BREAKING NEWS: Another shooting at Ft. Hood Army Base

DEVELOPING: Unconfirmed Reports of at least one dead, several wounded. 


Possible photo of shooter, Ivan Lopez.  Lopez reportedly went from building to building looking for victims.


* 21 ambulances have arrived at the Fort along with several SWAT team vehicles according to an eye witness report.

* 8 injured, 1 dead

* 2 possible shooters

* 1 person in custody, 1 shooter still at large

* Eyewitness says men, women, & children being escorted out of building with their hands in the air

* CNN reporting that one shooter is confirmed dead

* CNN reporting 15 injured

* Unconfirmed report that shooter, who was in uniform, is dead of self-inflicted gun shot wound

* DHS now reporting there are 4 dead

* Unconfirmed report that shooter’s name is Ivan Lopez

 Details to follow as I get them

Just the other day, a search was on for a missing Muslim Army recruit, Muhammad Abdullah Hassan, believed to be planning a “Fort Hood-inspired jihad against U.S. soldiers.”  Muslim recruit threatens Ft. Hood






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  1. I find it interesting that when an attack of this nature occurs in a movie theatre, school house or political gathering, within minutes we have information about the shooters blood type, genealogy, political leanings and whether or not he has bad breath. Yet when on a military base all we get is his name and some lame excuse that he has PTSD.
    I believe they (the military and the regime) are taking their time to carefully craft a misleading story to cover their asses. I don’t trust them.
    Remember, the Maj. Hassan shooting was not terrorism but “work place violence.”

    • Not so fast. Just because he doesn’t have a muslim name doesn’t mean he isn’t a Muslim terrorist. Don’t forget, it took 2 years for Timothy McVeigh’s close association with Muslim terrorists in Indonesia to be revealed.

  2. Something is MASSIVELY wrong with your Army when the largest base in the U.S. has to call 911 to save them from ONE lone gunman. Terribly wrong. Why aren’t all soldiers armed when on duty? Why are soldiers not allowed to carry personal sidearms when off-duty? Why do we have an emasculated Disarmed Forces? I remember this insanity when I was in the military back in the 1980s.

      • It started long before Clinton, he just made mandatory what was being done at the unit level. I was in the Army from 1984 to 1987 and I was not EASILY allowed to keep my weapons on post. They made it living hell if you did. You had to keep them locked up in the armory and it was hard to get them out. I kept them at a Staff Seargent’s house off-post. I have never understood the logic of having soldiers that are disarmed. I understand they do not want fights that happen regularly between soldiers to turn deadly. But we need to understand that ONE lone gunman shutdown the largest Army base we have. One man did this. I am open to any other suggestions, but something needs to change.

      • Thanks BNI,

        Now I understand why enemy Hillary Clinton is a turncoat in bed with Islam.

  3. Someone needs to drag Obama off the golf course and MAKE him attend to his presidential duties or just impeach him.

  4. I am still wondering why we still don’t have MP’s or equivalent on all of our military bases, both stateside and abroad. This is disgraceful! We are supposed to have the best military in the world, and yet people can walk onto our bases and commit acts like these! Whether the attacker was Muslim or not, there is no excuse to have this kind of thing. And even if the attacker was a Muslim, they would think twice before doing any “Allahu Akbar” on any of our bases! Especially if the MPs have heavy duty guns and dogs patrolling the area. (And you know how Muslims hate dogs!)

  5. The problem really started when Clinton in 1992 or 93 by Executive Order stopped soldiers from being armed on Military bases,
    More blood on HIS hands again.

  6. The acts of Terrorism are just part of the strategy. Moderate Muslims use multiculturism in western countries live here and simultaneously attack from within. The moderates claim no knowledge of the attack but they benefit as western bureaucrats comply to all their demands . It is definitely a propaganda war designed to intimidate but also for the millions of Muslims on the other side of the fence. Saying to them Look how strong we are look at our progress. it is inspirational . I believe the highest ranking Muslim diplomats are involved. Is Obama a Muslim. Absolutely.

  7. Everyone is praying that it WAS the FILTH of Islam again. CAIR is shaking in their boots that this will stifle their Trojan Horse sedition campaign.

    PLEASE let it be a Muslim scum.

      • Rep. mike McCaul, R – TX on Fox &Friends now just suggested the shooter’s potential links to terrorism continue to be investigated as his vehicle was documented crossing into Mexico on multiple occasions, with the most recent late March.
        No link yet.

        • whup, this is the first I’ve heard of that. I know Obama has told them to play down the terrorist/muslim issue if there is one. Please let me know if you find any more. I’m going to see if there is anything else in the media about that.

        • Link to Fox & Friends video interview with Rep.. McCaul , member of the House Homeland Security, revealing information about shooter’s car crossing into Mexico on multiple occasions, including late March.

          Fast forward to 2:04

          Update 12:35 p.m.: The suspected gunman in Wednesday’s Fort Hood shooting, identified as Ivan Lopez, bought the semiautomatic pistol he used in the rampage at Guns Galore, the same Killeen gun store where the first Fort Hood shooter, Nidal Hasan, purchased the gun he used in his 2009 massacre, according to CBS news.
          A Guns Galore manager on Thursday told the American-Statesman that the store had been in touch with the FBI in connection with Wednesday’s shooting but declined to say anything further, citing the ongoing investigation.

  8. If this is another jihad attack, I couldn’t blame people if they rioted in the streets. Enough is enough. That ass we have in the White House will probably give a ‘shout out’ to the shooter.

    • I’m thinking the same… they’ll call it workplace violence and it will be up to the bloggers to find out the truth.

        • We’re on the same page. I was also thinking ‘convert’. Some latinos are converting, guys mostly. And a connection to the ‘Booker Hassan’ guy. The coincidence is too strong to neglect considering it.

        • It was a random shooting starting with the Medical bldg. Seems that argument with other soldiers is not the motive.

          PTSD possible since he was in Iraq for 4 months a few years ago but that would have shown up long before today. And he was new to the Fort Hood facility.

          I’m going with muslim convert in cahoots with Booker Hassan.

  9. When will Western Governments wake up and recognise Rule One?

    Never ever employ Muslims in the Military Defence Services, Military Police Services, Security and Intelligence Services, Medical, Rescue and Transport Industry; Nor in Food Industry…

    Hello out there – hey Politicians it is time to wake up and climb out of bed; your dream in fantasy land has just come to an end.

  10. Why are Muslims even accepted into our military? Dumb question, I know. Their allegiance is to Islam only. It’s past time for keing the real truth about Islam hidden. The heck with Obama. The truth needs to be told. Remember, he said that if the winds should change that he would support the Muslims. Think about that. He’ll end up saying that this was work place violence. I doubt very much that he will call it what it really is.

  11. When you allow enemies into your group, sooner or later they are going to do their best to destroy you. It absolutely defies reason why we are allowing savages into our military. If one of mine were a member of the military at this time, I would do my best to persuade them to get out.

    I wonder if Obama will call it another workplace violence instead of calling it what it really is…another jihadist violence.

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