OMG! Talk about the fox guarding the hen house…a guard caught sleeping on the job at the World Trade Center site is not only half blind, he’s a Muslim

ABDUL BASHER, the nearly blind guard caught sleeping on the job at the Freedom Tower, where he was the building’s first line of defense, says: “Even when I’m awake, I can’t open my left eye and have hazy vision in the right, due to a nerve condition. Sometimes, I can’t recognize people. I can barely see half of the lobby.”

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NY Post (h/t Ann L) Even better, the shop steward for SEIU ­Local 32BJ said Basher was named the union’s “Security Officer of the Year” for 2013!

Only days before President Obama revealed that his worst fear was a nuclear terror attack on Manhattan, a nearly blind guard was caught sleeping on the job at the Freedom Tower — where he was the building’s first line of defense.

In a shocking cellphone photo obtained exclusively by The Post, Abdul Basher, 65, is wearing shades and lying almost completely flat in a chair in the No. 1 terror target’s south lobby, where he was the only guard stationed, sources said.

Would you put this man as your first line of defense for what will be the most targeted building in the world? The Port Authority did:


A Port Authority worker spotted Basher snoozing on duty at around 2:45 a.m. Saturday — six days after a New Jersey teenager slipped past another sleeping guard on the 104th floor of the building on the way to the spire, sources said.

Basher was fired on the spot. The Bangladeshi immigrant with some missing teeth also claimed he hadn’t been dozing. “To my knowledge, actually I was not sleeping. I was mistaken to be sleeping. I was exercising my eyes,” he insisted.