GERMANY: So, who is beheading the flamingos in Frankfurt?


German police are hunting a killer responsible for the death of fifteen flamingos at Frankfurt Zoo, some of which were beheaded as they slept. 

UK Daily Mail  The culprit, or culprits, struck twice, both times at night. Keepers found nine of the long-necked, pink birds dead in their enclosure on Friday, and another six Saturday.


Zoo director Manfred Niekisch says necropsies were being conducted Monday to determine how the Chilean Flamingos were killed. Niekisch says despite putting in place extra security after the first incident guards weren’t able to prevent the second attack. He says flamingos don’t normally cry for help when attacked.

In 2007, three flamingos at the same zoo died in a similar manner. The seven-year-old case is still unresolved.