off the job. Sounds like a case of ‘Muslims don’t have to obey man-made laws, only Allah’s laws.’

dominos_pizza_delivery_11-e1264599960457UK Daily Mail (h/t Don Laird)  Ala Uddin was given a job delivering pizzas in Aberystwyth, west Wales, despite his violent past and appalling driving record. He was one of just 10 drivers in the UK who managed to stay on the road despite racking up 35 or more points. But he avoided a ban after making an exceptional hardship plea in his court hearing, claiming he would lose his job and ultimately end up losing the home he provides for his wife and children. (And that makes him special because why?)

In court it was revealed Uddin was jailed for murder in 1993 for knifing a 15-year-old boy to death in a row sparked by religious differences. He served seven years and remains on licence for life for the murder. Uddin was jailed again in Swansea, in 2009, for two years – reduced to one on appeal – for knifing a colleague at a meat processing plant in Llanybydder the face.

The murderer is now working the counter in this Dominoes
The murderer is now working the counter in this Dominoes

Uddin has worked as a pizza delivery driver for Domino’s takeaway in Aberystwyth for more than two years. Since his driving ban last week he’s been moved to a job behind the counter.

Domino’s pizza chain refused to comment. But the local franchise-holder confirmed that Uddin is still employed inside the takeaway outlet. He said: ‘I have been told by Domino’s that I must not say anything more.’


As a murder conviction would have had to have been declared to an employer. Criminal records checks on takeaway delivery drivers are not generally made by employers and it raises the question of how many other drivers have serious criminal convictions.

Ceredigion MP Mark Williams said: ‘I was concerned to read about this case, and believe sufficient safeguards should always be in place to protect the public. A spokesperson at Domino’s head office said: ‘As a franchised business, we rely on our franchisees to recruit and manage team members in stores, and we can not comment on individual cases.’

Uddin appeared in court in January when he was allowed to keep his licence despite building up 29 penalty points. He had claimed a ban would see him suffer exceptional hardship.

YUM YUM! Love my halal pizza
YUM YUM! Love my halal pizza