CAIR demands a retraction from Megyn Kelly after she slams their efforts to stop “Honor Diaries” film from being shown on college campuses

FOX News’ Megyn Kelly tells CAIR to go pound sand! Brooke Goldstein also does an excellent job of calling CAIR out for its well known ties to Islamic terrorists.

See an extended clip of Honor Diaries HERE


37 comments on “CAIR demands a retraction from Megyn Kelly after she slams their efforts to stop “Honor Diaries” film from being shown on college campuses

  1. The founder of CAIR said: Islam is in America not to be like the other religions, but to be supreme, and Sharia, the law of the nation (something like that). That would be enough to consider the group as a conspirator to topple the USgovernment.

  2. sorry for my french but but tell the whole fucking world what these dispicable bastards are all about murder, rape , child molestation, surpression of free thinking, their aim is to bring the world back to a time before we became human when you look at the thought process of muslims it would make an early humanoid like homo erectus seem quite civilized do we want to regress back over a million years just like these fucking degenerates

  3. The Clarion Fund should have included the conclusion of the video of the Iranian woman being forced into the cab.

    She was taken from the cab, screaming like a banshee, while they placed the noose around her neck and hoisted her up with a crane. The video showed the poor woman kicking her feet while being strangled to death.

    That is the true face (not stereotype) of Islam that CAIR is so determined to keep hidden from the American people. All of this takes place while our stupid, bribed, cowardly, dhimmis in positions of government authority do nothing.

  4. OCD CAIR. No matter how often facts are presented they will be discounted with name calling, intimating mental illness or racism. Standard mohommedist, and Progressive fare.

  5. First time in my life I see a Polish muslim woman! This one is definitely a jewel in CAIR’s crown of reverted infidels. I am sure huge Polish community in Chicago is very proud.

  6. Agniewska Karoluk is one confused leftist. She sells out her culture and her integrity for thirty pieces of silver. CAIR does not deserve to be defended. They are a supremacist and misogynistic bunch of colonialists. They are using Karoluk to colonize the USA…she does even see it.

  7. I love it the constant crap and complaining and lies. Start Adding up! Americans are not stupid! The more they cry the faster they dig a Hole! Where is Laura From 60 mins!

  8. Islam…”institutionalized MISOGYNY” !

    Trying to shut down free speech by the poisoned well fallacy.

    The content is fine, but no one is allowed to speak about Islam BUT CAIR ALONE!


    “We like the content…but..but…but…but…”

    Disagreeing with Islam is ‘islamophobic’…SILENCE THOSE WOMEN!

    Political correctness means never criticizing the culture of a brown man, no matter how backward, supremacist, savage or misogynistic.

    • The real reason of course is that under Sharia law, no disbeliever may speak about Mohammed, the Koran or Islam in general. To do so cancels the dhimma contract and Moslems are obliged to ‘make war’.

      CAIR tries to implement Sharia without the consent of Congress.

    • PC means critizise white people (& jews) as much as you can, they are the devil. worship anyone blk or muslim as they are godly.

  9. All support for Brook Goldstein and Megyn Kelly for standing up for and speaking up the film to put a spotlight on muslum violence towards women. All people need to see this film. cair ‘not’ is an organization that’s goal is to stop our freedom of speech by bullying tactics, extorsion and threats of violence. Ban cari.

  10. My oh my where did her Hijab Go? A muslim bitch on the Kelly show naked? Don’t they need to wear it anymore? Notice they also use a woman who doesn’t look muslim, all that make up, what is happening? I like how they say that the head covering is a REQUIREMENT for women but those who work for cair doesn’t wear it? Just more lies. I seen this show and I would tell cair to suck it up. Cair is going to be history. Peace to all non-muslims who say that cair sucks, just like Obama.

  11. “Islamophobia” is a meaningless, contrived word. It’s just a newer word for liberals to use and feel sanctimonious about. It’s time we quit responding with fear to the the “accusation” of “Islamophobia” and laugh in their faces. Muslims trying to coattail in on the race issues of the 1950’s and 1960’s just needs to be laughed at.

  12. Notice that the CAIR ho said “context” and not “content” when confronted. Could have been just a mistake, but I’ve seen Muslims do this over and over and over in videos when they’re confronted. They are better liars than diagnosed sociopaths.

    “A Muslim woman and a feminist”. Whatever. I’m sure many or most Western feminists simply cannot see the disingenuousness of that statement.

  13. CAIR should be listed as a Terrorist Organization and all the members arrested and tried for treason. Obama lets CAIR operate knowing their ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. This is a very troubling situation indeed. The sooner CAIR is BLACK LISTED the better for all Americans. As for them trying to stop this movie from being shown. Like all Muslims they are scared of the people in western countries finding out the truth about Islam. They will lie and deceive non Muslims vigorously to hide their true agenda of taking over western civilization and the treatment of women. To HELL with ISLAM.

  14. Never heard of this Megan Kelly before but am impressed. Shes probably the quickest witted female reporter ive seen before. Definitely better than the robots we have in UK was totally expecting her to side with CAIR but she was smart and confident enough to voice her own opinions and even out witted the CAIR servant Megan!

  15. What utter fucking tripe this Muslim shit is . You have a billion point five people snuggled up in crap , arrr r r r , right , find a right sized rock to wipe your arse .

    It is bad enough in camel land , in the West ? No …….

  16. The word diversity now means ‘Islam’ The head of the Walking Dead Mecca Obama is actually a sneaky little Muslim under the bed. This CAIR is akin to a porno producer being in charge of the girls locker room. Walking Dead Mecca Obama must be really really happy CAIR is on the ball keeping tabs on us infidels…

  17. WooHoo! Go Megan Kelly!

    There must be MILLIONS of mohammedans ready to explode if they watch that.
    Women, in public, without a male owner, without burkhas, and CRITICIZING the most PERFECT ‘religion’ (CULT) ever. And especially the cair mouthpiece, why wasn’t she covered?

    I just LOVE the way Brooke Goldstein demolished Agnieszka Karoluk – lovely Arabic name that; since when was Poland a member of the OIC? And AK said that cair had spoken against FGM? When I checked a week ago there was NOTHING on Google! So I checked again, and this the FIRST citation:

    “In a statement to Fox News, CAIR said American Muslims condemn child marriages, honor killings, female genital mutilation and other forms of violence against women or gender inequality, but the real concern was the “track record of anti-Muslim bigotry” of the film’s producers, who were “hijacking a legitimate issue to push their hate-filled agenda.””

    Google | cair statement fgm | and you get the above quote. I can find NO record of any statement to the public on those points. If someone can point me to one, I will be glad to read it. Note that they say “…American Muslims condemn…” – NOT cair condemns. Taqiyya anyone?

    I hope Brooke Goldstein reads this, and uses it.

    cair is NOT part of the solution, it IS the PROBLEM.

  18. Love Megyn Kelly! I think my husband has a bit of a crush on her, but that’s ok, because I do too lol. We watch Kelly File every morning. She never sells out!

  19. We can have the most profane anti US and western films but our Muslim in Chief.The real man behind the scene who prays to this evil prophet doesn’t like his evil scam called Islam talked about… Why Mr Obama..Ate you a Muslim …

  20. Hello there……its me again……Don Laird…..

    I lost control of my bladder and bowels listening to this CAIR Mouthpiece as she regurgitated the Muslim Brotherhood Mantra of Nihad Awad and the rest of the clitoris hating Kiddie Kornholing Koranic Kowboys……(CAIR)

    I’m done here!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

  21. Wow…Brook Goldstein sure knows how o get the point across like nobody I have ever heard! Please follow up with her.
    Voices like hers need to be heard.

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