BREAKING NEWS: Another shooting at Ft. Hood Army Base

DEVELOPING: Unconfirmed Reports of at least one dead, several wounded. 


Possible photo of shooter, Ivan Lopez.  Lopez reportedly went from building to building looking for victims.


* 21 ambulances have arrived at the Fort along with several SWAT team vehicles according to an eye witness report.

* 8 injured, 1 dead

* 2 possible shooters

* 1 person in custody, 1 shooter still at large

* Eyewitness says men, women, & children being escorted out of building with their hands in the air

* CNN reporting that one shooter is confirmed dead

* CNN reporting 15 injured

* Unconfirmed report that shooter, who was in uniform, is dead of self-inflicted gun shot wound

* DHS now reporting there are 4 dead

* Unconfirmed report that shooter’s name is Ivan Lopez

 Details to follow as I get them

Just the other day, a search was on for a missing Muslim Army recruit, Muhammad Abdullah Hassan, believed to be planning a “Fort Hood-inspired jihad against U.S. soldiers.”  Muslim recruit threatens Ft. Hood