AUSTRIA: Muslim asylum seeker smashes statues in six churches, saying: “Down with your statues, you are all unbelievers”

A 37-year-old Muslim man from Ghana left a trail of devastation at the weekend in Vienna’s Stephansdom. The asylum seeker is also suspected of raging in three other churches in the capital and having destroyed numerous statues, baptismal fonts and crucifixes. 


Diversity Macht Frei  The man indicated that ‘Allah had ordered him’,” explained police spokesman Roman Hahslinger on Tuesday evening. The 37-year-old said that in his view human beings were not allowed to create holy images.


In November of the previous year, the 37-year-old reached Austrian soil and made an application for asylum. The man from Ghana was originally housed in Traiskirchen, but he didn’t stay long there: on 1st January the man showed his exceptional aggressiveness for the first time, threatened a care worked with a stone and finally beat him unconscious. He was then thrown out of the asylum home.

With the words “Down with your statues, you are all unbelievers” he pushed the statue of the Saint Judas Thaddäus from its base in the Stephansdom on Saturday night. Cathedral staff and witnesses of the act were then able to finally overpower the raging man. But the state prosecutor released him again. (Why is he still in Austria?)