The only things ‘good’ about Islam are the ideas Muslims have stolen from Christians and Jews

Islam was founded on ‘stealing’ in the name of Allah.

Answering Muslims  Just when you thought all the stealing was done, Muslims are now stealing quotations from famous Christian authors and using them for Islam. The photo below shows the plagiarized Islamic version of a famous quote by C. S. Lewis: I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

Stealing Christian Quotes for Allah

Muhammad used to support his religion by robbing the Meccan caravans, and he encouraged people to join his religion in exchange for a share of the spoils of war. Muhammad and his followers stole food, women, land—whatever they could get. Muhammad stole the Kaaba and the Black Stone from the pagans of Mecca, and made them part of his religion. Muhammad stole a variety of stories from Christians and Jews (stories that are now part of the Qur’an), he stole the Shahada from the Sabians, and he stole his view of a hedonistic paradise (complete with houris) from the Persians. 

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  1. You all do not know anything about this topic and yet you continue to insult, disrespect and criminalize without doing the slightest of research. If you just read the Quran and Hadith and know the full story than maybe you will understand that there is but one god and that the god wrote the 3 books so there are some similarities. And the proof of Allah writing it is that Mohammed peace be upon him till the judgement day was the only one preaching to the Islamic faith and that he could not have written it himself for he could not write. Jesus was also a great prophet. We just believe that he is not god. And if you are so sure of your faith watch debates by Ahmed deedat on YouTube. If you research you will find that the prophet Mohammed never told a lie in his life and was known as the honest one by Meccan people before he preached Islam because they did not want live abiding by the Quran and did not like the restrictions. Prophet Mohammed did not steal cargo from the Meccans but was reclaiming it as the Meccan people stole it from him when the Muslims were immigrating to the madinah al munawarah. And if you say that Islam is a psychopathic religion, then you know noting about it. I’d swear that you as Christians copy stuff too. Your book has been tampered with and so has your morals. Perhaps the most famous example was Marcion who dropped the Hebrew scriptures from his version of the Bible. If one man did it than I assure you many have as well. Not only to justify Christian terrorism but for personal gain as well. Islam does not promote wife beating but if the wife misconducts or in other words cheats on the husband, beating is permitted. The reason Muslims do not have a website like this is because we respect that you have a religion and that we have a religion and that they are different in many ways.

    • Well, from the stand point of a Christian, we do not wish to read your Holy Books, but it would be nice to know more. . .

  2. Actually, y’all are doing pretty good with this whole antiIslam proccess. Lemme get this straight. First, you gotta pick up all the bad about anything one Muslim did, while throwing away all the good. Next, you gotta say that what that Muslim did that was bad is something all Muslims regularly do. Finally, you gotta fill in the blanks with whatever bullcrap you want. That last step is my favorite.

      • Poland, my great-grandfather was a Hussar :), my girlfriend great-grandfather was a Hussar we fought with muslims 🙂 we fought and if we would not have been fought here would be caliphate

        • For sure we will fight, we won with communists so we can win with anybody, of course there is a lot of gender and GLB violence against family and against how man should behave(gay parades)-man should fight for family, country.

          • hussar, how bad is the muslim problem now in Poland? I have only done a few stories about it, but it seems like they aren’t taking any crap from their muslim population.

    • The reason that muslim youtube preachers seems so wise and cannot be wrong is because of your terrorist brothers. They have made the world afraid to question or criticize islam in any way without fearing for their lifes. If the ppl at Charlie Hebdo got massacred because of a simple picture, what would happen if someone goes on youtube showing their faces and openly criticizes or disproof Islam?

  3. No surpise here. Doctrinally and culturally, Islam wallows in EVERY psychopathic quality known to man and even discovered a few new ones!

  4. Islam is stuck in the 11th century and that is an intentional move by their leaders. They require an illiterate mob to carry out the fatwas against Christians and Jews of the world.
    Not every raghead is a terrorist. Many are simply terrorists on waiting. All they need is an Imam to call them to action.

  5. You cannot expect islam and muslims to come up with some new knowledge or thinking, it’s forbidden by allah, other than to do jihad. Muslims excel at lying, deceiving, cheating, looting, booty, hate, raping, wife beating, destruction and murder, all ordained by the pedo mohamad (piss upon him). Inbred morons just bng their head on the ground and raise their arse to muhammad, doggy style

  6. “The emperors words were, he said: “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

    Pope Benedict was entirely right in using this quotation. But I do wish he had not apologised for it.

  7. I believe Zayd ibn Thabit authored the koran partially using his knowledge of other religions, stealing some of the unique characteristics to include in his new religion. To think he wrote if from scribbles found on leaves, bones, and from other’s memories is ridiculous.

    • It may have been a crafty rabbi who fed Mohammed contradictory messages and tricked him into recording coded messages that showed Mohammed was an illiterate fool. There are many such ‘codes’ in the Koran, like Haman being the prime minister of pharaoh, a historical impossibility. That ‘code’ points to Mohammed being the evilest murderer of the Jews worse than the two of those wicked men.

  8. ‘Norm’, you are a dupe. Those girls haven’t chosen anything for themselves. They are victims of Islamic Stockholm Syndrome. ‘Norm’, you are an enabler of enslavement. If you worship a prevaricating pedophile pirate, YOU will become one.

  9. Arabs stole their script from the Chaldeans, ZERO from Hindus, all their inventions from Greeks and Romans, their culture from the Byzantine Empire, their astronomy from the Sabeans. In short, they took everything that’s good from some place else. What Islam got from the Arabs was taqiyya, kitman, pedophilia and piracy (called jihad).

  10. There’s never been a Muslim who’s ever had an original thought. Everything great that they’ve claimed as theirs came from non-Muslims. The only thing that they’re good at is killing and lying. They are the lowest form of life imaginable.

  11. The end of the Roman Empire and the concept of Romanitas. Or being a Roman was a period of transition in Western Europe. Roman thought or books knowledge did survive in Monasteries and in private hands. The early Muslim invasions of now Turkey and North Africa saw these books fall into Muslim hands . Western Europeans with views contrary to the Pope’s thought as a way to counter his power even helped Muslim expansion for example in Spain. I must say and later regretted it when they realized that they are basically thieves. They helped the Muslims read these books and it was gothic translators that were the innovators of any real progress in ideas. Islam is not what It claims it is. Now western universities lie to students about Islam and it’s enlightenment. Islam is an ignorant abomination of twisted thought patterns. It’s vendetta against Jews and its blasphemy against Jesus makes it something to be feared. Islam must leave the Western world and never return . Simply because they really are trying to take over..